January 13th, 2017


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Sooooo, how is your 2017 going?
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170112 Mnet M!Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Big Bang

'Fxxk It'

Akdong Musician

'Last Goodbye'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 4725 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 1500 57
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 1000 264
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 1500 435
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 500 500
Final Total 10225 6300

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sources: Mnet K-Pop, Junghyuk 216, red4aoa Tube, 170112, CLCForever17, 유토다, A1stCentral

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2017 is already picking up 2016 legacy: Brave Girls’ Yoojin Leaving Group, Hyeran To Go On Hiatus

Brave Entertainment has announced that Brave Girls’ Yoojin is leaving the group, while Hyeran is taking time off indefinitely.

January 13, Brave Entertainment said, “We apologize for bearing bad news to all the fans that had been waiting for Brave Girls’ comeback for a long time. We’re officially announcing that Yoojin and Hyeran, who have been with Brave Girls for the past five years, are finishing their time with Brave Girls as of January 13.”

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Soompi, SBS funE
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Jaejoong to attend 31st Golden Disk Awards

"Thank #U for all who votes to Kim Jaejoong for #Weibo #PopularityAward on the 31st edition of #GoldenDisk #Awards Congrats & don’t miss his #wearing #perfect #suit & the #live #broadcasting today!"

source: CJESJYJ official FB

i'm so !!!!! i hope this actually happens??? and i heard that sm artists are going on both days...so i'm a bit sus about whether jaejoong will actually end up being able to go to the awards or not :(
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NYAN in the New Year


We were talking about a hiatus for the new year for a bit, but JOKES ON EVERYONE, my wonderful NYAN family picked up for me while I was gone and hit ya'll with a little podcasty thing. This was recorded last Friday, so please bare with us. We're working towards getting the podcast out closer to when we recorded it so it's more timely! But it takes time, we all have jobs or school and I think most of us are learning how to edit! ^_^ Enjoy, and thank you for all the love!
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Of course you can get it from the source here.

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Red Velvet's Joy and Lee Hyunwoo to star as leads in new tvN drama

- "The Liar and His Lover" is a tentative/working title
- It is a remake of the Japanese manga of the same name
- The drama is produced by Kim Jin Min PD, who produced MBC Pride and Prejudice, Sweet Life, and Time Between Dog and Wolf
- Joy plays Yoon Sorim, a brave and blunt high school girl who falls in love at first sight with Kang Hankyul (played by Lee Hyunwoo), a genius composer who hides his identity
- Joy's character is portrayed as an outspoken person who inspires the composer
- Lee Hyunwoo's character has no uncertainty with music but is hesitant when faced with love
- The drama is expected to air this March after Introverted Boss ends

sources: edaily via naver translated by me
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170113 KBS Music Bank

Winners Announcement

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[Nominees & Point Categories]




Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 3751 3378
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 0 502
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 61 260
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 111 2927
Final Total 3923 7067

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I finally figured out how to embed specific timestamps using the full episode!!!Hopefully this actually works and the preview isn't lying to me.. I have it set to start and stop for each specific performance, so hopefully it's not too hard on people with internet troubles.
Please give feedback on this because if this works for everyone I will only use the official KBSKpop channel and the full episode for missing performances, winner announcements(subbed on the full episode!), interviews (subbed on the full episode!), and NEXT WEEK teasers for the sake of organization and avoiding the use of unofficial channels since their videos can get removed so easily.

Sources: KBS World TV, KBSKpop

Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 16-17 Discussion Post

Synopsis: This drama tells the love story between the son of a Joseon noble family named Dam Ryung and a mermaid named Shim Chung. She finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught by Heo Joon Jae, a charming but cold con artist who is the doppelgänger for Dam Ryung. In the present time, Joon Jae works with Jo Nam Doo, a skilled conman who guides Joon Jae to become a genius scammer. Joon Jae’s friend, Cha Shi Ah, who works as a researcher at KAIST, may be Chung’s only hope for surviving in her strange new world.

Cast: Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Hee Joon, Shin Hye Sun, Sung Dong Il
Director: Jin Hyeok
Writer: Park Ji Eun
Network: SBS
Episodes: 20
Release Date: November 16, 2016-January 19, 2017
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

Watch here: Viki

sources: MyDramaList, AsianWiki

They hit over 20% in ratings for ep 17, hooray!
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[Eng] Weekly Idol - Antenna Angels + Yoo Hee Yeol

Source: samkim's dimple, doublxb

Definitely give the episode a try, even when you don't know them. The episode is the funny kind of awkward and they do a lot of great medleys. The MCs had a lot of fun teasing them :D

Quick introduction: Sam Kim, Jung Seung Hwan, Kwon Jinah and Lee Jinah are soloists under Antenna Entertainment (Yoo Hee Yeol's company) and had their beginnings through K-Popstar. Their CEO named them 'Antenna Angels', because even though they are soloists, they are doing a lot of stuff together (songs, TV, radio, even their debut showcases) and are very close to each other (they also live together).

Flashback Friday

Had two cocktails at lunch because I am an a adult and it’s Friday! Every week I go through this Friday in a past year on the charts and post the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Let’s see what topped the charts for the 2nd week in January, 2012.

#3 Wonder Girls featuring School Gyrls “The DJ Is Mine”
I had forgotten that this happened. It’s not as horrible as I remember it. They all look really pretty here.

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YouTubes: Wondergirls, 1theK 1 2, DarkSniper, jtunecamp & Mnet

Fairy Princess Post

Lee Sung Kyung Talks About Her Innocent First Love Experience

During an interview on January 13, actress Lee Sung Kyung reminisced about her own personal love life, and revealed, “I had my first love when I was 21 years old.”

Her actual experience with her first love was different in some ways from that of her character Kim Bok Joo, from “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.” She explained, “I never really had a one-sided love and never experienced hurt from [the relationship]. I didn’t approach anyone first or flirt. Even if I had feelings for a guy, I was scared and didn’t contact him.”

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On January 14, OSEN reported that WINNER will be making a comeback sometime soon.

According to an inside source, the group is currently filming a music video for their new track. The song and concept are currently being kept under wraps.

The report says that the group is in the final stages of album preparations, so their comeback could come very soon. Previously, the members hinted to fans about a comeback.

WINNER’s comeback will be the first after the departure of Nam Tae Hyun. Their last release was mini album “EXIT: E” which featured their title tracks “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental.”

Stay tuned for updates!

Sources: soompi, osen

I'm so desperate and delusional that im ready to believe this is actually real