January 28th, 2017



WHAT HAVE SECRET BEEN UP TO LATELY? More than you'd expect, surprisingly!

Celebrating Their Seven Year Anniversary With Fans!
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Don't forget to watch Introverted Boss as it comes out, and support Hyosung! She's been doing a really good job with acting from the clips that I've seen posted to omona so far, so I'm really excited. This took three hours to make, and it's 4am now, but I hope it's okay mods!

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Netizens Discuss About This Sad Fancam From Oh My Girl Seunghee

After 2ne1 recent disbandment an old fancam from OMG concert called netizens attention, one of the members crying while singing one of 2ne1 anthems:Ugly ... are her tears related to other netizens calling her ugly since debut?
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0mona when was the last time you felt like crying watching/listening your faves?
Please don't cry baby Seunghee
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