October 8th, 2016

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Korean BTS fans react to WINGS short films!

[rest of WINGS reactions + Boy Meets Evil reaction]

mods, ignore the previous one I forgot the credit. ^^

their reaction to rap monsters english narration is so cute. Anyways, these are from a month ago but I wanted to share them because i'm a sucker for fan theories and they (especially the girl) provided some really interesting insights i haven't seen been mentioned before. Most of their theories (and the ones they mentioned they read from K-ARMYs) are similar to intl-fan ones, which means bighit probably is onto something here.

Also, this is my first time seeing Korean reactioners! I know Suga's mentioned seeing reaction videos before, I wonder if they've watched these lol (considering they'd be able to understand their comments too). It's fun to see that the reaction to the music, cinematography, and jhopes abs dancing is pretty much universal.


Minzy to have possible solo debut in November

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Gong Minzy will be making her solo debut in November according to projections made by her agency Music Works after signing an exclusive contract to them this May (since leaving 2NE1).

Minzy will be making also be releasing an album along with her debut, and in addition she has yet to choose a title track. Minzy wishes to display her various talents in her upcoming solo career and hopes to show her potentials with her solo activities. Music Works says that the possibility of delaying her solo debut may happen, but hopes to stick with schedules.

translation: balloon_wanted via naver

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    WINNER's whereabouts

    1. "Eat Sleep Eat" season 2 preview featuring Lee Seunghoon & Gong Seungyeon



    [2. NII]

    [3. Tablo & Seungyoon love story]


    [4. Mino & Seunghoon Universal Studio Japan Date (includes couple hats lol)]

    [5. Taehyun Soundcloud new songs]




    Sources: TvN youtube, NII IG, 100_pd IG, Winnercity IG, Chrissy96_, Book by Book FB, Seunyoon IG, Tablo, _limeunha IG, BB_naaaaao_88, jybhjdc, knkslp1025

    a couple of Winner news put together.
    My favorite is MinHoon's minion date. these dorks.
    also #whereisjinwoo ??
    oh almost forgot, Taehyun created a Facebook account but it has since been deleted. some say it's because FB automatically blocks accounts that gain lots of followers in a short period of time, which, as soon as he revealed his FB, was inevitable.

    Jealousy Incarnate 01-14 DISCUSSION POST

    Synopsis: The competition is fierce when you work at a broadcast news station. You have no friends, and everyone is out for himself or herself. Pyo Na Ri is a weather forecaster from a humble background. She secures a part-time contract to work at a prestigious broadcast network but soon realizes that petty jealousy and cutthroat competition surrounds her every day at work. When Na Ri falls in love with the station’s star news anchor, Lee Hwa Shin, will she be able to get what she wants both at work and in her personal life?

    Hangul: 질투의 화신 Director: Park Shin-Woo Writer: Seo Sook-Hyang Network: SBS
    Episodes: 24 Air time: Wed. & Thu. 22:00

    [OST Part.2: RA.D - Lovesome]
    [OST Part.3: Suran - Step Step]
    [OST Part.4: BrotherSu - Would You Come To Me]

    sources: asianwiki.com; mydramalist; pe-lusa; ost // 2 3 4;

    Omona are you watching? Cause you should be!
    I look forward to reading your comments
    rosé h8s yg

    [IMPORTANT] The Omona Census Survey of 2016

    HEY OMONA! Seeing as the last census survey conducted on here was done in 2013!!, we figured it's about time to do another one. Presenting:

    The Omona Census Survey of 2016

    Anyone reading this post is welcome to take the survey, be you member, non-member, or lurker. We are curious to know more about all of our lovely Omonians and readers. We've also included a question regarding your thoughts on what you would like to see more of & on what ways you feel omonatheydidnt can improve. It's completely anonymous and we won't know who answered it, but please try your best to be honest.

    This will be pinned for 24 hours and will be up on the sidebar and answerable until October 15. Results will be posted after that.

    Feel free to leave your questions, gif reactions, and puppy pictures down in the comments of this post. TYFYT and have a great day! <3

    EDIT: The survey has ended! Thank you so much for all your responses and suggestions. The results will be up soon. :)
    nct ♡ devil ten

    PPAP: The new internet meme your kpop faves love! 🖊🍍🍎🖊

    Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen is, to most, the new annoying internet trend that's everywhere. Kpop idols, however, seem to love it! It all started with a video that went viral, posted by singer-songwriter DJ Piko-Taro, who is a character Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimou invented.

    It's got a catchy beat and the lyrics are simple and easy to sing and act along to. They go like this:

    "I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple-pen! I have a pen. I have pineapple. Pineapple-pen! Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen."

    Thus, the new internet meme was born. So which one of your faves joined the fun?

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    source: piko-taro, KingBlingJH, united cube, zang too, up10tion [2], princefairies, twice, inifinitelyb2st, infinite vines, victoria instagram, lyyohbleyookism, gottatalk2v1212, ftgtjh, aant_ant, เจได

    if i missed anyone, do post them in the comments!
    omona, do you love or hate ppap?

    TWICE Confirmed To Make Comeback This Month

    JYP Entertainment has confirmed that TWICE, the agency’s rookie girl group that debuted just last year, will be making a comeback on October 24.

    This new album comes six months after TWICE’s mini album “Page Two,” which was released in April this year. “Page Two” recorded 150,000 copies sold, making TWICE the first girl group to sell as much among all the girl groups that have debuted since 2010.

    TWICE’s “Cheer Up” was no. 1 on Melon for 24 consecutive days, and stayed in the top 10 for 16 weeks. The group’s music videos, likewise, accumulated a staggering number of views, “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up” respectively with 92.5 million and 86.5 views.

    not sure if i'm looking forward to this comeback, they've been promoting non-stop even after they stopped promoting cheer up :///
    hyuna orange

    Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Ep. 13-14 Discussion


    This drama is a romantic love story about a man and a woman from different backgrounds. Lee Young is the Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty who likes to break away from his routine life in the palace. Hong Ra On comes from a very poor family that she has to disguise herself as a man to make a living. One day, the moneylenders sell Ra On to the Office of Eunuch Attendants to get back their money. Ra On and Young keep running into each other as she starts to work as a eunuch.

    Main Cast:
    Park Bo-Gum as Prince Lee Yeong
    Kim You-Jung as Ra On (Hong Sam Nom)
    Jin Young as as Kim Yun Seong
    Chae Soo-Bin as Jo Ha Yeon
    Kwak Dong-Yeon as Kim Byeong Yeon

    Source: DramaFire
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    AKMU, BIGBANG, and BLACKPINK Reportedly Making Comebacks in November

    According to an exclusive report from OSEN, YG Entertainment is planning on making November completely YG-centered with new releases from BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, and Akdong Musician.

    The report claims that BIGBANG appears to be the first of the trio to release new music. In a recent V App video Seungri revealed that they were finishing up their new song. In regards to this, YG stated that BIGBANG’s album would be released within this year. Furthermore, some are perceiving that the group is filming their new music video this month.

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    Source: Naver via Soompi

    do we still trust "yg inside sources", Omona?