October 15th, 2016


seventeen chosen for dazed 3month project + previews of them on star show 360

[Seventeens performance unit explaining project]
[DAZED Koreas update about the project]SEVENTEEN is a team that consists of 13 members and 3 units, performance, vocal and hip-hop. They are talented self-sufficient idols that participate in (the making of) their own songs, choreography, and stage arrangement. will be meeting the very nice SEVENTEEN for 3 months, starting from November, according to their units! The first batter would be SEVENTEEN’s performance team, Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino!
You will be able to a different side of SEVENTEEN that have never been seen anywhere else!
They took the train to Busan last weekend. When the 3 months long project between Dazed and SEVENTEEN ends, it’ll evidently be winter. Within that time, the lovable boys with lots of dreams would be able to grow and we would feel renewed with happy hearts.

[Video Translation][Hoshi] Say the name,
[Performance team] SEVENTEEN.
[HS] Hello, we are SEVENTEEN’s performance team. We’ll be shooting a pictorial for Dazed. The plan is for SEVENTEEN to meet everyone for 3 months according to our units so please anticipate it a lot.
[The8] Please anticipate it greatly.
[HS] We filmed a lot with a new concept that hasn’t been done right?
[Dino] Yes, very differently..
[HS] Oh, even your hair is wet.
[DN] Yes, I think we experienced a lot.
[HS] Yes, that’s right. Everyone, please anticipate it greatly. Till now, it has been SEVENTEEN’s performance team. Thank you.
[Jun & T8] Bye.

Update: Videos down below taken down.
Seventeen will also be on MBC Music star show 360, so they filmed some cringey parodies and individual camera shots as previews.
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Source:dazedkorea, translations by what17says, WHAT17SAYS, Back to 17s

AOA’s Youkyung Leaves FNC Entertainment, Agency Explains

On October 15, FNC Entertainment posted a statement on AOA’s official fan cafe to inform fans that Youkyung is no longer with FNC Entertainment.

The agency stated, “We are informing you of AOA’s drummer Youkyung’s contract finishing with FNC. After an adequate period of time and discussion this decision was made in respect to Youkyung’s opinion.”

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What band projects FNC?
The ones the girls have been begging for for years now?
The ones you constantly refused them? These non-existant projects?

soompi, naver, Youkyung 's insta

Jay Park "Everything You Wanted"

Singer and rapper Jay Park released a pre-listening video for his upcoming LP album, "Everything You Wanted" on his YouTube channel.

The 1 minute YouTube video showcases some of the songs on the album, so that listeners can get a taste of what to expect when the full album is released. "Everything You Wanted" will consist of 19 R&B tracks that will also feature many of his label mates, such as Gray, Loco, Elo, Hoody and Cha Cha Malone.

Fans have been waiting for Park’s fourth studio album since he unveiled the digital single “The Truth Is” in March. He has since released four more digital singles -- “Me Like Yuh,” “Aquaman,” “Scene Stealers” and "City Breeze” -- which will all be included in the upcoming album.

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I don't know if that's the full tracklist...seems to be quite a few numbers missing?

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tabi thrust

5 Seasonal Items Available Only in Korea Right Now

Fall is the best season to stock up some extra fat for the colder season. The weather is chill just about nice enough to enjoy dining inside or outside, grocery markets display newly harvested fruits and grains, and there are seasonal items released everywhere.

Of course we can’t talk about seasonal food items in fall without mentioning Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Unfortunately, PSL is not a thing in many countries outside of the US and among them is included Korea.

However, global food franchises landed on Korea show how they successfully localize their menus even without PSL. Below are some of the best-looking seasonal items available only in Korea right at this moment.
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And now I'm hungry. What's your fav seasonal item, Omona? I hate PSL, but I love Thanksgiving food so I can't wait until next month. And those Auntie Anne's sticks look so damn good.

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BEAST’s contract with its label, Cube Entertainment, is set to end soon in October, but there has been no contract renewal yet, according to a local news source.

BEAST’s contract will end mid-October, and according to Star News, none of the members have signed a renewal contract with the agency yet. They know the terms for the renewal and it is just up to them now to sign or not.

It is speculated that BEAST has the option to sign again with the agency that created them, sign with another agency, or set up their own like the way veteran K-pop group Shinhwa had.

BEAST debuted in 2009 with the the single “Bad Girl.” Most recently, they released their third studio album, “Highlight,” with the title track “”Ribbon.”

What do you think BEAST should do?
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sources: pannative + instiz + soompi + star.mt

akpoop published a story last week, saying that cube has offered ALL 6 (former AND current) members a renewed contract