January 17th, 2017

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some cute i.o.i x pentagon to brighten up your day! (elite FITPL drama ng cut!)

you can watch the three episodes here (1, 2, 3). elite has an instagram with other misc photos and videos, including this gold one that involves jinho doing a split. thank you to elite for still giving us content even though this was all filmed like... before pentagon's debut.

also - today is pentagon's 100 day since debut!! and i'm still trying not to think about the end of january and focus on the happy things ioi has given to me this past few months

nanndd | original video: myelitemovie
Oh yeah

10 Must-Hear AOA Songs

K-pop girl group AOA became one of the first top-tier K-pop girl groups to release music in the new year when they released dual singles “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing” on New Year’s Day (Jan. 2 in Korea).

After breaking out with a trio of hits in 2014, the group hit a rough patch in 2016, but came back strong with their first Korean studio album Angel’s Knock on Jan. 1, which debuted on the Billboard World Album chart at No. 5.

“Elvis” (2012)

The song that started it all, “Elvis” was AOA’s very first single. The peppy tune set the girl group apart with their unique approach to K-pop: AOA was built as a hybrid band & dance group. When they promoted the song on Korean music shows, several members (known as subunit AOA Black in 2013) played the song alongside brass accompaniment before moving to join the rest of AOA to perform the choreography.

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I miss the elvis era

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rosé h8s yg

Jennie Confirms BLACKPINK's Fandom Name In Latest IG Post

blackpinkofficial BLINK my favourite people on this planet💙 i cant thank you guys enough for all the gifts and letters🙏🏻 i am so blessed to have you guys💘 i am more than thankful for all the love i recieved today . i love you my blinks✨

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Are you a BLINK, Omona? What do you think their lightsticks would look like? Share your designs in the comments
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Perpetual Girl Group Flop, Heo Chanmi Likes Racist Comment about Obamas

Heo Chanmi of "almost debuted w/ SNSD", Produce 101 bad edits, and disbanded 5Dolls and Co-Ed "fame" posted an Instagram video using gorilla filters. She then proceeded to like a comment likening the image of gorillas to the Obamas.

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Source: @angeIhyeri, chanmiii_h (her Instagram acct)

This level of disrespect... especially on Michelle Obama's birthday, smh

I.O.I To Release One Final Track Written By SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

I.O.I is releasing a new track!

The group has announced plans to release their final single “Rain Shower.” Like all their previous tracks, “Rain Shower” was personally chosen by all 11 members and was decided as their final track.

The track will be I.O.I’s first sad melody, and uses the concept of rain showers to express the sadness of breaking up. However, the song also contains a bright, hopeful message of meeting again.

The lyrics for “Rain Shower” were written by SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, who also participated in the composition for the track alongside three other songwriters. The SEVENTEEN member wrote the track in hopes that it would create a good memory for the fans who gave I.O.I lots of love.

Meanwhile, I.O.I will be performing their new track “Rain Shower” for the first time at their solo concert, and the track is set to release on January 18 at midnight KST.

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it's not a song by jinyoungsus as previously reported! but the girls picked it themselves and woozi only produces bops, so it'll be good either way! are you ready for ioi's last single, omona?
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Sehun mistaking SVT Jeonghan for NCT Johnny becomes best moment of ISAC recording

During ISAC recordings yesterday, Sehun, who was chatting with Johnny, leaves his side for a few seconds and when he walks back, he stops by Jeonghan and unknowingly strikes up conversation.

source: lb planet

this is gonna haunt him forever

DingoStudio serie "You have worked hard too!": An Ode To Fanservice

After FLOP LINE AWARDS: VOTING ROUND recent post i came to understand many fandoms have no idea about this whole Dingo Serie.
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The 10 (non promoted) AOA song you should really listen to

Billboard gave our girls some spotlight and that was cute.
But who needs a "10 Must-Hear AOA Songs" with only title songs? (That's lazy, billboard).
As always Omona rose to the challenge and behold: The 10 AOA song you should really listen to

OP's note: Time & 10 sec. are not on the list, but only because they were promoted on music show


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Picking just 10 songs was hard tbh
They have a lot of nice B-side (most of the times I think their b-side are actually better than the promoted songs).

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Where have all the women gone?

Korean cinema continues to focus on male-centric plots of crime and political corruption

Female-led films and storylines will likely be a rarity on the big screen in 2017. Korean cinema this year, similar to previous years, seems set to be rife with political thrillers that critique its players’ individual greed and ambition, while focusing on male characters.

According to tentative schedules released by some of Korea’s major film distributors CJ Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment, Showbox and Next Entertainment World, the majority of films awaiting release in the upcoming months are crime thrillers or deal with political conspiracies.

Next Entertainment World’s “The King,” which hits Korean theaters Wednesday, features Zo In-sung as a ruthless prosecutor who claws his way to the top. CJ Entertainment will release “Fabricated City” in February, about a man taking revenge after being framed as a murderer. Similar titles will crowd theaters in the first half of 2017, almost all directed by male filmmakers and shedding the limelight on male protagonists.

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Ugh, I missed out on "Missing" last month here in LA and I am kicking myself for it. I do want to see "The King" though.

Korea Herald

Eat Your Way Through K-Pop

If you’re a K-pop fan, you must be aware of three big names of K-pop entertainment agencies – YG, SM, JYP. While smaller agencies like Jellyfish Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment are rising with their stars as well, the big 3 are still dominating the world K-pop trend.

Recently, these large entertainment agencies are putting efforts to expand their businesses into fields beyond entertainment, penetrating into lifestyles. To K-pop fans world-wide, these following spaces give sneak-peeks of the incorporation of K-pop and lifestyle.

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The article is missing some, I think. Doesn't Cube have a cafe too? Not looking forward to driving all the way down to the OC for YG Republique, but I want to see what merch they'll have and how much they'll charge for it.

Korea Daily US & The Seoul Story
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A bunch of cute videos of NCT playing around

Limitless Room is a new series of NCT videos (maybe?) where they play games while wearing pyjamas. The first episode has them playing tag like a bunch of kids. Then, NCT play a relay mission, take a pillow quiz and share rolling paper messages to each other through short series of NCT LIFE with app Nimdle. The other two videos are of them playing a game of guess the song while backstage at MAMA. > click cc to view subs

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i can't believe how much content we're getting 💗 the guys are becoming more entertaining and the nimdle quiz videos are hilarious

are you competitive in games, omona?


This post only includes cross GG interactions! If you know of moments and don't see them in the post, leave it in the comments!

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good lord, this post was so much work to make (I ALSO HOPE EVERYTHING SHOWS UP PROPERLY) but making it made me so happy! it's so heartwarming to see this generation's GGs making friends and being supportive in an industry that constantly pits them against each other <3 also, finally putting the lady love addition in the tags to use! thanks again for adding it mods!
Song Ji Hyo

Running Man's Member Week: Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook + Gary Coming Back for an Episode

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I thought of starting to do posts every week or every two weeks to talk about Running Man until the show ends, anyone interested in them? I want to know if people really want it or if I should stop after this one.

Monsta X Jooheon "Rhythm" MV from Mixtape #2 Out Of Control

MONSTA X’s Jooheon is returning with some new music!

The rapper’s agency Starship Entertainment released the news on their official social media site, saying, “MONSTA X’s Jooheon! Second Mixtape [OUT OF CONTROL]! The first track “Rhythm” as well as the music video for the song is set to release today at 10 p.m. KST.”

A source from the agency also revealed, “The music video for Jooheon’s ‘Rhythm’ from his second mixtape releases today at 10 p.m. KST. ‘Rhythm’ is an autobiographical track written by Jooheon. Through his lyrics, Jooheon captures individual moments that he felt while promoting [as an artist]. The music video for ‘Rhythm’ was also filmed in Hong Kong.”

Meanwhile, Jooheon is set to have active promotions after releasing the first track “Rhythm” from his second mixtape.

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Source: starshiptv | OfficialMonstaX 1 2 | Naver via Soompi

When typing out rhythm, do you use 'rhythm helps your two hips move' like me, Omona?