January 4th, 2017

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After School Club with KAEMIN (Kevin, Jimin, and Jae) 🐥🐥🐥



Previous ASC Episodes with KAEMIN: The Jae Solo Show

Sources: ARIRANG K-Pop | ARIRANG.com | ASC on V Live

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Arirang youtube channel and website links might be blocked/unavailable in some countries.

These three have such great chemistry, it was so fun watching them just hang out and pick on each other.
The most important take-away from this episode though is that Jae mentions that DAY6 will be releasing 2 singles each month!! (watch this crazed speech at 41:28)

Sam Okyere asks people to stop calling him 'black brother', netizens react

Article: "Please call me by my name rather than 'heuk hyung'"... Sam Okyere confesses about racism in Korea
Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

heuk hyung = black brother

1. [+2,057, -89] Ah... heuk hyung.. I never thought of the word as racist and I'm so embarrassed for that. I thought it was just a friendly, witty term of endearment. I'll have to fix that, how does Okyere oppa sound ㅋㅋ

2. [+1,713, -67] He's right. Racism is rampant in Korea. If you're not a handsome blonde English speaker, people will be racist to you.

3. [+1,570, -74] I understand elders being racist because they haven't had much opportunities to come across foreigners but our generation shouldn't be like that, especially to South East Asianers...

4. [+93, -5] If the person feels that he is being discriminated against, then it is our responsibility to stop it

5. [+65, -7] He himself is saying he hates being called black brother so why would anyone try to argue that it's not racist? It's not right at all to call someone by their race. You need to see them as a human being before the color of their skin. It's like Asians having to suffer questions like "Are you a ninja? Are you good at piano? Are you good at math" by foreigners overseas. It doesn't matter if it's a compliment, judging someone by their race is wrong.

6. [+49, -3] I lived in Ghana for about three years and my friends always ask me if I see giraffes and lions everywhere but there are really only dogs ㅋㅋ I could relate so hard when Okyere-ssi said there are only dogs where he's from ㅋㅋ

7. [+42, -7] Black brother... I never thought of that word as wrong but now I see that it might be taken the wrong way by the other side
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source: netizenbuzz
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Kim Seulgi to cameo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Actress Kim Seul Gi will be making a special appearance on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” as a supermarket employee.

She decided to make the cameo appearance thanks to her close relationships with “Oh My Ghostess” writer Yang Hee Sung as well as actor Kang Ki Young, who plays Kim Bok Joo’s uncle. Due to their closeness, Yang Hee Seung paid closer attention to Kim Seul Gi’s character, and Kim Seul Gi also showed great chemistry with Kang Ki Young during filming.

Her cameo scene was filmed on December 29 in front of a supermarket, and the scene is set to show Kang Ki Young’s character as he stops by his neighborhood supermarket for a little soju date with Kim Seul Gi. According to a report, she filmed the scene well thanks to her boldness and tasteful acting. Plus, her cuteness during the scene warmed up the atmosphere of the filming set, and the staff cheered when they saw Kim Seul Gi’s adorable acting. The filming wrapped up nicely, and Kim Seul Gi and Kang Ki Young were able to take a photo together.

Kim Seul Gi thanked the cast and crew, saying, “I had a great time filming such a good drama thanks to good relationships. Thank you for the warm welcome. Please continue giving love and support to ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.'”

The production company also stated, “We thank Kim Seul Gi for doing such a great job with her charming character. Please continue to love ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ till the end.”
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Source: Soompi, Naver, Economytalk
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M.I.B announces the first idol group disbandment of 2017


It hasn’t been a full week into the new year yet, but the first idol group disbandment of 2017 has already occurred.

While 2016 was plagued with group disbandments and withdrawals, fans wished for a more stable year for idol groups in 2017. But in just a few days after the start of the year, yet another idol group has announced their disbandment. On the January 4th, male group M.I.B‘s agency Signal Entertainment announced:

"Last year, 3 of the members’ contracts have expired and they have chosen not to resign. Their musical tendencies are all so different that it was decided to be the best course of action for them to follow their own paths."

The members who have left the agency were revealed to be Young Cream, Zick Jasper, and Sims. While the their contracts had expired in October, the sole remaining member Kangnam will still be with the agency until his contract expires in March.

When asked about his status with the agency, representatives from Signal Entertainment simply responded, “It is too early to talk about it.”

Sports Donga via KB
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🍭 Best of OMONA 2016! - Voting Post 🍭


[How were the candidates chosen?]

How were the candidates chosen?
1. The candidates were nominated by you!
2. The quota for each category was 4 candidates.
3. The quota was exceeded if there were more than 4 nominations with more than 10 "+1"s.
4. The quota does not apply to categories that received a low number of responses.

Voting ends on the 6th (Friday) at 12 PM KST / 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST / 3 AM GMT

(You don't have to vote in every category)

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🎬🎤 Your Year in Entertainment 2016! - Voting Post 🎬🎤


[How were the candidates chosen?]

How were the candidates chosen?
1. The candidates were nominated by you!
2. The quota for each category was 4 candidates.
3. The quota was exceeded if there were more than 4 nominations with more than 10 " 1"s.
4. The quota does not apply to categories that received a low number of responses.

Voting ends on the 6th (Friday) at 12 PM KST / 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST / 3 AM GMT

(You don't have to vote in every category)

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Correction: the GFriend performance nom should say MMA not MAMA (the correct performance is linked though)

Don't forget to vote in the 'Best of Omona' Awards too!
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[ENG SUB] JAEJOONG on his way to the fansign V-LINE

[ENG SUB] Jaejoong on his way to the fansign V-LIVE video
Click the photo to watch the video

Click to watch the video

Kim Jaejoong’s Concert Poster Shooting to be broadcasted on V-Live tomorrow

Kim Jaejoong’s very first 2017 schedule! A surprising visit to his concert poster shooting scene!
You can watch it Live here on January 5th at 7:00 PM Korean time.

JYJ3 Vline article, JYJ3 poster shooting, VLINE fansign, VLINE poster shooting

OP made a JJ masterpost but it didn't get accepted. So I'll just make individual posts from now on ㅠㅜㅜㅠ

6th GAON KPOP Chart Awards Nominees

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source: Official Gaon Awards site

thank you showminomoney for helping me with this post!
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Seolhyun Writes Long Thank You Letter To Fans

AOA’s Seolhyun is a tough cookie, even after going through various hardships in 2016.

She uploaded a thank you letter to fans on January 4, one day after her birthday. In it, she expressed her appreciation towards those who have helped her get where she is today. The posting is accompanied by a video looking back on her activities last year.

Below is a translation of her letter:

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Fans want Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo to date in real life

Among the TV couples who appeared in South Korean dramas last year, fans hope the most that Song Joong-ki and Song hye-kyo of the hit series “Descendants of the Sun” will make their on-screen romance reality.

In a survey published Tuesday by online research company PMI, it was found that among all the on-screen couples awarded at the three major broadcaster’s year-end awards ceremonies, the two “Descendants of the Sun” stars made up the couple most supported by fans.

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‘Guardian’ (Goblin) popular but controversial

Critics point to gender stereotyping, viewers complain about excessive product placement

In the popular TV drama series “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” the male lead is, quite literally, a god.

Based on the Korean folklore of dokkaebi, a higher spiritual being roughly translated as goblin, the drama series features actor Gong Yoo as Kim Shin, a warrior born centuries ago who, after being impaled with a sword, is transformed into an immortal dokkaebi with endless wealth.

Korean dramas have notoriously favored near-perfect male leads -- attractive, intelligent, heirs to vast fortunes and more. “Guardian” has gone one step further in conjuring an ideal knight-in-shining armor, TV critics say.

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Krystal to make a solo debut in February with a mini album

Source: SMTOWNENGSUB and Naver

Tfw you're excited but pressed at the same time because you know MeU's aren't gonna let her flop like Luna did 2017's #aesthic AOTY is coming, y'all!

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Niel "Love Affair..." Image Teaser + Teen Top Confirm March Comeback

Click image for HQ

On January 5 at midnight KST, Teen Top shared a teaser image for Niel’s upcoming return as a solo artist. The caption on Twitter includes the hashtag “Love Affair…”, and reveals that his new album will be coming out on January 16 at midnight KST.

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Source: teentop & naver via Soompi

Lovekiller was awesome and this teaser is ethereal so I am VERY ON BOARD with this! Also, a catchy dance track is exactly what I want from Teen Top.
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Chen Donates To Give Helping Hand To Young Entrepreneurs

It has been belatedly found that EXO’s Chen made a donation to a business project that helps young people who are interested in entrepreneurship.

The Siheung Woman Resources Development Center made the donation known as they kicked off their “Youth Meets Entrepreneurship” project. They will work through the Community Chest of Korea to provide aid to people between the ages of 18 and 39 who are interested in opening their own businesses.

Chen’s donation is said to have been the catalyst for starting this project. A representative of “Youth Meets Entrepreneurship” stated, “It’s true that a donation was made in Chen’s name. His mother delivered the donation and said, ‘We hope that this will be used to help the youth of Korea.'”

This is not the singer’s first time making a meaningful donation, having given to the Siheung Multicultural Family Support Center last March. Chen also donated 20 million won (approximately $16,600) to the Siheung 1% Welfare Foundation last October.

Source: galaxychen | Naver via Soompi

This charitable angel with his heart of gold.

DGNA's Hyunmin opens a youtube channel!

The owner of the most sexy and huskiest voice in the world has open a youtube channel! DGNA's Hyunmin decided to bless the world by posting covers and original songs on his channel~
Here is a video of him and Jay singing to HomeAlone, an original song composed by Hyunmin himself and performed in one of the DGNA's Christmas Parties ❤

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credits: MPM channel 1, 2

I was so late with this post haha, BUT YO HAVE YOU ALREADY VOTED FOR DGNA??? If not don't forget to check it out the Your Year in Entertainment award, they are in the best overseas activities!!! Vote talent, vote nugu, vote dgna!!1!!one!!!