October 6th, 2016

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BTS Get Solo Tracks, OP Is Full of Feels

Following the release of their track list for their second studio album “WINGS,” more details about BTS’s comeback album has been revealed.

“WINGS” features 15 tracks including their intro track and title track. Each member will have their own solo track on the album making a total of seven solo tracks.

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I was expecting solo tracks from vocal line but this is even better :')

Source: Naver via Soompi
Irene monster

Teaser for JB&Jinyoung photoshoot for URBANLIKE magazine

They will be featured in a 20-page spread of 'URBANLIKE Magazine' Issue 43 which will be released on October 10th

You guys they looks so good in the teaser alone and they're gonna be talking about books and stuff

I'm gonna cry that JJP reign just won't let up

Source: urbänlike via got7_fanclub (the video wouldn't play properly for me for some reason in the orig source so I linked another just in case)
made ot5 red

Battle Trip with Dara in the Philippines

First off, HER SKIN. She is so cute! God, ube was such a trendy thing earlier this year, you could find it in every damn bakery and ice cream shop. The food looked really good but it's a waste on me because I don't eat pork and therefore I'm a disappointment to the family. But slide over that beautifully molded mound of garlic rice over to me cause I fuck with garlic rice 24/7. Also, I hate Jollibee, but them peach mango pies tho.


MONSTA X "FIGHTER + BE QUIET" Comeback Stage @ MCountdown!!!

[Be Quiet (Live)]
Be Quiet

[MCountdown MPD Fancams]
MCountdown MPD Fancams









[Twitter Updates]
Twitter Updates


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wonho is really shining this comeback, i'm so happy for him. tho I cannot forgive the stylists for that crop top they made him wear lmao
the fighter choreo looks good. they sound good. i'm proud of my MX boys~~


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Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

SHINee/INFINITE friendship lives on!! [heavy post]

[Infinite were asked what they thought of promoting at the same time as SHINee]

Today on MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young Noon's Song of Hope

[Lots of Shinfinite interaction under cut]
Sunggyu and Jonghyun

The reason for sunggyu laughing at the end of his stage:

Shinee congratulating Sunggyu on his win

Woohyun and Jonghyun

Woohyun and Key

Minho and Sunggyu

Woohyun, Hoya and Key

Dongwoo and Jonghyun


Dongwoo also mentioned recently on V APP how kind Jonghyun is, and said once he drove him from Gangnam to Mapo

[So basically]

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When Flaming Charisma met Burning Hoya

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