August 9th, 2016


YMC Doesn’t Understand Why People Think I.O.I Sub-Unit’s Concept Is “Sexy”

I.O.I’s new sub-unit has released their first track “Whatta Man (Good Man),” but YMC Entertainment is not completely into the reception it’s been getting.

Ever since the teasers for “Whatta Man (Good Man)” were released, many have assumed that the sub-unit is going for a sexy concept, but YMC says that wasn’t what they were going for at all.

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Source: Soompi via Naver, 1theK

Well, I do understand why ¬_¬
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Former 4Minute Member Jeon Jiyoon Preparing For Solo Debut

Former 4Minute member Jeon Jiyoon is set to make a solo debut! Although she has released music independent of 4Minute in the past, such as her duet with BTOB’s Ilhoon for “Unpretty Rapstar,” this will be Jiyoon’s first standalone release.

The singer/rapper recently signed with the agency JS E&M, which currently houses artists like Chun Jung Myung, Seo Ha Joon, Byun Jung Soo, and Yang Mi Ra.
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UNIQ Seungyoun feat. BTOB Hyunsik 'Baby Ride' teasers

Seungyoun's 2nd Digital Single Tracklist:
1. Baby Ride
Written by Eden, LUIZY (Seungyoun)
Composed by Eden, LUIZY (Seungyoun) and Nathan
Arranged by Eden and Nathan

2. 요즘뭐해 (Where have you been)
Written by LUIZY (Seungyoun)
Composed by Eden, LUIZY (Seungyoun) and Nathan
Arranged by Eden and Nathan

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source: uniq_5

those are the ugliest fonts i've ever seen but omg at this collaboration i never knew i needed
me gustas tu

GFriend's 'Me Gustas Tu' is now the longest charting idol song in Melon's history + their 26th win

Top 5 Longest Melon Charting for Idol Group Song

GFriend - Me Gustas Tu (2015) - 55 weeks (and counting)
Big Bang - Lies (2008) - 54 weeks
EXO - Growl (2013) - 49 weeks
Big Bang - Last Farewell (2008) - 45 weeks
EXO - Call Me Baby (2015) - 45 weeks

[Actual chart positions under here (by week)]

Me Gustas Tu (weekly Melon ranking)


[Inkigayo Triple Crown for Navillera]

(OP Note: The videos are blocked for me because SBS hates Australia, so I'm not going to embed them - here are links:)

Navillera Performance
Winner Announcement + Encore

GFriend won once again. It's now Navillera's eleventh win as well as GFriend's twenty-sixth win. And they are going to give us more something to celebrate. Let's see what Koreans think about them winning in Inkigayo.

[+1227 -256]
Congratulations Yuju get well sooner

[+830 -166]
Will Source Music CEO treat GFriend on a grilled meat party after the fansign event today?

[+855 -226]
Congratulations on winning the Triple Crown. I'm so proud for their perfect score *cries*

[+626 -162]
Congratulations GFRiend~

[+652 -184]
Good job! I'm so proud of you~!

[+280 -67]
COngratulations Buddies had worked hard too and let's enthusiastically work harder

[+351 -91]
Congratulations all of you guys have worked hard

[+252 -60]
Triple Crown, eleven wins congratulations♥♥ Sojung, Yerin, Big Eunbi, Yuna, Small Eunbi, Yewon♥♥ I followed you all today more than usual and you gave me much more happiness as I see your beautiful appearances♥♥ Yuna please recover quickly. GFriend please take good care of yourselves more♥♥

[+412 -114]
As expected of GodFriend!!!!! Yuju-unni please take care...Let's walk on flowery path congratulations!!!!!!

Sources: AnonSone @ OH
GFriend Trans via Naver

they just got their 12th win after I'd submitted this!

Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon to be Beautiful Drama Couple

Following a series of setbacks, tvN drama “Tomorrow With You” (working title) has at last finalized its two leads.

tvN revealed on August 10 that Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon have been confirmed to headline the Friday-Saturday drama, which is slated to premiere in 2017.

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Source Soompi

tvN continues to deliver with their casting news. I love time travel and both these actors so I'm eagerly awaiting it.
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ZICO and Seolhyun are dating


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According to Dispatch, the first picture with her in black hoodie was taken on May 12th, after Seolhyun and Jimin posted their apology on Instagram for their ignorance on Korean history. Other pictures were taken from May to July.
They have been dating for about five months.
Their dates involved Zico picking her up from her AOA residence in his black Porsche.
If their date was at Zico's house she would call for a taxi and run towards it, with a black mask and hat on.


summary by OP

Edit: I found a follow up article with couple more pictures.
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also can we talk about her amazing body

Both agencies admitted that they're close senior-junior colleagues in the same industry who have developed good feelings towards each other in times of hardship and announced that they would appreciate if you would receive them with warmness.

That awkward moment Seven Seasons backtrack and say they actually didn't admit to the two dating and say they're not like, an official thing oops

someone play soyou's some here