September 19th, 2016


INFINITE eat their CD for their 'INFINITE ONLY' Showcase

[Fancam for a better view of the choreo]

[One Day]

[Thank You]

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I'm so sad they didn't perform Zero/True Love/Air >:(

I love The Eye so much though!! Mics were kinda messed up at the start but they got fixed pretty quickly.

Thank You's sound is messed up too but alas.

The interview parts haven't been subbed but I'll leave this gem here.


Bae Doona To Possibly Make First K-Drama Comeback In 6 Years

Actress Bae Doona might be making her K-drama comeback with the OCN drama “The Voice” (tentative title).

The actress’s agency SBD Entertainment released a statement, saying, “She has received an offer for ‘The Voice,’ and she is currently examining the project. However, it has not yet been decided whether or not she will be appearing in the drama. She has received offers for lots of projects. She will most likely make a decision after reviewing the project as well as discussing it with the production team.

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First, Jeon Do Yeon and now Bae Doona?
nct ♡ fairy taeten

SMROOKIES introduces two new SR16G members, Yiyang and Ningning

They were first introduced on SM's new variety show My SMT along with older members Koeun and Hina.

Yiyang born 12 August 1997 is 19 years old and from Sichuan, China.

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ppl are speculating there's gonna be more trainees introduced every week. there's been a lot of rumours of sr16g's debut too
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Guess Who's on Running Man?

Running Man Ep 317: Avengers 2, Lee Kung Kyu is back with vengeance. In Episode 305, Lee Kung Kyu along with his 6 other team mates got together to compete against the 7 RM members. They competed very well, but in the end lost. In the end of the episode 305, Lee Kung Kyu swore vengeance, and thus he is back.
This time Lee Kung Kyu will team up with Han Hye Jin. The episode has been shot in Namyangju, with the ripping name tag part of the variety show shot in Starfield mall in seoul.
Lee Kung Kyu, Han Hye Jin, Kim Dong-Hyun, Key, Sung Hoon, Moon Hee-joon

Watch Here: MyAsianTv

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Key helped the team a lot! The editing could be better though to show it, especially in the last game. But he did really really well:)

💞💖 Happy 29th Birthday to Omona's Queen: Gain's Solo Videography! (MEDIA HEAVY) 💖💞

To celebrate Gain's 29th birthday, I decided to make this little post and go through some of her videography.

As you all might've known, Gain had a rough past when she debuted with Brown Eyed Girls, but grew up to be an excellent artist.

Let's just remind ourselves why she won the title of Omona's Queen.

Here's a brief introduction to Gain in BEG's history and as a solo.
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can't really separate the lj-cut thingies so they don't appear next to the other so sorry lol im dumb.. sorry for the mess kkk

Happy 29th birthday to my dearest, Son Gain.