August 24th, 2016


Queen of Controversy Sulli vs. Johnson & Johnson

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On August 20, Sulli posted a photo on her Instagram of her and (Netizen's talented fave ex-Kara member) Goo Hara in a large pink “Johnson’s baby oil” t-shirt. She wrote, “Friendship photo with Hara. Hara that I love.” The photo appears to be taken by Korea's own Terry Richardson, Rotta. Knetz are not happy because of the Lolita themes the picture portrays.

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Oh yeah

YG's karma finally got to him

YG Entertainment Gets Fined For Tax Evasion

According to various reports, YG Entertainment has been fined an additional fee following tax investigations.

The Seoul Regional Tax Administration finished their regular tax investigation of YG which started in May. As a result, the agency was fined an additional 3.4 billion won (approximately $3 million). The National Tax Service revealed that they looked into tax evasion regarding YG’s business expansions, foreign branches, and more.

Previously, YG was fined an additional 2.8 billion won (approximately $2.5 million) for employee embezzlement and omitted earnings in 2008.

Last year, YG enjoyed a 23.5 percent increase in earnings with a total sales of 193.1 billion won (approximately $172 million). Their profits amounted to 24 billion won (approximately $21 million) which was a 31.1 percent increase from the year before.

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MAMAMOO Achieves Third Place For Highest Girl Group Fan Cafe Membership

MAMAMOO recently made a breakthrough in passing over 70,000 members on their official fan cafe.

Their agency Rainbowbridge World released the statement, saying, “On August 23, 5 p.m. we officially made it to 77,777 members.”

The membership boost places MAMAMOO at third place for the highest number of fan cafe members for a girl group. First place is Girls’ Generation, while the second is APink. Girl groups that follow after MAMAMOO are Girls’ Day, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, f(x), and GFRIEND.
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Chae Twice

TWICE’s “Cheer Up” MV surpasses 75 million views and breaks another record

Twice's "Cheer Up" is now the fastes kpop group MV to reach 75 million views, doing it four months (122 days) after it was released on April 25. The music video is breaking now the record previously hold by Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" with 5 months and 5 days.

[List of the fastest kpop group MVs to get 75 million views]

Source: jypentertainment, SNSDchris1439 @ onehallyu

Another day, another record!
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Anda for BNT International


[teases a new comeback song!]

[Acoustic Cover Songs~!]

This is What You Came For - Rihanna and Calvin Harris

Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

Gnash - I Hate You, I Love You

[Arena Homme]

[Hera Seoul S/S Show]

Sources: FY-Anda | 2 | Anda's Instagram | kpopfans

That's one of the cheapest bnt international sets i've seen in a while, but she still looks great, and I'm excited for her new song! Sad that it isn't an actual album i can buy, but oh well.
bang bang bang

The Return of Superman Ep 143

This week's episode features the 5 siblings potty training Daebak, and shopping for and celebrating Jae Si and Jae Ah's birthdays. The twins eat some fried chicken and visit OGG, who also meet up with other fathers for a dancing flash mob. And the SoDa siblings visit their father in Busan, who is busy promoting "Operation Chromite". I didn't know that John Lee directed the movie! Also, Lee Jung Jae is getting old, and so am I =/ Rohui is back next week!

umbrella brian

#HappyDowoonDay to our favorite dummer!!!

[birthday banners from JYP!]

[Surprise celebration on stage at Bangkok!!!]

[look how far you've come!!]

[dowoon drummer bod appreciation]

[dowoon singing and rapping~~]
(it's hard to hear this one because of the screaming)

(dowoon raps the second verse!)

[gif spam~]

[my personal fav gif of our beloved drummer][while the other hyungs get turnt]
[dowoon is...]

Sources: dae6 | JYP Nation | gamzatti55 | fiza | kaerusama13 | Choiisinemuily annily

sorry for the lame post, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOON DOWOON!!!! Jae was spotted bringing cake into the practice room, so I hope you enjoy it!! thank you for being Day6's lucky charm!! <3 <3 <3 <3

for more cute dowoon pics (all pics of him are cute, though) go to fyeahday6 for some dowoon birthday spam!

The Collaboration Episode 4 + The Program Is Being Cancelled?

-> Episode 4 Subbed

Note: Apparently there have been no official news articles about this so don't believe it just yet, but people are saying the show is cancelled

"The Collaboration was set to last for 10 episodes but it will end at 5 due to the current controversy between Korea-China. The last episode will air this Thursday."

Furthermore, the Chinese members were supposed to attend an event, Busan One Asia Festival, with the Korean members, but apparently they are now off the list.


Sources: KShowOnline, JayParkNetwork, Kyotangmo
im so lonely

T-ara expected to win Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off

Girl group T-ara are in the finals of Billboard’s Fan Army Faceoff for the second year in a row.

In the on-going 2016 Billboard Fan Army Face-Off, T-ara are up against 30 Seconds to Mars led by well known movie star, Jared Leto.

Originating in 2014, the Fam Army Face-Off pits fans of different artists against each other in a tournament format to determine the most powerful fandom.

In 2014, 30 Seconds to Mars’ Echelons wrestled against Big Bang‘s VIP for the championship; VIP took home the win. In 2015, T-ara’s Queen’s succeeded over One Direction‘s Direction in what was a grand scale semi finals and eventually took the win from Beyonce‘s Beyhive in the finals.

Currently, Queen’s hold a strong lead with 43,576 votes against Echelon’s 11,158 votes. 10 days still remain to vote but it looks like T-ara can already expect another win for the 2nd year in a row. (currently T-ARA are at 108,698 votes and 30STM at 20,141 votes)

T-ara has been enjoying popularity in China for several years, which certainly shows in the fans’ votes for the Fan Army Face-Off. Meanwhile the group will be preparing for the 2016 T-ara Great China Tour Concert In Shanghai Final to be held on September 17th.

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source: Sports Donga News via Naver, tiaradiadem

its so sad how many people treat t-ara as a joke and discredit their legacy. this might be "meaningless" to some people but the fact that they won last year made the girls so happy and got them on variety shows so