October 12th, 2016


MONSTA X's I.M to Release Single with Brother Su Feat. J. Han!!

Monsta X's I.M is set to release a collaborative single with Brother Su, featuring J. Han and produced by 216project. I.M teased about the collaboration via V-App a month ago. The teaser was tagged with the line "Shall we search for happiness together?"

[Original Tweet]


Source: Official Monsta X Twitter [1] // Trans by OP


please support MX's maknae :DD
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Mamamoo round up post

[MAMAMOO @ Cultwo Show (12/10/2016)]MAMAMOO @ Cultwo Show (12/10/2016)

[ASIA SONG FESTIVAL (09/10/2016)]ASIA SONG FESTIVAL (09/10/2016)

[[Duet song festival] Solar and Dong Seonho, That XX][Duet song festival] Solar and Dong Seonho, That XX


[Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook Interview (03/09/2016)]Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook Interview and perf (03/09/2016)


EP. 21
EP. 22
EP. 25
EP. 26
EP. 27

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Myungsoo's Chinese Web Drama Isn't Cancelled! + Possible New Lead Role

[More `My Catman` Stills Released Today]

[L Is In Talks To Appear As Male Lead In New JTBC Drama]

Source: Weibo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Soompi Twitter

I was thinking it might be done with with the Korean entertainment ban that was happening in China but I guess it's not affecting webdramas?

Also, his Japanese drama starts in 2 weeks & he has the cutest hair in it!
Y'all should watch ^^


BTS’s Producer For “Cypher 4” Apologizes To Group For Duplicate Instrumental

Tricky Stewart, the producer who worked with BTS for "Cypher 4," one of the songs on "WINGS," officially apologized to the group for a previous version of the song's instrumental being used by a band from the Netherlands in 2015.

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Sources: Naver via Soompi | @TrickyStewart | TopNotch YT | Lynn Eksonyeondan YT

at least now we have an answer to why the two instrumentals are exactly the same...but how does information like this not get passed along to the producer? :\
made ot5 red

BigBang 0 to 10 in Japan

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Look at all the people! 55,000 and my heart swells with all the pretty lights! Because of course the Japanese merch is always far superior, the dvds have been available for pre-order for weeks now...while no word on the Korean version yet. The 0 to 10 concerts continues next month with their fourth consecutive Dome Tour, bringing the concert series attendance to over 1 million fans for twenty shows.

BigBangYT 1 & 2
bucket hat

Fighting Man Special (161008) a.k.a "Everybody Loves Jackson"

【ENGSUB】161008 FightingMan Special by jacksonwangbar

Source: Jackson Wang Bar

Okay I'm not sure what the point of this was but it's a 10min clip that introduces Jackson and then has the Fighting Man cast talking about him. If Jackson hasn't already won your heart then watch everybody else who's in love with him talk about him.

Everyone @ Jackson:

Nam Taehyun's Psychological Health Reportedly Worstening, WINNER Comeback to be Delayed

This afternoon (October 12th) YG released an official statement through its blog regarding Nam Taehyun's health.

According to YG, Nam Taehyun has been suffering from mental health problems since a trainee, and his condition has worsened the past few months. Currently he has stopped participating in activities for WINNER and will be receiving treatment to recover, in addition, Taehyun has gone home instead of staying in the WINNER dorm.

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Source: instiz via /u/balloon_wanted

Edit: Alternative article translation from Soompi
because translations are always tricky, it's best to have multiple perspectives.

Park Hye Soo is the new model for Nature Republic

Korean actress Park Hye-soo will be the new model for Korean cosmetic brand Nature Republic, along with EXO. A source from the industry said that the brand chose Park Hye-soo as the new face expecting her innocent and girlish image to have positive influences on the brand image. “Park Hye-soo has many fans from all age groups, thanks to her recent works,” said a marketing insider. “Her lovely image will refresh the brand image of Nature Republic.”

Park Hye-soo stars in Saimdang, the Herstory as a young Lee Young-ae. She was also featured in film Will you be there?

The Nature Republic store that I go to always plays the weirdest videos. Like, it's seems to be Kpop dance practices, but I can't tell who's doing the dancing. Anyways, makeup post? Fav Nature Republic product? I like the aloe gel, but I only use it on my hair when it gets too frizzy.

KoreaDailyUS via KoreaDaily

Shin Yong Jae releases new mini-album "Empathy"

4MEN's Shin Yong Jae just released his 2nd solo mini-album "Empathy" on the October 13th. It contains 5 tracks with the lead single titled "Lean on."

[Live version of Lean On]

[The album][Time stamps for each track]
0:00 Lean On/빌려줄게
3:32 Pulse/맥박
7:18 Soliloquy/혼잣말
11:10 Earth and Moon/지구와 달
15:05 Wall clock/벽시계

Omona isn't big on ballad singers but I am! Shin Yong Jae is one of my favorites because his vocal tone is so nice. It's an album perfect for late night listening. I am in love with 'Soliloquy' and 'Earth and Moon'. 4MEN usually charts well and Lean On is currently number 8 on the melon chart.
Sources: 1THEK 1, 2|SunSkyDragon_WW_88
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Narsha shares photos from her wedding trip!

narsha81: 오늘밤에 출발합니다✈️
맘이뒤숭숭해서 간밤에잠을설쳤더니 둘다얼굴은 말이아니지만
감사한 마음가득안고 자알~ 다녀오겠습니다.
예쁜모습가득가득 담아올께요🌸
#남편공개 🙊
We’ll be leaving tonight✈️
Not that I would say why our faces are like this, but because our hearts are uneasy we slept poorly
With thankful hearts~ we’ll be leaving.
We’ll come back with a pretty form🌸
#HusbandReveal 🙊

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source: narsha81 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), translation: fybeg (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

SHINee's Key informs us he's a chicken among swans

Key made an appearance on JTBC '말하는대로' (Talking Street) as a busker. '말하는대로' is a 'busking (street performing) by talking' program where buskers talk about their stories and interact with people on the street. Key shares once during an interview a reporter told him that SHINee are like swans and he didn't understand what he meant by that. The reporter then said that SHINee are like birds swimming gracefully in a beautiful river. Key questioned himself sharing that he isn't the best singer or dancer and he isn't the best looking either. After they debuted he was always ranked last among all the members no matter how hard he worked. He tried to live like a swan but realized he was more of a chicken among swans. Key eventually decided he was going to live more like a chicken than trying to become a swan.

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SOURCES: thatcoolcatmeow (1) (2), video @ dailymotion thatcoolcatmeow, fan account keysnote/crabverry, netizenbuzz/nate

I'm bad at summaries read the fan account tbh.
Self-acceptance is a hard thing and I can't imagine how much harder it must be in the kind of industry he's in. He's worked hard for all the opportunities he's had the past few years and I'm so happy for him. Be the best chicken you can be, Key.

Jonghyun reveals he's earned the rights to discuss his vacation days

Article: SHINee Jonghyun, "We received the right to discuss our vacation days with Lee Soo Man"

Source: TV Report via Nate

Taemin revealed that he hasn't gotten a whole week to himself to rest since SHINee's debut and asked Jonghyun if they had the right to discuss their vacation days yet. Jonghyun replied, "Only I have it. Lee Soo Man gave it to me 3 years ago but I haven't even gotten to start the discussions yet."

1. [+182, -11] Even if he thinks he's lacking vacation days now, all he has to do is suffer for a few more years and he'll have the rest of his life to enjoy on vacation...

2. [+145, -15] I guess you have to get to the 9 year mark before you can even start discussing these things ㅋㅋ I noticed all of my favorite male groups SHINee, B2ST, and INFINITE are so good at lives, I guess it's a sign of intense practice too

3. [+115, -14] SHINee's the forefront leader of the third generation idols

4. [+27, -11] The first king of the third generation idols
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sources: netizenbuzz + nate

uh.. congrats, i guess?
Murdy Self-love

NYAN is full on Blood Sweat & Tears

Another week, another episode by your favorite podcast. :) I blew up my audicity in the middle of editing this one so there's a part where I just stop editing it and I'm really sorry about that. I'm still getting used to it, and I still suck really bad at it.

Thank you so much for your support, shoutouts to our little podcast community, and thank you so much to everyone at Omona for putting up with our posts! ♥
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Again thank you all so much!