October 13th, 2016

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GOT7's Hard Carry Teasers, Ep 0 + V App Roundup

[Teaser #2 & Ep 0]

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[Jinyoung & Youngjae solo V app]
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[His V app gained some attention from knetz]
Instiz: Honest words of a male idol during his live broadcast

-He speaks so prettily

-Such comforting words ㅠ I worked hard today, so hang in there again tomorrow

-A heart as pretty as his face

-Jinyoung's mentality is jjang. I teared upㅠㅠㅠ

-As expected from a well-read person.. I'm always supporting you

-I had a big exam today.. Thank you for your healing words

Source: GOT7 vlive channel 1, 2, 3 | M2 1, 2 | instiz via shmesm, kkuljaem
Chae Twice

TWICE to host SNL Korea

[Updates: JYPE says it´s not confirmed but later SNL says it is]

Source: GirlGroupZone(2,3), naver (2,3)

I'm excited and at the same time I'm really worried.
Edit to update.
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New teenaged boy group The East Light to debut in November

On October 11, The East Light released their first official teaser image for their debut. The image shows the silhouettes of the five members with a date of November 3 as their debut date.

Each member has had pre-debut experience, whether through audition programs, movies or variety shows.

Member Lee Seok Cheol has appeared in the 2014 movie “My Boy” alongside Cha In Pyo. Kim Jun Wook guested on the SBS variety show “Star King” as a thirteen-year-old guitar prodigy, and Lee Eun Sung appeared on the Mnet variety show “Voice Kids.” Jung Sa Kang has been known as the “mini Jung Joon Young” and Lee Seung Hyun has been acknowledged for his skills at various competitions and concerts.

The East Light’s agency Media Line announced, “The average age of The East Line is fifteen years old. They are a dance group with the talents to open a new paradigm in the idol market. Although their age may be young, their skills are not.”

The group has 5 members: drummer Lee Seok Cheol, guitarist Kim Jun Wook, bassist Lee Seung Hyun, and vocalists Lee Eun Sung and Jung Sa Kang. They have posted a bunch of videos on their youtube channel.

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naver, soompi, the east light

nct dream's impact!
i'm jk. they were at asia song festival and seem super talented. i can't find a video of it unfortunately but you can watch it on the ASF stream @ 43:50. they played uptown funk and one of their songs. dance group tho?? they're seem more like a band to me?

Fans don't quite believe "psychological issues" is the only reason behind Nam Taehyun's hiatus

Article: YG "Psychological issues" vs Nam Taehyun "I was thrown out"... is he on the verge of being cut from Winner?
Source: TV Report via Nate

While YG released a statement claiming psychological issues for Nam Taehyun's hiatus from Winner, fans noticed far before that he has been acting on his own for a while now. He no longer lives with Winner in their dorm or is with them at all. SNS shows evidence of him separate from Winner in several instances. He has also started releasing personal compositions on Soundcloud despite Winner's postponed music releases. His most recent song has lyrics that allude to a break up between himself and Winner: "Farewell, don't act sad, I don't care, you don't either, I don't care, nothing lasts forever, I'm alone in the end anyway, might as well sing, shut up, what are you saying? I can't hear you anyway, do what you want, I don't care, I can match myself to you but I'm thrown out anyway so I'll just shout"
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sources: netizenbuzz + nate

watcha think, omona?
cavs ;; lolbron
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Presidential office blacklisted 9,473 artists for political reasons

By Choi Ha-young of the Korea Times

Cheong Wa Dae blacklisted 9,473 artists who have expressed opposition to government policies or supported opposition politicians, and ordered related state agencies to disadvantage them in providing financial or other support, a local daily reported, Tuesday.

The report backs rumors about such a list, which have been prevalent in the art community here, as there have been cases of some artists or well-made art pieces being excluded from government support or competitions without clear reasons.

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Have you ever been under the rule of a dictator, Omona?


Baek Ji Young is expecting!

On October 13, reports revealed that Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won are pregnant and expecting a child.

The singer has been revealed to be eight weeks pregnant at the moment and the couple is overjoyed at the news. Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won got married in 2013 and unfortunately experienced a miscarriage. Thus the soon-to-be parents are being congratulated all the more.

Due to the pregnancy, the singer has canceled the rest of her concert tour. While she expressed her desire to continue with the tour, her agency decided to cancel out of concern for her health. As a result the singer’s next concert on October 22 has been canceled. All fans will receive a complete refund for their tickets.

Congratulations to Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won!

I am so happy for them, I still remember his proposal at her concert. Wishing a healthy and happy pregnancy this time around.

Soompi via Naver
tabi thrust

‘Entourage’ sets new broadcasting record

The upcoming tvN drama “Entourage” is scheduled to air in nine different countries across Asia, setting a new record for Korean dramas.

One of its producers said, “We are extremely excited and proud that ‘Entourage’ will be airing across nine different countries in Asia. It is particularly meaningful because this is the first time that a Korean drama has tackled such a unique theme. We hope the drama meet everyone’s expectations.”

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I keep forgetting Lee Kwang Soo is in this!

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MONSTA X Bless Us With Their Version of PPAP~!!

[I.M’s Version]
I.M's Version

[EDIT: The Original PPAP Guy’s Twitter Reaction to MX (Senpai notices you)]


Source: StarshipTV Youtube [1] [2] // Pikotaro Twitter [1] [2]

minhyuk & kihyun did this as a promise for getting 5 million hearts on their last vapp broadcast. changkyun probably just genuinely enjoys it tbh, greasy maknae A++


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🍰 Visual Velvet photoshoot round-up + Dazed interview 🍰

[🍰 Visual Velvet for ELLE]

[🍰 Visual Velvet for The Star]

[🍰 Visual Velvet for The Celebrity]

[🍰 Yeri and Wendy for Oh Boy!]

[🍰 Dazed interview]Red Velvet came to fame with an unconventional sound and loyal female following – they tell us what two years as one of K-Pop’s most successful young acts has taught them

‘Russian Roulette’ feels like the most mature ‘red’ Red Velvet lead track so far. What did you each think when you first heard it?

Wendy: Maybe because I was used to previous songs like ‘Ice Cream Cake’ or ‘Dumb Dumb’, (but) when I heard the medium tempo I thought, ‘Shouldn’t it be a little faster?’ But although we listened to the song more than a hundred times a day when we practiced, I never got tired of it and started to like it more each time.

Irene: I thought that ‘Russian Roulette’ was going to be similar to ‘Ice Cream Cake’ or ‘Dumb Dumb’, since many people loved these. However, when I first listened to the song I felt the beat was a bit weaker compared to previous songs, which made me worried it wouldn’t have as much impact. But as we recorded the song I thought ‘Russian Roulette’ showed another great side of ‘red’, with different charms.

Its MV (music video) has a sinister combination of sweetness and threat – it’s hard to think of anyone else that could pull off those kinds of concepts. What idea would you like to try that no other female group has – maybe one usually given to a male group?

Wendy: Although it’s not a concept that hasn’t been done, I would like to do a charismatic stage, wearing tuxedos like ‘Mr. Mr.’ by Girls’ Generation. I think it’ll show another side of Red Velvet we haven’t revealed yet.

Seulgi: I’d like to do charismatic performances as well. I really like dance genres, such as BoA’s ‘No.1’ or ‘MOTO’, and like to see how Red Velvet would look like if we do a powerful performance on stage.

Joy: I think it’d be interesting to try an opposite concept like a boy group would do, which is powerful, wild, and even something that might seem out of order.

The new album is a mix of both the ‘red’ and ‘velvet’ sides of the group, so which song reflects you most?

Yeri: For me, it’s ‘Some Love’. I think it’s probably my favorite song of all Red Velvet’s songs, actually. The sound is really fresh, and the lyrics are really sweet and honest, which is why I think this song would reflect not only me but also many people of my age.

Irene: I would say ‘Some Love’ as well. It’s not too bright nor too calm, and has its own unique sound. When I listen to the song I feel comfortable, as if I were wearing my own clothes and finding myself unconsciously nodding to the beat and feeling the rhythm.

Joy: I think ‘My Dear’ shows the cuteness of the ‘red’ and the feminine side of ‘velvet’ at the same time, so this song reflects me the most. It’s a song that I can express well with my voice. I remember being really happy during the recording session as I connected with the overall emotion of the song and empathised with it.

Red Velvet has a large female following, which is seen as unusual for a girl group. How do you feel knowing so many young women look up to you? Do you feel any burden as a role model?

Wendy: To be honest, I can’t say I don’t feel any pressure, but I have a bigger feeling of thankfulness. The fans are giving us more love as time goes by, which gives me the desire to do better and better performances. That’s why, if I make a mistake on stage, I feel so sorry for the fans for not showing the perfect performance they were waiting for. Knowing that, it gives me more strength to practice harder.

Seulgi: When I was young, I admired artists like BoA and TVXQ!, and being loved by fans like they were is just wonderful. So I want to say thank you to all the fans over the world! We think about what the fans would like to see from us and what we can do to be a good role model to them. That’s why I always try to show confidence in what I’m doing on and off-stage – and will continue to do so in the future.

Irene: I still think there is more to learn and improve on as it hasn’t been long since we debuted, and I still feel dazed and thankful from the love and support. I try to be careful with what I’m saying or doing as the fans are watching and following us, but I consider it as a good pressure since it actually guides me to develop better.

‘My Dear’ is a very sweet, touching love song. Which members were able to express this easily? And who isn’t the sentimental type at all?

Seulgi: It’s a bit embarrassing to say so, but I think the reason why we were able to express the song very well was because our vocal tones really suited it well and every member has their own sentimental side. I especially think that Joy’s tone and emotion fitted the song. The lovely and fluttering feelings you can catch from the song was really well expressed through Joy’s vocal.

Yeri: I agree with Seulgi. I actually thought of Joy when I heard the song for the first time!

Joy: I like this song a lot, so I’m happy the other members picked me! I personally really like songs such as ‘My Dear’ that have sweet, pure lyrics and melodies which reminds me of being fresh and young – although I’m still young… (laughs)


Having gotten great reactions from your web drama Game Development Girls, what kind of role would you like to play next?

Irene: The members imitated me a lot after watching that web drama. They had fun with it for quite a while! If I get an opportunity, I want to try a character like Pippi Longstocking. (I thought of that because) Yeri is really energetic and has a bright personality, and it suddenly came to me that I was different at her age. I enjoyed my teenage years in my own way, but I think it’d be interesting to show a side that I don’t have, or maybe I didn’t realize, through acting.

As the leader of Red Velvet, what kind of advice do you give to the members that come to you with troubles? And how do you deal with your own concerns?

Irene: Instead of giving advice or saying general things like ‘cheer up’ or ‘everything is going to be okay’, I try to listen carefully, sympathise, and share a similar situation or feeling I went through in the past. On the other hand, I pretty much try to overcome my concerns on my own. If my concern is related to the group, then I’ll discuss it together with the members – but if it’s personal, I try to solve it myself by fully thinking over it.


With your successful stint in the variety show We Got Married, which one would you like to do next?

Joy: I was actually really nervous since it was my first variety show, but it was a great experience! If I have a chance to do another, I’d really like to be in a reality show with the Red Velvet members, where we can show more of our natural sides to fans.

Over the past two years, we’ve been able to discover your bright, sometimes feisty, personality. But what’s something of Soo-young (Joy’s birth name) that we’re yet to experience? Is there a part you’d like people to understand better?

Joy: That’s a really difficult question, since I don’t even know all of myself yet! When monitoring (watching playbacks), I discover new expressions, behaviours, voices, and more of myself, which is very surprising for me too. I think there are many more sides of me to discover.


You trained for a very long period of time. As other trainees debuted before you, what did you tell yourself to maintain your spirits? Did you ever considered dropping out?

Seulgi: There were hard times and slumps, but I never avoided them. I believe that if I didn’t go through those periods, I wouldn’t be here right now. Also, if I didn’t go through the hard times when I was a trainee, I would have faced it anyway after debuting, which would have been even harder to overcome. Looking back, those hard times I went through were actually priceless moments that made me focus on my goals.

As a main dancer, you make Red Velvet’s routines look easy when they’re not. Which has been the hardest to master, and which do you think is the most memorable to fans?

Seulgi: Surprisingly, the choreography for ‘Russian Roulette’ was actually the most difficult for me. Although it looks easier compared to previous ones, the choreography required body and muscle movements that we don’t normally use, so it took me a while to get used to. Personally I think ‘Be Natural’ will be the most memorable dance piece to the fans, as the chair performances really showed a new side that was different from the image Red Velvet had at the time.


From watching the comeback performances, your confidence onstage seems to have grown so much. What do you attribute this too, apart from practicing?

Yeri: Really? Do I look more confident on stage? (laughs) Well, I do a lot a self-monitoring for not only the performance of the day, but for previous performances too. Also, before releasing a new album, I try to watch and check all the performances from the past to see the things I need to improve, which has been very helpful. Although I’m still lacking, the experience I gained over the years really helped me to perform more confidently.

Were there any fun moments while recording this album? What do you do when it’s not your turn to be in the booth?

Yeri: Although I usually play and joke around with the members, I become the opposite during the recording sessions. While waiting for my turn at the studio, I focus and listen to the music so I can fully understand and express the feeling of the song but, most importantly, I eat! I almost fainted once in a recording session without having any food beforehand, and had to switch turns with another member. Since a lot of energy and stamina is needed during the session, having a good meal is the number one thing I do to prepare.


It’s been two years since your debut. When thinking about the group, what worries you more than it used to, and what have you learned to worry about less?

Wendy: I feel more responsibility to present better and improved images of Red Velvet as we gain greater support. I worry about what the fans think of a new album and hope not to disappoint them. However, I definitely worry less about the teamwork. Even though we get really busy and tired preparing a new album or performing, I feel our teamwork has become much stronger – we have each others’ back without saying anything.

Your family still lives in Canada – how much do they keep up with your work? And what kind of feedback do they give you? Is it helpful, loving or the weird stuff that parents can end up saying?

Wendy: My family does a lot of monitoring – maybe even every day! We normally message each other in the morning and at night, and there is always some kind of feedback from them whenever I perform on stage. They even stay up and listen to radio programs overnight if I appear. My dad and sister usually send short messages of support, whereas my mum always asks about my condition and vocal. Sometimes she’s more meticulous than I am!

source: dazed, red velvet khj, fy! rv 1 2 3 4, vyrl 1 2

i only copied the interview part from dazed, if you want to read the intro article it's @ the source. the interview is a nice read
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Kim Soo-hyun & Lee Hong-ki to become pro-bowlers

Actor Kim Soo-hyun and singer Lee Hong-ki of rock band FT Island will take part in a professional bowling player qualification later this month.

Both Kim and Lee submitted applications for the qualifier that will kick off on Oct. 22, according to a source from the Korea Professional Bowling Association.
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I only go to bowling alleys for the food and karaoke. Omona, do you bowl? I suck at it, even Wii bowling was a struggle.


[UPDATED] OP princesses suffered a small car accident on the way to their schedule


[INFO] Mamamoo suffered a small car accident on the way to their schedule.
They went to the hospital for a physical check and are fine.
After they checked in the hospital, they were going to participate in the event, but due to insufficient time, they decided not to.

[Solar message to Moomoos]Solar's message to Moomoos

Hi Moomoos hehe our Moomoos seem to be very worried so after giving much thought on what I should do, I just came right away to see you~ Since the members all hold the same feelings, I came here to find Moomoos as the representative.

First of all, do not worry because everyone is okay ^^ Our company was very worried about us and suggested that we go to the hospital, the doctors said we are fine too hehe.

Therefore, because of Moomoos who always go through a lot with us and cheer for us during every events and festival, we thought we should go and perform after, but we were told that the event was delayed too much already ㅠㅠ So as we were thinking about how Moomoos who came have to return home, we felt so sorry and concerned..

Long story short, we just felt sorry because you were not able to see Mamamoo perform on stage today. We felt sorry that those Moomoos who came could not see us, and also thankful to Moomoos who were worried about us ㅠㅠ Since we are fine, we wanted to let you know not to worry about us, and that’s why I came here like this hehe. I am sorry..ㅠㅠ In the future, we will work hard to only give you good news, and make sure not to worry you!!

Since I have to meet Moomoos with a prettier side, I should go sleep now. Moomoos, goodnight~

(I could have written this simply on the Daily Memo but due to the word limits, I posted it here instead.. Please understandㅠ.ㅠ)”

© translated by tgc. / realladymoo
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tzuyu heart shaker

Censorship Board Announces Ruling On Controversial “Our Gap Soon” And “The K2” Scenes

The Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has announced its decisions regarding certain scenes in the dramas “Our Gap Soon” and “The K2.”

On October 12 at the Yangcheon District in Seoul, the broadcast deliberations subcommittee held their 35th hearing. The said dramas were on their agenda for this day’s meeting.

The scene in question for “Our Gap Soon” shows lead character Shin Gap Soon, portrayed by Kim So Eun, breaking up with her boyfriend Heo Gap Dol, played by Song Jae Rim, when Heo Gap Dol forces the resisting Shin Gap Soon against a wall and kisses her.
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soompi, naver

what did people think as they watched these scenes? i don't watch "our gap soon" so i don't know how bad it was
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itle: 혼술남녀 / Honsoolnamnyeo
Also known as: Let's Drink
Genre: Drama, romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-05 to 2016-Oct-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00

Casts: Ha Suk Jin as Jin Jung Suk, Park Ha Sun as Park Ha Na, Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Hwang Jin Yi, Min Jin Woong as Min Jin Woong, Kim Won Hae as Kim Won Hae, Gong Myung as Jin Gong Myung, Key as Kim Ki Bum, Kim Dong Young as Kim Dong Young, Jung Chae Yeon as Jung Chae Yeon

Synopsis: Drama depicts the slice-of-life and daily activities around the teachers, students, staffs of a private institution that prepares for civil service exam. The characters like to drink alone afterwork for their own reasons

Watch Here: DramaFire

source: DramaWiki, Eyeson Key

it looks like international viewers for this drama is increasing which is great eventhough it can not be compared to other sageuks drama airing in the same day, and the ratings reached 5% yayy. only 4 episodes left so I hope the writers develop every characters, especially imo, Gongmyung & Kibum.
please don't break my heart, writer-nim!

Bonus video:
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some interesting facts regarding idol contracts

There are 1236 idols and trainees who have signed on to a contract:
- slightly over 40% signs onto "slave" contract 5 years or longer
- by age
over 20: 853
16-19: 231
13-15: 83
10-12: 23
below 10: 9
- average contract length is 3 years and 5 months
- average cost per idol per month is 1,470,000₩(~$1,300USD)

Contract lengths from the big 6 companies:
SM: 7 years
YG: 5 years
JYP: 7 years
FNC: 7 years
Cube: 7 years
DSP: 5 years

sources: 연합뉴스 TV youtube, comment section of asianjunkie 1 & 2

found these in the comment section of asianjunkie and thought it was really interesting. also i didn't know how to tag this so i just tagged the big companies

Weekly Kpop Exes post - What are Krishantao up to? Kris and Jia gearing up for solo debuts!

This is a weekly update post on how our favorite Chinese ex-Kpop idols are doing! Info and image heavy so get comfortable and click below!

Kris Wu
Upcoming movie/music projects: Solo album and concert, xXx soundtrack, xXx: Return of Xander Cage (with Vin Diesel), Valerian (with Luc Besson), Journey to the West: Demon Chapter (with Tsui Hark), Europe Raiders (with Tony Leung)
Collapse )

Upcoming movie/music/variety projects: More music, Hurry Up Brother Season 5, Off To School Season 2, Great Wall (with Matt Damon, Andy Lau, Pedro Pascal), Fighter of the Destiny (in 2017)
Collapse )

Upcoming movie/music/variety projects: More music, Edge of Innocence, Railroad Tigers (with Jackie Chan, Darren Wang), The Game Changer (with Peter Ho), A Chinese Odyssey Drama (with Jeffrey Lau)
Collapse )

Upcoming music projects: Solo comeback
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Sources: Burberry, The Dreamer, Deejaycar, Paramount, Wu_Yi_Fan, Vogue Me Weibo, GQ China Weibo, T Mag Weibo, LuKing0420, Business of Fashion, fyeah!Luhan, Legendary, Beats by Dre Weibo, BaiduTaoBar, Jia Instagram, Zhou Mi Instagram

Post more updates in the comments if I missed some!

Note: Shanny approved the idea and it's experimental as of now! Please accept this mods!