September 20th, 2016


Melon Radio "WINNER Wonderland" - ep. 3 & 4 (English Subtitles) + Seungyoon IG

WINNER Wonderland - ep. 3 (eng sub)

[WINNER Wonderland - ep. 4 (eng sub)]

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Caption: Work All Night 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

WINNER city comment:

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ep. 3: talking about their 5748752 pets & how they deal with their poops
ep. 4: TOWELs
is seungyoon hinting at WINNER finally getting out of the dungeon?

Jonghyun & Gong Seung Yeon to reunite for web drama 'My Only Love Song'

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Another WGM couple acting together <3
Omona, were you a fan of this couple? Are you watching Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim drama?

Controversy Over EXO's Suho's Comment On Age Gaps in Dating

During a V-Live broadcast in January, Suho was asked how big of an age difference he is okay with between him and his partner. Suho replied with "[...] I can accept from 14 to 38". He then acknowledges that he would be jailed for dating a minor, and tells them to "Come to me when you're an adult".

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Skip to 45:38 - 46:20 on the V-Live video to see where he says this.

A Korean-American EXO fan has raised the possibility of this being the product of poor translation on V-App's part and poor wording on Suho's part.

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mods, is this okay?

Lee Min Ho's agency addresses dating rumours with Taylor Swift

Lee Min Ho has recently been swept up in absurd dating rumors with Taylor Swift.

The rumors started circulating after Taylor Swift’s split with actor Tom Hiddleston. An article from Inquisitr discussed Taylor Swift being paired up with Lee Min Ho.

While the article informed that Lee Min Ho was simply suggested as a good potential lover for Taylor Swift in a different report, somehow this changed into rumors of them dating outside of the initial report. Different reports have also claimed that Lee Min Ho has broken up with Suzy.

A source from Lee Min Ho’s agency responded, “It’s ridiculous and we are taken aback.” The source laughed at the absurd rumors and stated that the two stars have never even met and is confused as to why this dating rumor was circulated.

Lee Min Ho is currently filming SBS’s “Legend of the Blue Sea” with Jun Ji Hyun in Spain. The source further commented, “Lee Min Ho is currently overseas and focusing on acting, so it’s difficult to nosily ask him about Taylor Swift. Perhaps he got involved in this dating rumor because his filming in Spain is receiving a lot of attention from international press.”

What are your thoughts on the rumors?

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Me at this thing (lmao what is this rly)
Irene monster

Jackson on Fighting Man ep10 (160916)

WATCH part 1 / part 2

Fighting Man, also known as "The show that'll ruin your image for the entertainment of others", through tongue twisters, jumping rope, eating cookies, braiding hair, palm battles, throwing food, performing traditional Chinese opera, you name it! When will your faves tbh seriously tho who comes up with these missions

I think the guys have been slowly losing their minds during this show so they don't even care at this point anymore lmao.

Whose your pick Omona, #TeamBlue or #TeamRed?

[Bonus: #TeamWang this is not how you palm battle]

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Ji Chang Wook returns as "The K2" in tvn's new drama

The K2 is an action-thriller-romance drama about a former special forces agent, played by Ji Chang-wook (Healer), with a tragic past who has become the top bodyguard in demand, known as "The K2", among elite circles. He is hired by a presidential candidate’s wife, played by Song Yoon-ah (Assembly). However, he ends up falling in love with her husband’s illegitimate daughter, played by SNSD’s Yoon-ah (Prime Minister and I), who has been locked away and isolated from the world.

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