October 31st, 2016


[OMONA DISCUSSION] What's your favorite K-Pop concept?

Hello and welcome to the third OMONA DISCUSSION post! I know it's been a while since we've had one. I was busy stanning Lay #buylosecontrolonitunes thinking of new topics that we can talk about. If you want to talk about a certain topic next time just post it in the comment section or message me!
For reference, click here and here for the first two OMONA DISCUSSION posts.

Today, I want to talk about concepts. Concepts play a HUGE part in K-Pop. Unlike western stars, who rock the same image for years, (most) K-Pop artists like to change their looks and image every time they release a new song. You have groups that go from innocent to sexy, from boy next door to beastly emos, groups that just go completely crazy or do pole-dancing. Sometimes the concept and the song don't even have anything in common. Below is a list of my favorite concepts over the years with a short explanation. You can also go and take a look at these two articles over at soompi, where they compiled the most unique boy- and girlgrop concepts. You can also read which unique girlgroup concepts netizens like the most over at koreaboo.

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Now tell me, OMONA: What's your favorite K-Pop concept? Link your faves down below!

sources: soompi 1 & 2, sment yt, smtown yt, 1thek yt, jypentertainment yt, 2pm yt, memegenerator (i made that one), koreaboo


Back in September, the 16 girls who were chosen for iDOLM@STER.KR were reduced to 10 and debuted on several music shows as RGP (Real Girl's Project) with the debut digital single "Dream", these girls will also serve as the drama's cast, airing in 2017.

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[Bonus: The girls in Halloween (they'll be giving out candy in Hongdae) costumes chosen by fans on instagram]

Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork, IMAS.KR instagram, IMAS.KR official Twitter: 1 & 2, iNews24, Naver, (the ever offline) idolmaster-kr official site

Honestly, this whole drama is a literal mess from the auditions to the pre-production (it was originally supposed to start airing back in Sept.) but I'm still curious how they'll adapt the series into a Korean drama.


Jiyoon Jenyer Jeon is returning to the music scene after the UNFAIR DISBANDMENT of 4minute and CUBE'S SUBSEQUENT DOWNFALL in June. Just moments ago, along with announcing her newly opened YouTube channel, Jiyoon also released a new teaser for her new single, which comes out TOMORROW. In this short but STUNNING 30 second clip, the teaser's BUDGET and SCALE blows away ANYTHING Cube has done for her in the past 7 years!!!

Be sure to subscribe to her newly opened YouTube channel!
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How shook are you from this teaser?

Source: JENYER OFFICIAL, jenyerjiyoon

BTS on Section TV + StarShow 360 Previews + Music Show Cams

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SOURCE: Kimmy Yang | Young Forever | @starshow360 | Bangtan Subs 1 2 3 | BANGTANTV | SBS Inkigayo 1 2 | KBS 안테나 | MBCentertain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Solo song snippets on Section TV. Taehyung + saxophone, I am ready🎷🎷
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Before you vote:

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Glitter text anyone?

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Xiumin reveals he gained 10 kg from yoyo dieting


Article: ChenBaekXi Xiumin, "I was [Spoiler (click to open)]53 kg during 'Growl', I gained 10 kg in two months"
Source: OSEN via Nate

"I was [Spoiler (click to open)]53 kg during 'Growl' promotions. I didn't eat because I wanted to lose weight. I ate once every two days and only drank coffee. After promos ended, my cheeks puffed back up. I gained 10 kg in 2-3 months. Yoyo creeps up on you before you know it. I don't recommend losing weight by not eating."

1. [+403, -7] A man weighed [Spoiler (click to open)]53 kg??
- He's like 162-3cm so it's possible
- He was chubby when he first debuted and said that he basically starved himself to weight loss
- He's short so it's possible
- If you see his pictures from 'Growl', he's all skin and bones
- He's about as tall as a girl though
- He's actually over 170cm;;

2. [+246, -59] Xiumin has such a mystical look to him, he looks like an elf

3. [+222, -25] Xiumin's the guy that people join the fandom over

4. [+20, -8] Gained weight or not, he's still handsome...

5. [+18, -3] Something about him is so captivating
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sources: netizenbuzz nate
Woozi laughing but not
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Society Game - Ep. 2 [Eng]

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Episode 2: Part 1 | Part 2

‘Society Game’ made by ‘The Genius’ director. A mock society game show will unfold in a controlled village environment over 14 days between 22 contestants. If you complete the challenges given to you and survive until the end, $100,000 will be yours. Join the special survival game about ‘society’ and ‘leaders’.

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Past Discussions: 1

Source: bumdi 1 2, gagconcert, tvN

[Spoiler (click to open)]Well, that dice game was frustrating to watch. Was the right contestant eliminated?