July 20th, 2016


MONSTA X Release "Special Present" Teaser for 네게만집착해 (Stuck)


Source: Official Monsta X Twitter [1]

the song title has been translated as "Focus On Me" previously, but Starship released this translation so i'm going with it.

Monsta X just finished up their concert on the 16th/17th, but they keep teasing new things for the fans~~ these generous kings tbh (i'll probs make a round-up post for the concert soon, if no-on else does. if anyone's interested??)

Oh My Girl And Fans Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

If you’ve heard Oh My Girl’s recent single, “Windy Day,” you might have noticed some South Asian musical elements to it. Some netizens are protesting the behavior of Oh My Girl members and their fans during the “Windy Days” promotions, accusing them of cultural appropriation. The criticism is not limited to Oh My Girl and their fandom, as fellow girl group FIESTAR has also been put on blast for referencing Indian culture when talking about “Windy Days.”

While neither the dance nor styling for the “Windy Day” MV contained any notable Indian or South Asian elements, fans picked up on the musical influence, titling Oh My Girl as “curry-dols” and their dance as “the Aladdin dance” (despite the fact that Aladdin is a mythical figure in Middle Eastern folklore).

[Read More]Oh My Girl, picking up on the popularity of the Indian theme, noted that they found the title fitting. During a fan meeting on July 2, they covered a Norazo song called “Curry.” The problem? The song is a hodgepodge of offensive stereotypes. While Oh My Girls did away with the brownface as used in the original MV, they kept lyrics such as “It’s yellow, spicy, and although it doesn’t smell nice, Taj Mahal,” and “Shanti shanti, yoga fire! I love hot curry!”

In another video clip (which has since been removed), Oh My Girl’s Seunghee was purportedly shown to have imitated “Indian people moves” in a humorous way, and being edited to wear a fake turban. In another defunct clip, YooA and Hyojung, after being asked to show off some makeshift Indian choreography, performed the dance to great cheers.

During a recent talk show, FIESTAR professed their admiration for Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day” concept, also referencing the “curry-dol” title.

The result? Some netizens are asking for more cultural awareness, while others believe it to be a non-issue.

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An idol group that has been putting emphasis on debuting rookies lately

This rookie is Seventeen

title or description

Reporter Kim Joo Hyung of Beffreport: “Seventeen is one of the teams that has been getting mentioned everywhere. Being mentioned everywhere means that you have reached the top-trend rank.”

A reporter of one Entertainment said that "Seventeen has been putting an emphasis on debuting rookie idols. Seventeen is a measurement for popularity these days" Indeed, “Seventeen”-like, better than “Seventeen”, Seventeen has become a new criteria, appealing with their various colors.

As mentioned earlier Seventeen’s strength that makes every rookie envy is their diversity, diversity that is not only made out of numbers but the fact that all 13 has this fresh feeling to them while keeping the professionalism.

Yet a rookie but does not seem like one.

[

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When countless idol groups debut and then disappear without a single sound public now wants a “Pro”. Seventeen has everything starting from a good song, skills to save the song and all the way to superior visuals. Many seniors including VIXX chose Seventeen as juniors who were catching their eyes, which is not surprising.

Seventeen has been making outstanding records; on 14th Pledis announced that “Seventeen’s first full album “Love&Letter” re-entered the Billboard’s World TOP 10 Albums Chart”. Topping the Tower Records chart in Japan two days before, also the day before they grabbed the first place in the national music chart. The sales of Seventeen’s albums surpassed 80 000 copies showing records that are unusual for an idol 2 years into debut.

MV for 아주nice reached 5 million views in just one week. With results that are shown on numbers and that makes articles come out every day, the growth of Seventeen is ’아주 NICE’.

We all know that with whatever song Seventeen comes out it won’t be weird as they can pull off any color adding their own producing to everything, as they wear their own “Seventeen” clothes. Isn’t there a joke that genre of Seventeen’s music called “Seventeen”.

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Kwon Soo Bin reporter of Seoul/News1Star: There is a name that always comes up among shareholders in the music industry. A name that has been mentioned every time one talks about the hottest groups - Seventeen.

Beating the worry about “too many members”, they gradually built their fandom with “Adore u” and “Mansae”, winning 1st place with their title track “Pretty U” of the first full album “Love&Letter” two years into debut.

Bursting with energy performances and refreshing songs that match their image all makes sense why one has no choice but to like Seventeen.

Showing off their ability to make their own song and choreography, rap all the way to producing they recently appeared on MBC’s variety program “My Little Television” showing their composing skills on a live show and proved their capability.

title or description

An industry official to News1Star said “Seventeen definitely stands out among other boy idol groups. 2 years into debut there is no other idol group with popularity on their level” “their ‘Pretty U’ sales and their current position are honestly surprising”.

With already third solo concert ahead of them at the end of July they are building a solid fanbase. Starting from art hall to SK Olympic Gymnasium Hall and now to Jamsil Indoor Stadium they have been upgrading their venues with every concert, at this rate predicting to fill out the Gymnastics Stadium in near future.

It seems like every new idol group start at the same start line but the race situation shows the differences between them.

Lately it’s regrettable not to include these idols among “Top trend Idols” talk

“Trending Idol” “Refreshing Idol” “Universal Idol” “Self-producing idol” all these are about a group that have proved them by receiving a support of many fans, Seventeen. Seventeen who debuted in May last year just in one year moved up to a level of popular boy groups entering “Top trend Idols”.

Seventeen is well-known as “Self-made idols” members being involved in writing, composing, producing and making their own choreography.

They have been killing fans by making their own songs and directing their stages that fully show members’ charms and music that perfectly reflects fan’s needs.

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Seventeen’s current moves makes expect them to face current dominating top groups despite being from a small company.

Their recent promotions and upcoming tour definitely proves the recent “Trendline” EXO - BTS – SEVENTEEN. With previous hit songs “Adore u” and “Mansae” they showed an outstanding growth among rookies, with rapid growth of the fandom they held a first solo concert at the end of the last year and an encore concert earlier this year, showing their possibilities as trending idols.

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Their result as a one year old rookie group who came from a small company is outstanding.
Music industry officials are looking in positive lights at continuously expanding Seventeen’s growth

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[SBS ’Inkigayo’ PD names Oh My Girl, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN & BTS as groups that attract his eyes]


source: xxwoozi via instiz, @fallinhosh, naver

i thought this was a nice article + it helps to kinda gauge svt's level of popularity inside korea

INFINITE To Hold Special Exhibition For Fans

INFINITE has planned a very special event for the fans!

On July 20, INFINITE’s agency Woollim Entertainment posted on its SNS the official logo for INFINITE’s exhibition titled “History of INFINITE.”

[More Here =)]

The agency wrote, “We will be holding a ‘History of INFINITE’ exhibition on August 3 to 7 for the fans who will be part of our ‘That Summer 3’ concert.”

This exhibition will be held in Samsung Blue Square Complex Cultural Space NEMO.

In celebration of INFINITE’s sixth debut anniversary, the “History of INFINITE” exhibition will gather memories from their debut till now and share it with the fans. It will be divided into three sections: the history, That Summer, and the world tours.

This is especially anticipated since INFINITE will be showing never-before-seen clips and behind-the-scenes photos, and display all their outfits they’ve worn throughout their promotions.

In the middle of the exhibition, a recreation of their music video set will be available for fans to enjoy.

Woollim Entertainment stated, “INFINITE personally participated in planning this exhibition, so it will be an even more special event for the fans. We will display various never-before-seen merchandise so please look forward to it.”

“History of INFINITE” will be held simultaneously with INFINITE’s “That Summer 3” concert on August 3 to 7.

Are you excited for this event?

Sources: Soompi , Naver

This sounds pretty cool.
Jealous of anyone who gets to go.


Omonavision - Label War round 10 (AKA the SM clash)


Hello pretty people, today is the last label round and before we enter the final stage on this competition I'd like to make sure we're all on the same page with what the ESC is all about. And who better to explain the glory of the eurovision than a sassy british man.

PS: in classic esc fashion there will be a surprise for the finale *mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - evil laugh*

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Poll close friday 22 - 5 pm GMT
Don't forget to vote for round 9

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Yoohyeon Smoke

OP sobbing - Chanmi NOT participating in 'Finding Momoland' also press conference photos

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Someone hold me please I'm so happy my baby isn't going through this hell again and she's supposed to debut FINALLY

Gfriend make fun of dreads on Weekly Idol

timestamp: 3:30-4:44


cultural appropriation/racism warning

recently gfriend went on weekly idol. as many kpop fans know, it is a variety show to showcase idols sillier sides and help fans get to know them. its generally problematic in itself, some segments giving idols afro wigs to wear as a joke, sexist comments here and there.

on gfriends most recent featuring on the show, they were asked to express through dance several song genres. when asked to express the reggae genre, sinb began to twist her hair as if imitating dreadlocks, then when it was yerins turn, sinb began to twist yerins hair as well. when it was eunhas turn, yerin and sinb came behind her to mess with her hair

idk how many times black ppl gotta say this but dreads arent a joke our hair is not a joke we are not a joke or something to be laughed at. our dreadlocks are part of our culture, seeing as though our hair naturally dreads itself bc of its texture (3c-4c) its not to be joked about at all

dont start with that ‘shes just showing wants reggae!!’ what she did was mocking black culture dont try to excuse that

the captions themselves can explain it


tht man they used in the bottom left corner i highly doubt is black because korea is very antiblack but we can wait and see abt tht and anyways you dont learn abt reggae though your hair nobody learns anything through their hair

if yall wanna start talking abt how ‘its just hair it doesnt matter its not that deep god tumblr’ go tel that to the hundreds of black people who are ridiculed for their hair and even killed because of it! read this post cuz it aint tht deep!

source: gfriend.cf, GFRIEND United

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