January 15th, 2017

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♕ GOT7 @ The 31st Golden Disc Awards ♕

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Since I had this compiled to ahgase already [insert discreet plug of hey check it out for more got7 content] I thought I'd post it here as well, anyways

Visual7 up there winning awards and slaying in those sparkly outfits, 2017 keeps on delivering and OP is happy

Edit: and now the last interview has subs as well, yay


Dasom to collab with singer 40 for Starship's Vintage Box

“‘Vintage Box’ is a project that will remake indie hits with Starship artists for new releases, and aims to make underrated, talented artists more known and diversify the music industry. We’ve currently approached Brocolli, You Too, Autumn Vacation, Standing Egg, Acourve, and Bily Acoustie about the project.”
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i wait brian

Happy birthday to Park Sungjin!!!!!!! 🎂 🎉 🎂 🎉 🎂 🎉 🎂 🎉 🎂 🎉 🎂 🎉

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARK SUNGJIN!!!! Thank you for always being honest and so dedicated to the group. Never stop!!

add your favorite Sungjin moments in the comments!

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Mini AKMU post

AKMU Talks About Whether Or Not Their Music Has Been Polluted By YG

Akdong Musician, whose latest album topped global charts upon its release, opened up about their music and whether it has been influenced by their agency, YG Entertainment.

Following their win on the SBS competition show “K-Pop Star 2,” many found Akdong Musician’s decision to join YG Entertainment to be a surprising one, given their unique sound. However, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun revealed that very little of their music has actually changed.
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The Return of Superman Ep 164

[You Can’t Have a Rainbow Without Rain] Donggook visit a lake to see the first sunrise of the year with Seola, Sua, and Sian. Always full of energy, Seungjae exhausts Jiyong out with his dance moves. Another twin visit Seoeon and Seojun to tell them about their experience growing up as twins. The day of the finals has arrived, but Soeul is not in her best condition to sing. How will she do in the finals of the singing competition?

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Rohee visits a very generous Shoo and baby SES cuteness ensues. Seungjae is super cute, but also seems super exhausting. And I lol'ed at trying to scare him with a visit to the police station. Soeul did a fine job! She also looks so adorable with that haircut and bangs, I want hugs. Donggook, please stop cracking eggs on your babies' heads.

KBS World TV 1 & 2
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170115 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]



'Excuse Me'

Akdong Musician

'Last Goodbye'

Score Before Live Votes (사전합게) 6378 5053 7084
Digital Sales (음원) 3472 1447 5500
Album Sales (음반) 147 101 22
SNS 2259 3500 1552
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 500 5 10
Live Votes (생방송집계) 1000 115 81
Final Total 7378 5168 7165

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jennie's meh face

ailee's US team shades CL on social media

As you know by now, Ailee is debuting in America as A.Leean with “Fall Back“. While we already knew that her American promo team is embarrassing, whoever is running her social media is also now shitting on CL‘s American venture to give us examples of how things could work.

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Mamamoo interview

They let out ‘bwuhaha’ laughter even for boring conversation. One of them would make a mischievous face and as if it were contagious, the others would return it with a more exaggerated expression and applause.

Girl group Mamamoo (Solar 26, Moonbyul 25, Whee In 22, Hwa Sa 22) are bright and overflowing with playfulness befitting their related search word ‘Beagle-dol’. They just finished their promotions that started last year in November with the release of their ‘Memory’ album and also held their Japanese showcase just this month, yet they show no sign of exhaustion.

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Some parts of the interview are a bit sad and I'm mad at whoever told Moon she was too fat.

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