July 19th, 2016

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9MUSES To Take On Retro Concept For New Unit!

9MUSES is debuting their first unit group with a retro concept, something the group has never attempted since their debut six years ago.

With member Kyungri as the leader, the unit is filming the music video for their debut song on July 21. The upcoming song will have a summer theme with a refreshing sound and dance that incorporates 9MUSES’s usual sexy concept with a lively image. It will be the first time the group takes on a retro concept.

As they prepare for their comeback, the 9MUSES unit plans to announce their song in early August. 9MUSES promoted their song “Sleepless Night” in November, and after the recent departure of members Minha and Euaerin, they will be returning with the new unit.

Sources: soompi via naver

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Taemin @J-Wave Sugar Water radio 160708

To promote his Japanese solo debut, Taemin made a quick appearance in this Japanese radio show hosted by Sugawara Koharu, who choreographed his title song Sayonara Hitori (she will also appear as Taemin's dance partner in the first episode of the upcoming Mnet dance show Hit The Stage).

Talking fully in Japanese, the two discussed the song, choreography and MV making, and cutely went back and forth praising each other.

[Eng subbed radio]

[A couple more pics]

Interstaellar TM, 813sugarwater 1, 2, 3

FTISLAND wants to do a Wonder Girls collaboration, Wonder Girls respond

On the July 18 Naver V App live stream of SBS LoveFM’s “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show,” girl group Wonder Girls appears as guests.

During the show, Yang Se Hyung brings up FTISLAND’s previously expressed desire to work with the Wonder Girls, “FTISLAND has said, ‘As a fellow band, we’d like to collaborate with Wonder Girls.'”

Member Yeeun responds, “We started doing band music late, so I think we’ll be a bit lacking. But I think it would be fun if we did something with FTISLAND. I met Lee Jae Jin once but was not able to get close with him.”

Both Wonder Girls and FTISLAND made comebacks this month. Wonder Girls returned with “Why So Lonely, and FTISLAND broke their almost year-and-a-half hiatus with their sixth studio album “Where the Truth?”

Would you like to see this collaboration happen?

soompi via naver

✿ a shinee update post ✿


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source(s): 89°c / bum to shine (i / ii) / can u smile (i / ii) / dans ma bulle (i / ii) / onewsama / onewrang (i / ii) / shinelikeoxygen / snowflake (i / ii) / soostyle83 / thatcoolcatmeow (i / ii / iii) / vyrl

(ingore the last one, mods, there was a mess up in sourcing!) tbh, taemin's been doing so much in japan that it'd be impossible to fit it all in here. he deserves his own post.
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WINNER Japanese 2016 Interviews (English Subtitles)


[Music Japan TV Special Interview]

[ENG SUB - OKIDOKI CIRCLE] WINNER SPECIAL... par anonimcircle-01

[FM Osaka ]

[MBS UTABAKKA Radio Interview]

[Kiss FM KOBE 4 SEASONS Radio Interview]

[Comment Guess at MJTV]

[Bonus ^^ : Making of WINNER Japan Tour DVD 2015 Full]

Source: OKIDOKI (おきどき) CIRCLE

I can't really comment on whether their japanese is good (cause i don't speak it lol) but they sound much more confident and fluent <3 J-ICs must feel happy and grateful.
God Bless Oki Doki Circle for subbing WINNER's japanese videos T__T.
I only included the 2016 interviews but if you go on OKIDOKI (おきどき) CIRCLE you'll find interviews from previous years and short videos subbed.

Celebrity Bromance: Jungkook & Minwoo Ep 4 (End)

source: MBig Tv

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3

OMG Minwoo, thank you for being such an awesome human being. Look how comfortable Jungkook is now compared to the 1st episode. I REALLY, REALLY hope they can keep in touch after the show. And I never saw the appeal of mukbang videos until now, between this and Flower Crew, I get way too much enjoyment out of just watching him eat.
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Omonavision - Label War round 9


It's almost over people!!! Almost but not yet.
Which mean it's time to revisit the best of the ESC fashion

No but seriously let's look at some cool stuff

[Moldava 2013]Moldava 2013 ©

[Latvia 2015]Latvia 2015 ©

[Croatia 2016]Croatia 2016 © - yep that's the same dress in both gif

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Poll close thursday 21 - 5 pm GMT
Don't forget to vote for round 8
Post your fave ESC outfit in the comment

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DAY6 on After School Club 🌞


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Previous ASC episodes with DAY6: #JaeSC aka the solo Jae show

Sources: ARIRANG K-POP on Youtube, ARIRANG.COM, DAY6 TV, ASC on V Live

my boys finally FINALLY made it on to ASC!! this is their first variety show appearance, and they are just so precious and adorable in it.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Arirang youtube channel and website links might be blocked/unavailable in some countries.