December 6th, 2016


Kang Seungyoon - '너 / You'

winnercity [바로지금] 그토록 월요일을 힘에 겨워하는 우리 박인서들이 하루를 버텼던 단 하나의 이유!☺️ #잘했어요 #기특해요 오늘 잠이 들기 전까지 무한반복 예상해 봅니다!😍 큰 소리로,눈도 감고, 편안한 상태에서 들으면 더 마음에 쏙쏙🎀 내 사랑은 너어 #박인서 내 전부는 너어 #박인서 얼른 들으러 출발🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻 #강승윤 #너 #천년째연애중 #꿀보이스 #열일하는박인서의꿀단지들 #녹아내려요 #KANGSEUNGYOON #THEBESTLEADER #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

[trans by @chrissy96_]winnercity [Right now] The one reason our ICs endured today despite finding Mondays difficult!☺️ #YouDidWell #We'reProudOfYou We think you'll infinitely loop this until you fall asleep tonight!😍 You'll love it more if you listen to it on loud volume, with your eyes closed, and in a comfortable position 🎀 My love is you #ICs my everything is you #ICs Please go listen to it quickly, go go 🏃🏻🏃🏻 #KangSeungyoon #You #DatingForAThousandYears #HoneyVoice #JarOfHoneyforICsWhoWorkHard #We'reAllMelting

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it's so gooood!! go buy it on itunes!
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APink to Release Special Album 'Dear' for Fans

Apink is set to end 2016 with a bang by releasing a special album on December 15!

Plan A Entertainment stated, “Apink will be releasing their first special album on December 15. The album was created as a gift for the fans who have given Apink their unwavering love and support from the very beginning. The members of Apink are putting their all into preparing for the upcoming album despite their busy end-of-the-year schedules.”

The special album comes three months after the group’s third album “PINK REVOLUTION,” which was released in September. Apink embarked on their “PINK AURORA” Asia tour in November, which took them to countries like Singapore and Taiwan.

Apink are busier than ever as 2016 comes to a close with the upcoming release of a Japanese album and their first special album. They will also be having an end-of-the-year concert titled “PINK PARTY: The Secret Invitation,” which will be held in Seoul on December 17 and 18.

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I'm a sucker for reworked versions of hit songs so I'm looking forward to this! Not sure if they'll be promoting
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K.A.R.D pre-debut round up post

DPS to debut a new co-ed group "soon"

After previously releasing individual teaser images for each member, K.A.R.D has also released a group teaser photo and solo performance videos for J.Seph and Jeon Jiwoo!

On December 6, K.A.R.D released solo performance videos of members Jeon Jiwoo and J.Seph on the group’s official Twitter. The first video showcases member J.Seph as he demonstrates his rapping ability, while the second clip shows Jeon Jiwoo showing her dancing skills.

Meanwhile, DSP’s upcoming co-ed group is set to debut on December 13 at midnight KST with “OHNANA.”

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Note: a surpise member will be announced soon

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Music Access 'Monday Music Charts' with DAY6 Jae and Bernard Park 🎧🎶

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Fun fact of the week: Bernard's SNSD crush was Tiffany, and Jae's was Yuna.

Question Time!
I fall in love with a woman that sings this kind of song at a Karaoke: Cute song or Sexy song?
I like to sing this kind of song at Karaoke: Kpop or Pop Songs?
What if your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you to sing a song you aren't good at, do you: Sing or Not sing?
Woozi laughing but not
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K-Popstar 6 - Ep 3 [Eng] Discussion Post

Full Episode: ondemandkorea | kshowonline | viki (subs in process)

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The first round went by so fast! [Spoiler (click to open)]I couldn't really enjoy Han Byeol's dancing stage, as good as it was technically. I'm surprised how well-received it was by the judges, since they usually tell kids to dance age-appropriately. There is also a small controversy about YG telling Shannon to lose some weight, did he go too far in your opinion?
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Jaejoong To Jumpstart Promotions After Imminent Military Discharge With Fanmeeting

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will hit the ground running as soon as he returns to civilian life!

According to an official notice on C-JeS Entertainment’s website, the singer will be holding a fanmeeting on December 31, the day after he is discharged from the military.

They wrote that it will be an outdoor event, and 200 randomly selected people will be able to participate in the fan sign that will occur during the meeting. As it is a way for fans and Kim Jaejoong to celebrate his discharge together, it appears it will be more talk-based rather than performance-based.

The singer will also immediately begin preparing for his upcoming January concerts, and may expand the tour worldwide.

Kim Jaejoong began his military service back on March 31, 2015, and is currently serving as a military band member of the 55th Infantry Division of the Army. He will be officially discharged on December 30.

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