September 9th, 2016


According to Starship Entertainment, “SISTAR will be attending the 2016 Seoul International Music Fair, and will also be collaborating with Giorgio Moroder.”

Giorgio Moroder composed the theme song for the films “Midnight Express,” “Flashdance,” and “Top Gun.” He has also won many awards for best score and best original song at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Grammys. He is also known for composing the Seoul Olympic theme song “Hand in Hand.”

Giorgio Moroder commented on working with the group, saying, “SISTAR is the hottest girl group in the K-pop market. I want to hurry and give them the new song.”

SISTAR’s Hyorin also commented, saying, “Giorgio Moroder is the pioneer for electronic music and disco, so it’s such an honor to be able to collaborate with him. We’re hoping that through this, more people will come to know about K-pop.”

[The song to be released as a digital single between Oct 6-8]

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“INFINITE ONLY” Teaser #6. Sungjong

Puzzle Here =)

[Completed Puzzle]

[Also.. have some really cute Donggyu from earlier today!]

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W - Two Worlds Ep 14-15 Discussion Post


Oh Yeon Joo is a surgeon whose father is a famous comic book creator. One day, her father goes missing and she rushes to his workshop to look for him, and instead finds a strange man, Kang Chul bathed in blood. She is kidnapped by him and taken to a different dimension.

Cast: Lee Jong-Suk, Han Hyo-Joo, Jung Yoo-Jin, Lee Tae-Hwan, Lee Si-Eon, Kang Ki-Young
Director: Jung Dae-Yoon
Writer: Song Jae-Jung
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 20 - September 8, 2016
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00

Watch here: Viki

sources: MyDramaList, AsianWiki

Kim Sohyun shares her thoughts on kiss scenes with Taecyeon

Actress Kim So-Hyun shared her honest thoughts on her kissing scene with 2PM's Taecyeon in tvN's "Let's Fight Ghost." The two portrayed Kim Hyun-Ji and Park Bong-Pal, respectively.

In an interview with Star News on Aug. 29, Monday, the 17-year-old actress admitted that she was extremely bothered by the kiss scenes. Kim was completely unaware that there would be so many kissing scenes with Taecyeon in the drama.

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i just learned about this
wtf??????? who thought this was a good idea????? why not just cast someone who is taecyeons age??? this is disgusting


Flashback Friday

Welcome to another Flashback Friday. I look through this Friday in the past years’ charts, and post the top three songs from one of them. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back to the 2nd week of September, 2008. Coincidentally, the group with their debut song at #3 is set to make a comeback very soon…

#3 2PM “10 Out of 10”
This is probably my second favorite 2PM song. I remember really, really liking this song! God, I haven’t seen this is forever! This MV features G.Na, whom I miss and hope is doing well wherever she is.

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Kidoh Takes To Twitter to "Explain" Rape Lyrics.

Kiddo took to Twitter to explain the meaning behind the lyrics written for Iron's song 'Roll' follwing a wave of criticism on social media.

[More Under Cut]

Here are the lyrics for context:
[Trigger Warning.]

Iron - Roll (feat. Kidoh)

I heard you said, “Boy, just rape me”
I think I’m sober, not crazy
This is my play gym for you
Play around all you want my babe

Let me tell you in advance, ain’t no lover

Engrave it in your mind, I’m yo fuckin’ owner
I’m a conqueror, you obey, we’re simply accomplishing our God-given human nature
Hol up, I won’t repeat myself, strip!

Hop up in the bed, how we roll
Lemme teach you somethin’, how we roll
We need a shroom, shroom, Super Mario
That’s how we roll, how we roll

Crashing into your breasts, stereo
All my neighbor says, “Where that party up?”
All night long vroom vroom like Ferrari, yo
That’s how we roll, how we roll

Pick up the phone, it’s your man’s number
Of course, my hand is clutching your hair tightly
and your ragged breathing means you dirty ho
I treat you like a sinner, stop being close to tears

I want you to feel it, to beg and feel shame

Your teary gaze, I enjoy this pleasure
So many fuckin’ prince, I don’t act like a drama
Gon’ be yo trauma, think of me every night

All I do is eat good, work that pussy
Eat, sleep, shit, then right away eat, sleep, shit, yeah that’s me, bitches
Lick good, grabbing you by the hair
When it’s over, shove your ass this way, spank spank

He has since deleted these tweets.

Sources: Hiphopkr, kido92

Dude liteally added the word rape in the lyrics and then says the song is not about rape?

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Designer Hoon in action + Where to buy "You Win H" merchandise

[More pics]

[How to buy You Win H merchandise]
If you are in South Korea click picture

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If you are international check SoundHoonTrack

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Uncontrollably Fond Ep. 17-20 (Final) Discussion Post


Synopsis: When Shin Joon-Young and No Eul were children, they were separated and became heartbroken. As adults they meet again. Shin Joon-Young is now a top actor and singer. He is intelligent and attractive. No Eul is the PD of documentaries. She values money over justice and kisses up to those with more power than her.
Cast: Kim Woo-Bin, Bae Suzy, Lim Ju-Hwan, Lim Ju-Eun
Director: Park Hyun-Suk
Writer: Lee Kyoung-Hee
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 20
Release Date: July 6 - September 8, 2016
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 22:00

Ep. 17: click
Ep. 18: click
Ep. 19: click
Ep. 20: click

sources: dramafire + asianwiki + dramafever

that's it! final thoughts on this drama, omona? i teared up during the last episode ngl
Irene monster

Jackson on Fighting Man ep8 (160902)

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WATCH part 1 / part 2

Omg I'm late again aren't I? OTL I was so caught up with work and my internet is not co-operating with me at all so I'm posting this now even tho I haven't seen this episode yet (so don't ask me wth is happening in the picture or the gif).
Pray for OP's internet and do tell about all the good stuff to look forward to!

Also is this the last episode before Jackson turns blonde? Anyways appreciate black-haired Jackson while you still can 🙏

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