October 22nd, 2016


MONSTA X Photoshoot For CeCi!!


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Sexiest man alive 2016 & Hong Ki Show Impressive Results In Preliminary Professional Bowling Match

Kim Soo Hyun (aka omona sexiest man alive 2016 edition), Lee Hong Ki, and other individuals took part in a preliminary selection match for this year’s class of professional bowlers on October 22.

Both stars were in good condition and showed impressive results. Kim Soo Hyun got a total of 3,315 points with an average of 221. The actor came in 10th place amongst 114 participants.
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Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Ep. 15-18 Final Discussion

This drama is a romantic love story about a man and a woman from different backgrounds. Lee Young is the Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty who likes to break away from his routine life in the palace. Hong Ra On comes from a very poor family that she has to disguise herself as a man to make a living. One day, the moneylenders sell Ra On to the Office of Eunuch Attendants to get back their money. Ra On and Young keep running into each other as she starts to work as a eunuch.

Main Cast:
Park Bo-Gum as Prince Lee Yeong
Kim You-Jung as Ra On (Hong Sam Nom)
Jin Young as as Kim Yun Seong
Chae Soo-Bin as Jo Ha Yeon
Kwak Dong-Yeon as Kim Byeong Yeon

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Sorry for the delay in posts; I haven't been able to finish up myself yet.
I hope everyone that has been watching has enjoyed this drama!
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Ex-Fiestar member Cheska to make her solo debut with single 'Swish' on October 25th!


Cheska left Fiestar (lead rapper, sub vocalist) in early 2014, and stated that she wanted to pursue a route in music where she could be more involved in the creative process. Since then she's mostly stayed out of the public eye. She posted two tracks to her soundcloud a year ago, and was also confirmed to be in a relationship with Lil Boi of GEEKS. She is now managed by Grandline Entertainment, who also house GEEKS (Lil Boi & Louie), Ja Mezz and Stella Jang, among others.

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G-DRAGON to receive the 'Korean Prime Minister Recognition' Award

It’s been reported that G-DRAGON has been invited to receive the honor of the Korean Prime Minister Recognition Award at the upcoming ‘2016 Pop Culture and Arts Awards’ hosted by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The awards ceremony, which is slated to take place on October 27th, is an annual event that celebrates different artists, entertainers, script writers, and more who have contributed to pop culture and the arts.

G-DRAGON will be receiving the honor of being recognized for his success as a K-pop artist who’s made a huge contribution to the Hallyu wave with his music, style, and more!

[who else is attending? glad you asked!]

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