January 23rd, 2017

2NE1: dalong & pudong

CL/Dara on Fuse's "The 22 Strongest Female Friendships in Music"

CL & Dara of 2NE1

The K-pop scene is filled with girl groups that act like sisters, but we have a soft spot for 2NE1 members CL and Dara, mainly stemming from one heartfelt story. When the group was in Japan during the 9.0-magnitude, Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Dara quickly called her pal and group leader. Even as the building was shaking, CL came to get her, walking down 34 flights together.

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source: Fuse | WithDara @ yt | Rua Peter @ yt

what are your favorite moments of this beautiful/amazing/flawless otp omona?
zion.t 👓

Monsta X For Kappa - Keep On Kombat

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On 9th, Starship Entertainment stated that “MONSTA X has been selected as the official 2017 model of sports brand Kappa.”

MONSTA X is one of the most attention-getting idols of 2017, and have been judged as the best models for Kappa in that they have shown their charms previously in other CFs, and that they also show good strength as they have shown themselves to be athletic-idols in various sports. Kappa will promote to 10’s-20’s with their model MONSTA X, and will also launch the global campaign “Keep on KOMBAT”.

In the first CF filming that was taken in beginning of January, they showed 7 different charms of MONSTA X and a teamwork unlike any other. The Kappa CF with MONSTA X will be broadcasted through online medias starting on mid-January.

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If some lovely SK-based member could please find this store and steal then ship that 10ft Shownu poster to me, I very much need it.
rosé h8s yg

Is YMC Ent not promoting Jessi properly? Jessi speaks up about it on Instagram

jessicah_o Thank god for my fans and friends for supporting me. 🙏🏻 #selfemployed #selfmade #selfpromoting #onmyown fuckit #laughnowcrylater #울리지마
I n d e p e n d e n t for life ✌🏻️

(Watch her new MV for 'Don't Make Me Cry' Here)

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Jessi is currently under YMC Entertainment together with Ailee. The company also handled I.O.I

#JusticeForJessi! Her original caption had a 🖕 after fuckit. lol

Gong Myung Is Moved To Tears By Brother Doyoung Of NCT During Phone Call On Live Show

During a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live, 5urprise's Gong Myung called his younger brother Doyoung of NCT to talk about their family.

Gong Myung hosted a “lying down show” on January 22 to chat with fans, and when he gave Doyoung a call, his younger brother told him he was lying down too to watch the show. Gong Myung joked to him that a lot of Doyoung’s fans now call Gong Myung a term which means “the older brother of one’s husband,” and Doyoung replied that there are a lot of people who use the term for “unmarried younger brother of one’s husband” when talking to him too.

“The theme for today’s show is family,” Gong Myung asked his brother. “What does family mean to you?”

“Why do you always talk about family?” replied Doyoung with a laugh. “It’s too sad.” Gong Myung said he had seen Doyoung cry recently, which may have been a reference to when Doyoung cried while talking about his family after receiving a New Artist of the Year Award with NCT 127 at the recent 31st Golden Disc Awards.

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Soompi, 가을 on YouTube, full V Live here

Experts at making each other cry, Dong brothers

Romantic comedy 'Tomorrow With You' deals with hidden marital suspicions

All marriages, despite the health and intimacy of the relationship, have their share of secrets. But what if the basic foundation -- love and trust -- is the issue at stake?

tvN's upcoming time travel romantic comedy "Tomorrow With You" revolves around a newlywed couple with a big secret. The husband is a time traveler and he approached his wife for reasons other than romance. The wife is unaware of all this.

"(The show) has unusual characters. I thought if we treated the story lightly people would not be able to relate to it so we focused on how to add a sense of realistic weight (marital suspicion) to it," Yoo Je-won, the show's director, told reporters at a media event on Monday in southern Seoul.

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Yonhap News

Ricky Kim of "Oh My Baby " asks fans to pray for son Taeoh following hospitalization

Latest update:

We were just cleared from the hospital and they rules out all the really bad stuff for now.....makes me feel better but they are still not 100% sure on everything....thanks for your prayers. We will be leaving Thailand soon and going to see a specialist in LA. Please keep my son in your prayers. We hope and pray that everything will be fine soon.
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Hope this little beans recovers soon