October 4th, 2016


MONSTA X - Fighter MV!!!!!!!!


MONSTA X - The Clan Pt.2 "GUILTY" Album Listening Post!!!

1. Fighter [Title Track]

[2. Be Quiet]
2. Be Quiet

[3. Blind]
3. Blind

[4. Queen]
4. Queen

[5. 하얀소녀 (White Girl)]
5. 하얀소녀 (White Girl)

[6. Rollercoaster]
6. Rollercoaster

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a solid album overall imo. blind & queen are my faves on first listen.
jooheon said that he wrote White Girl as a continuation of White Sugar from pt.1. i'm cryin that the rap line both sang on the track

❣ shinee - 1of1 - listening post ❣

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for note: jonghyun composed / wrote "prism". minho and key did the rap making for "please don't leave me" + "don't stop", which jonghyun wrote the lyrics to, and onew wrote the lyrics to "so amazing"!

EXO Update

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smh @ SM for releasing chen's station song on the same day as lay's debut song (the 7th is also yixing's birthday). can they make it any more obvious that they hate him geez
junior just right

GOT7 on After School Club



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Markson3 | Just Right | If You Do | Fly

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I usually love them on ASC, but this ep was so messy! I was exhausted for the hosts. Fans on twitter complained about the show not giving the boys enough time, but honestly, they ate all of that up themselves being really hyper today. lol
Was it cause they're overly familiar with the hosts? Who hard carried this ep?