October 9th, 2016



major yuju slipping during me gustus tu while the members stumble a little here and there. they eventually move forward more and perform the rest of the songs on the darker area of the ground

[yuju focus cam of me gustus tu]

첼시코스타, Jja Ga

(x) this shit makes me so angry, i was so tense watching the videos cuz i was worried they would fall again :'( sowon looked borderline livid while performing and kept an eye on yuju the whole time
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Misaeng Cast And Director Talk About Future Second Season

The director and cast of tvN drama “Incomplete Life” (also known as “Misaeng”) held an event at the tvN10 Festival on October 9. At the event were director Kim Won Suk, Lee Sung Min, Im Si Wan, and Kim Dae Myung. When asked what they had done after the series, Im Si Wan and Lee Sung Min said they were filming a movie (not together) and Kim Dae Myung said he had just finished a drama. Kim Won Suk said that he was preparing for his next project after finishing “Signal” earlier this year.

“The cast members still meet up as far as I know,” Kim Won Suk said. “The production staff meets in their respective teams too.”

He added, “‘Misaeng’ will have a second season. CJ E&M has already acquired the rights. Once the webtoon finishes its second season, we will start production. All the original actors have told me that they want to appear again. It’s not easy to get actors to agree on appearing before they even see the script.”

Lee Sung Min said, “If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to do it. I want to see the good teamwork we had last time.”

Naver, Soompi


BTS WINGS Listening Post


Wonder Girls Yeeun on King of Masked Singer

Last week's "It's You" duo with Bodyguard

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[Article with some of her thoughts]
On the October 9 episode of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” a female idol appeared singing another idol’s song!

During the episode, masked singer Diva goes against Popcorn Girl for the second round. Diva displays her falsetto abilities by singing Akdong Musician’s “RE-BYE,” while Popcorn Girl is carefree in singing Primary’s “See Through.” However, the results end in 74 to 25 with Popcorn Girl winning the round.

As Diva takes off her mask, she is revealed to be none other than Wonder Girls member Yeeun! “I was curious to see if people could recognize my voice, which is why I appeared. I was a little sad that people couldn’t recognize me, but it was really fun,” explains Yeeun.

She continues, saying, “I felt a lot of my personal weaknesses while preparing for ‘King of Masked Singer.’ I’m going to work hard to show everyone my development and growth in the future.”

Source: Soompi, nate, MBCentertainment (2,3,4)
rosé h8s yg

Taejoon & Bomi - WGM Ep. 2 "Do you like a girl with thick legs?"


Taejoon and Bomi find common ground with their love for food and cooking, then are sent on a mission into a maze to find the keys for their new home.

[💕 Preview for the next episode 💕]

Sources: imbc.com | kshowdaily | MBCentertainment

This was very cute. They actually get along quite well, and that maze was a great way to get them closer.

The Return of Superman Ep 150

[It’s Okay to Not Be Perfect] Soeul and Daeul go fishing anchovies where they meet a big fish they have never seen before. Seoeon and Seojun meet with two uncles who will teach them the dance routine for their new song. Donggook takes a peek at his children’s daycare center life. A professional gamer who has recently become a dad visits Taeyoung’s house to get a useful tip on childcare.

Daebak is so popular with his daycare noonas lol. And I just can't with Haeryung's dad. Your child is over a year old and you've never feed/changed/bathed her? Like, can't even undo a diaper? Taeyoung showed a lot more patience than I could ever. But you could tell he all "wtf" at him too.

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Narsha shares a wedding photo

“We’ve decided that our wedding anniversary date will be October 8. Though it is just a selfie, we concluded the shooting for the wedding successfully as well. To the Korean people we happened to meet while shooting, I hope you have an enjoyable vacation. I also want to thank the Chinese tourists who called my name and congratulated me with hesitant Korean. I was able to receive a global celebration in this far away place because of that. October 8 is now an unforgettable day for me. Thank you.”

Narsha's IG & translation from Soompi

Plagiarism case #8932572: MBC steals from Monsta X


  • Monsta X performed a cover of 'Sorry Sorry' at Fukuoka

  • They made up their own dance for the dance break section of the song

  • Leeteuk, BTS, Twice & Gfriend then a dance cover of 'Sorry Sorry'

  • During the dance break section where Leeteuk and BTS move to the front stage Twice and Gfriend can be seen doing Monsta X's dance choreography

  • Wonho asked a staff member why this happened and they answered that it looked cool and gave it to the groups

  • This was revealed on their Vapp broadcast, here

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