September 4th, 2016

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Red Velvet's Joy celebrates her 20th birthday #HappyJoyDay

Hello, everyoneㅎㅎ It’s Joy~~ I’ve been receiving so many congratulations and love starting early this morning and so I came to write a thank you message with a happy heart~ In the midst of our busy comeback preparation, my birthday luckily happened to overlap. I think I’ll be able to comeback [well] after receiving so much power and cheers! Thank you so much ㅠㅠ

When it becomes next week, we’ll be showing you a new stage. I’m nervous, a little uneasy and trembling with all these mixed emotions ㅎㅎ It’s an album that was completed after much sweating by our unnies and Yerimmie throughout this extremely hot summer so please love it a lot~ Russian roulette~!!

Once again, thank you so so much to everyone who made this a happy birthday. I love you~💚💚 Please wait just a little bit more ><

- From Joy -

trans. cr: jinhee @ fyeah-redvelvet!, red velvet fanboard

today, the girls celebrated joy's birthday while performing at incheon sky festival right before their comeback with russian roulette in a few days

[singing happy birthday + dumb dumb and icc]

Dumb Dumb and ICC

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*** 20th birthday because what is math

✨ shinee finishes their kick off weekend for swc5! ✨


so, shinee just finished up a three day concert weekend! they kicked off their fifth concert tour, shinee world v. everything below is very image / media heavy but i tried my best to spoiler cut stuff so i won't all auto!load.

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post on the first day can be found here! i didn't add it to the post because he seems alright, but onew injured himself right before the encore of the final concert. it's apparently either a light sprain or strain, idk, sm apparently didn't want to risk it and had an ambulance take him directly from the venue to the hospital to check him out. he went to shinee's after party after though (and posted on instagram saying he's okay).

shinee's back! comeback confirmed for mid-september!


after a lot of speculation / teasing / media hyping a massive boy group ~battle for september, shinee's comeback has finally been confirmed! during the encore of their third / final concert of swc5 in seoul, it was confirmed by key / minho that they will be making their comeback after or around the chuseok holidays. chuseok will be held from september 14th - 16th this year so it's very likely shinee's comeback will be around the 19th/20th/21st! this confirmation follows the release of media articles earlier on during the day that confirmed their comeback for mid-september; chuseok is just more specific timeline.

during their three concerts this weekend, shinee performed / unveiled five new songs: four through performance, and one through a intermission vcr. the four performed include: "prism" (which was written and composed by jonghyun), "feel good", "invisible umbrella" and "so amazing". the fifth is unnamed, and a sixth song - which is rumored to be the title track - was teased during each concert during the start of their encore, both instrumental and choreography. a video of the teasing can be found below!

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The Return of Superman Ep 145

[Courage Brings Happiness] Soeul and Daeul visit a magical school that teaches them how to be brave. Hwijae tries to teach the twins how to help and protect their neighbors by assigning them a mission. Rohee and Moa get their hair done by Taeyoung. Sua, Seola and Sian get a difficult task from their dad.

Good grief at Taeyoung stalking Rohui on her first date. Why are they giving that baby a home perm?!? But I am so happy that Rohui is interacting with other kids. And poor Dongguk! I don't understand that why they are sending these babies out to do errands without a written note.

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Mino Solo Teasers: He wants to talk about your body


Yezi will collaborate with Babylon on new single

Get ready for a hot new collab track from Yezi!

On August 31, FIESTAR uploaded on their official Facebook page a teaser image that reveals an upcoming collaboration between Yezi and a mystery artist (now revealed to be Babylon). The track is set to release on September 8 and is titled “Chase.”

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its also jei's birthday aka omonas new visual queen!

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MOBB Duo Debut & News

YG announced BOBBY’s solo comeback on September 7 and SONG MINHO’s solo release on September 8. As the two are the main rappers of iKON and WINNER, respectively, the two’s coinciding solo comeback and competition between them have been drawing keen attention. Now that YG announced on September 5 that SONG MINHO and BOBBY are coming back on September 9 together in a unit team, not as solo artists separately, SONG MINHO and BOBBY are going to collaborate, not competing against one another.

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