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Show Me The Money 6 Full Producer Line-Up + JK Tiger/Bizzy Team Donating Fee to Charity

Jay Park & Dok2

Jay Park shared some thoughts on the upcoming season, stating, “I’m so glad I’m teaming up with Dok2. I’m looking forward to creating a great synergy with him.”
Dok2 also commented, “The two of us frequently worked together even before AOMG and Illionaire Records existed. This is already my third time appearing on the show, but it’s a whole new feeling.”

Zico & Dean

Regarding the upcoming season, [Zico] said, “There are already lots of contestants I’m looking forward to. I’m very happy to have to chance to give good songs to the contestants and professional rappers on the show. I will do my best to create even better music than I did in season four.”

On the other hand, this is Dean’s first appearance on the show, and he said, “I hope to see many artists who know their own minds. I’m looking forward to the show because I think it’ll be a fun experience for me as well. Moving further from hip hop, I want to show a more alternative style of music. I will look for a rapper who is unique and skilled and playing with the beat.”

Tiger JK & Bizzy

Tiger JK, the unparalleled rapping giant in Korean hip hop said, “I was curious as to what kind of place ‘Show Me the Money’ is, since it seems to absorb everyone’s attention. I think I will grow along with the contestants, so I’m very excited.” He added, “I will enjoy finding genuine voices, which is more precious than money. I’ll try to give enjoyment to the viewers.”
Bizzy said, “I’m very honored to be participating in the best rap audition program in this country as a judge. I think this experience will go beyond just judging, and I think I will grow together with the contestants. I will do my best on the show.”

Earlier, it was reported that Tiger JK and Bizzy, who have both been confirmed as producers for season 6 of “Show Me The Money,” would be donating all appearance fees from the show to a non-profit organization called Social Welfare Society to benefit low-income single mothers and children in adoption homes.

Since then, a representative from the two rappers’ management agency, Feel Good Music, confirmed the reports and a source from Social Welfare Society made a statement saying, “Tiger JK [as an honorary ambassador of Social Welfare Society] has consistently expressed his desire to provide aide to children in adoption homes. As a fellow label mate, Bizzy has also decided to provide a positive contribution to the organization alongside Tiger JK.”

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo relayed their thoughts about “Show Me the Money 6,” saying, “We want to support rappers so that they can become long time running artists with their talents.”

Meanwhile, “Show Me The Money 6” will be recruiting contestants until April 16, and it will also be holding preliminary rounds in Los Angeles and New York before officially airing in mid-2017.

Source: Naver via Soompi 1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4 | Naver & News20.Busan via Soompi

Got a fave producer team, Omona?
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