September 27th, 2016

❣ shinee - 1of1 - shinee's pick! (#1) ❣

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shinee's pick!: onew ■

to keep up with the 90s theme, sm's releasing a limited edition cassette tape version of the album... which is already complete sold out apparently, lol. also: sorry for the double post, mods! i messed up on some of the sourcing!

Myungsoo for Hallyu Pia + Few More Goodies

[More Here =)]

[Few Behind the Scenes Photos From the Webdrama]

[Tease For His First Onscreen Kiss + 2 Teeny BTS clips]

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I'm so sad you guys. I preordered the magazine and the day after I saw it sold out so I was so happy I managed to score one. Then yesterday I got an email saying my order was cancelled cuz they miscalculated their stock =(

rosé h8s yg

Actor Ji Soo Returns To Filming After Recovering From Surgery


On September 27, a source from Ji Soo’s agency Prain TPC spoke with Sports Chosun and said, “Ji Soo has returned to filming ‘Fantastic.’ However, it’s too much to say that it’s a complete return.”

The source continued, “The producers were extremely considerate and adjusted all of the filming schedules for Ji Soo. After consulting with the producers and doctor to make sure it wouldn’t be too hard on Ji Soo, he filmed a bit. Since he is young and had a strong will to return to filming, he has been able to recover quickly so we filmed carefully. We plan on filming in a way that doesn’t put a strain on him.”

Previously, Ji Soo had to receive emergency surgery for acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection) on September 13.

Sources: @magazine_m_2016 | Soompi via Naver

I'm glad he's doing okay, and I hope that he continues to get better.
Chae Twice

TZUYU'S IMPACT: Her influence on Korea’s economy; Increased of Tourism


Since her debut in JYP Entertainment rookie girl group TWICE, Tzuyu has reached unprecedented levels of popularity.

Despite having just turned eighteen, Tzuyu has won the hearts of fans all over South Korea and all over the world with her elite visuals and hilariously straightforward personality. In fact, Tzuyu has become such an icon in Korea that she’s single-handedly changing the cultural landscape of the country.

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Source: Herald Corp, koreaboo

I wish someone else translated this because the choice of words is too heavily biased even for me lol However the part about her being a mascot is in the original source O_O

Previously on TZUYU'S IMPACT:

Jennie <3

Kang Seungyoon X Dara for YG Stage 'PYGMALION'

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❣ shinee - 1of1 - teaser (#1) / tracklist ❣


along with the their album tracklist (which can be viewed below), sm entertainment has given a bit of insight on shinee's title track! the song, which will share the title of the album (1of1), is a song of the new jack swing genre that has a "funky rhythm" and "soft r&b melody", along with a "retro feeling". the lyrics will revolve around telling "the one and only love" to a woman. it's said that the album, overall, will have a very retro feel to it.

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bucket hat

Jackson on Fighting Man ep11 (160923)

WATCH part 1 / part 2

Back To School Edition!

Omona, would you be able to concentrate in class with these people as your classmates?
Are you better at drawing than Kai?
Don't you think Jackson would be better at cheating by now given how much he does it every episode?
Would you try and win a mission by shamelessly using your teammate's name like Shuo does?

How's your Chinese calligraphy skills?

[Bonus: When will this dabbing madness end]

Sources: Jackson Wang Bar / x
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INFINITE on After School Club



Previous ASC Episodes with INFINITE: Last Romeo | Infinite H | Sunggyu

Sources: ARIRANG K-POP 1 2 | | ASC on V Live | ARIRANG 1 2

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Arirang youtube channel and website links might be blocked/unavailable in some countries.

I looove them! This was fun! Personal highlights: Hoya's English, Dongwoo's nonstop cackling, Random Noraebang

WINNER shooting for NII Winter '16 + IG hiatus is over !!! #Bless + Jinwoo Bday

[Trans +1]

[37485950 IG updates T___T]
Prince Jinwoo

Deputy Lee

Song Rapper, or more importantly the return of JOHNNY

Leader Kang

King of Selfies Taehyun

Winner City





[Jinwoo Birthday]












Sources: NII IG, Kim Jewon IG, Jinwoo IG, Seunghoon IG, Mino IG, Seungyoon IG, Taehyun IG, WinnerCity IG, ygent_official, chrissy96_, ygexstaff,

That photoshoot of WINNER with their black coats for Nii Winter will be the death of me X)
Those Taehyun selfies were the highlight of my week
& about Seunghoon "His cheerfulness seems to say that he has his peace of mind and strength back so we are relieved" T_______________T
all these updates, all these tears

MONSTA X - The Clan Pt.2 "GUILTY" Photo Teasers #1



Previous Teasers:
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i love the flower aesthetic sm
support these beautiful boys, omona!!