June 8th, 2016

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'Finger Heart guy' Woohyun leads Sketchbook and Immortal Song 2 to become trending topics

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On the June 3 broadcast of KBS2′s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” INFINITE’s Woohyun takes the stage with a special guest appearance by g.o.d’s Son Ho Young.

During the interview, MC Yoo Hee Yeol asks Woohyun, “I heard that you’re the creator of the finger heart; is that true?”

“I’m not quite the creator,” Woohyun responds, “It already existed, but I popularized it when I used it in around 2011 or 2012. I’m sure someone used it before then,” he says.

Yoo Hee Yeol asks, “Then what heart did you use before that?”

Woohyun responds with a series of hearts made with his arms, hands, and finishes off with finger hearts.

[Finger heart guy was trending afterwards lol]

[Be Mine and One Candle with G.O.D Son Ho Young on Sketchbook]

[Nod Nod]

[Edited out story on Sketchbook]

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He rapped on Sketchbook with G.O.D's Son Ho Young lol

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🚨 🚨 🚨 Stan alert: Wonho(e) of Monsta X has things you want to know about 🚨 🚨 🚨

So Monbebes are always out and alert for what Monsta X has to offer us, beside their beautiful selves and talents, and recently fans have discovered "things" about Wonho you DO NOT want to miss.


HE ALSO HAS HIS TITTY PIERCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all might have seen this gif going around with a comment saying that Wonho has gotten his nipples pierced:

and I have come to the conclusion that he does indeed got his titty pierced.

If you look closer at his right nipple(our left) you will see that there is a bit of an odd shape peeking through his tight shirt

Now I know a couple of people may say that it might just be that his nipple is hard because the boy has a history of hard nips:

BUT! what made me further believe he has only ONE nip pierced is at the fan sign where he was bringing hyungwon in for a hug:

Note the amount of care and distance he has hugging him. It’s a little awkward isn’t it? Usually with new piercings you need the to have a lil bit of air to breathe and it usually stings if you touch it when it’s freshly pierced.



BONUS!!!: (cleanse your eyes)

SOURCES: protectchahakyeon, monstaxmemes, & moi

Monsta X praying for ya'll thirsty monbebes asses

[Nate] Idol Rappers Evaluated by K-Hip-Hop Communities

This was kind of interesting so I'm posting it.

Ever felt a bit curious about what Korean hip hop fans were saying about your fave idol rappers?

This article is translated from Nate. The OP states that they gathered opinions from hip hop communities since it would be more objective than collecting opinions from Nate (fangirl opinions<). They compiled a list of some common sentiments that pop up when discussing different rappers.

Shade or praise, which does your fave receive?

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Translation by Kevin Bacon & Me
Source: Nate

GOT7's Jackson at Male Gods Let's Fight Press Conference

On June 7th Jackson attended a press conference for Jiangsu TV's new show where he's a regular with Wang Kai, Bai Jingting, Yang Shuo, Boran Jing and Jam Hsiao. The show is planned to air in July.

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YG Reveals Second New Girl Group Member Lisa

After revealing their first new girl group member, Jennie Kim, YG Entertainment has revealed the second member of their upcoming girl group!

The member is named Lisa and is 19 years old. She has been revealed to have trained for five years at YG. While being Thai she can also speak Korean, English, and Japanese. Furthermore, she’s described as having great dance skills and was a part of a dance crew before.

YG has revealed seven different teaser photos featuring Lisa. In the teasers, she rocks various hairstyles and concepts. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the highly anticipated girl group!
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moon x hoya

group hug please: Erine and Minha graduate from Nine Muses...😢

Star Empire has revealed that 9MUSES members Euaerin and Minha have graduated from the group. Furthermore, the group will be engaging in unit group promotions this summer. The members and number of members for the unit groups have yet to be revealed.

[Star Empire official statement]Below is the agency’s official statement:

“Hello. This is Star Empire.

“We would like to inform you about the reports regarding Euaerin (birth name Lee Hye Min) and Minha (Park Minha).

“9MUSES members Euaerin and Minha’s exclusive contracts have expired and they decided to graduate from 9MUSES.

“This was not an easy decision for them and the other 9MUSES members. However, we respect their decisions as they have promoted under 9MUSES for seven years and we understand their situations.

“We wish the best for Euaerin and Minha who are graduating and starting a new path.

“9MUSES is preparing for a summer comeback through unit group promotions and we will inform you of the unit group details soon.

“We will do our best for the fans who always love and support 9MUSES. Thank you.”

[handwritten letters from Erine and Minha + translations]Minha




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I'm not over Rania, I'm not entirely over Sem/Eunji/Sera even... I'm gonna miss them so much. I'm at work and I feel sick ;_; stay strong MINEs 💔
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(Super late) 2d1n episodes 593&594!

Spring Trip, Boryeong, part 3:

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source: KBS World TV

Hey-hello everybody! :D Sorry for that delay, it's all beacuse life is sometimes hard and very time-comsuming :P
Soo, this Sunday brought us 126th ep of 2d1n 3rd season! That's a looot xD Hope we'll get a least 126 more :D Buut.. what are your favourite eps/specials? For me these will be Going to Seoul National University and Teacher
All-Star specials ^^ what about you, guys? ;)

BTS | Taehyung smile
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Jo Se Ho And Seo Jang Hoon Apologize For Criticized Behavior Towards BTS’s Jungkook And Kim Min Suk

Members of the cast of “Flower Crew” have apologized for their heavily criticized treatment of BTS’s Jungkook and actor Kim Min Suk on a recent live broadcast of the show “Flower Crew.”

During the voting process on June 7′s second episode, Seo Jang Hoon says, “Some people may have felt uncomfortable or offended [watching our show], but I think they misunderstood due to not knowing what went on before and after what was aired. It will be our last broadcast, and all I want to say is that we had so much fun filming.”

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Source: Naver, Nate via Soompi | Naver via pann-choa

KNK(INGS) Top Itunes US Kpop Chart+ Lotte Guerilla Concert fancams

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I know this isn't as relevant for popularity as Melon/Hanteo rankings but it's still pretty great for a rookie group that's only two months old.
Also YNB won't stop making them perform in layers in this heat until they get to 1.5 million views so please watch Back Again before my babes die of heatstroke
tzuyu heart shaker

Six Girl Group Members Cast In New Variety Show “Idol Intern King”

SK Broadband has cast six girl group members for its upcoming mobile variety show “Idol Intern King.” The show will be aired through the mobile video platform “Oksusu” (Corn).

On June 7, the show announced that T-ara’s Qri, 4minute’s Sohyun, Heo Youngji (formerly of KARA), SPICA’s Park Narae, Oh My Girl’s Hyojung, and “Produce 101” trainee Han Hyeri would all be appearing on the program.

“Idol Intern King” is planned to air every day and is part of the mobile video platform’s campaign to launch more original content. The six girls will be taking on the challenges of an internship on the program.

The members will be interning at an aquarium, a fashion designing company, and a cheerleading team.

Kim Jong Won from the SK Telecom Media department stated, “We aim to produce fresh content that is tailored to the mobile experience. We will continue to work hard in order to deliver new and original content.”

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EXID’s Hani Apologizes For Crying On Television Show

EXID’s Hani was criticized by netizens in the past for crying on some shows, including a time when she cried while eating on “Baek Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors,” because viewers thought she was being overdramatic.

On the June 8 broadcast of SBS radio PowerFM “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” EXID appeared as a guest and Hani apologized to the audience for causing any discomfort.

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Source: Soompi, news nate, 1077power

Once again an idol apologizing for something they shouldn't while others don't even dare to show their face after a scandal.


JTBC’s upcoming eating-centered variety show is coming soon!

On June 7, a JTBC representative revealed that TWICE’s Tzuyu and Red Velvet’s Seulgi will be joining “Girls Who Eat Well.”

Tzuyu has previously shown her love for eating a variety of foods on SBS’s “Three Great Emperors” as well as KBS 2TV’s “A Look at Myself.”

Also, Seulgi has also shown great eating broadcast skills on “Three Great Emperors” as well as through Red Velvet’s V App channel.

The JTBC representative commented that Tzuyu and Seulgi are well known amongst girl group members currently and have twofold charms regarding their personalities and eating styles. The represenative said, “With the pair joining the show, there is heightened anticipation regarding who will be the #1 eating broadcast fairy.”

“Girls Who Eat Well” will also feature Kim Sook, Jo Se Ho, and Yang Se Hyung as MCs.

The show will feature its first live match on June 15 through Naver’s V App. The first episode for television is slated to air in early July.

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“Unpretty Rapstar” Is Slated To Return With Season 3 This Summer

no title

Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” is slated to return with a third season this summer!

According to an industry source on June 8, casting for “Unpretty Rapstar” is in its final stages, and the show is aiming for a July 22 premiere.

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Who would you like to see compete in this trash, Omona? Are you ready for Trashdy 2.0?

BTS Festa Profiles Written By Other Members (2016 ver.)


“Descendants Of The Sun” Production Company To Remake “Criminal Minds”

“Descendants of the Sun” production company NEW has announced its plans to remake U.S. drama “Criminal Minds”.

A representative from the company stated on June 8, “The remake of CBS’s ‘Criminal Minds’ will be a collaboration between NEW and Taewon Entertainment. We are targeting an early 2017 premiere, and are discussing the selection of a broadcast station.”

[Read More]“Criminal Minds” is a U.S. crime drama which follows a team of criminal profilers from the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI. After premiering in September 2005, it has wrapped up its 11th season and was recently renewed for a 12th season. The internationally renowned series has a huge enough following to have spawned two spin-offs.

Meanwhile, production company NEW previously focused on films until their pre-produced drama “Descendants of the Sun” from early 2016 propelled them to hit-maker status. The pairing of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo reignited the Hallyu wave all over China as well as around the globe, with productions like OST concerts, photo essays, and director’s cut DVD’s in circulation, impacting Korea’s economy significantly.

Because of this recent success, there is much anticipation for the outcome of NEW’s next drama.

The production of U.S. series remakes is aplenty in 2016. tvN’s remake of “The Good Wife” headlined by Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae is set to premiere on July, and the remake of “Entourage” starring Seo Kang Joon, Lee Kwang Soo, and Lee Dong Hwi, among others, will broadcast on November.

Soompi, Naver

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EXO The Third Album "EX'ACT"

🇰🇷 🇨🇳 01. Lucky One
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 02. Monster
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 03. Artificial Love
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 04. Cloud 9
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 05. Heaven
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 06. 백색소음 白色噪音 White Noise
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 07. 유리어항 玻璃鱼缸 One and Only
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 08. They Never Know
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 09. Stronger
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 10. Lucky One (Inst.)
🇰🇷 🇨🇳 11. Monster (Inst.)

Music for Life | musicKP | spotify

EXO "EX'ACT" Comeback Navigation
🍀 LUCKY ONE: concept photos | mv teaser | music video
☠ MONSTER: concept photos | audio/photo teaser | mv teaser [kor] [chi] | music video | leaked dp
📏 EX'ACT: logos | title tracks info | packaging | tracklist | exomentary | comeback showcase | album