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Synopsis: Moo Jin-hyuk (Jang Hyuk) is a former detective who becomes guilt-ridden after his wife was murdered 3 years ago while he was at work. Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na) is a tough policewoman who is gifted with perfect psycho-acoustics and excellent martial skills. She was working at the call center when a brutal murder case takes place and in the process of investigating, her father was killed. Together, Jin-hyuk and Kwon-joo team up as the "Golden Time team" and solve cases together, chasing after serial killers who took their loved ones.

Cast: Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha-na, Baek Sung-hyun, Yesung, Son Eun-seo
Director: Kim Hong-Sun
Writer: Ma Jin-Won
Network: OCN
Episodes: 16
Rating: PG13
Watch: Viki/Dramafever
Trigger Warnings for episodes 7-8: [Spoiler (click to open)]EXTREMELY graphic violence including:stabbing,murder,gun violence, crucifixion,fantasy sequnce of vody horror/mutilation.Brief graphic depiction of burns, corpses, gun violence
Source: Wikipedia, AsianWiki, Viki,Dramafever
I feel like we could all use something fluffy after episode 8 so here's Jang Hyuk and Lee Hana being cute.

The Omona Playlist ♪ - Results!

Remember that 5 spots are available for each "era"; So if a battle round has 2 songs, then the top 3 most voted songs will get the spot. If there is a tie between songs and they aren't by an artist who is a repeat, I'll put them into a random generator.

I counted those who nominated each entry as a vote, EXCEPT for the nominations I did for others because I couldn't get to the post before everybody started commenting. The originals were counted because the OPs ended up voted.

If nominees had the highest votes of their category, BUT already had more than one song, they automatically went into the Battle Round.
The next three nominees with the most votes and no other competing songs, were awarded spots on the playlist.

Remember, only ONE song per artist can make the playlist and we have a lot of repeat artists. So vote carefully and vote smart.

The song that has the most votes among the repeat artists, will be the winner.

If your faves didn't make it onto the list, there was nothing that could have been done. They are Flop McFloppingtons! I'm playing but, I left this open for 4 days with plenty of time for everybody to vote.

There WILL be a 12 song revival round. Not because I can feel the impending uproar, but because that was already the plan. Lol. There is a poll for that below.

The polls will be open until Saturday 12 am PST (11:59 FRI - 12:00 SAT)

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Please give me a second to make a questions section before you post! Y'all biased af, lol.

Hwarang Ep 17-18 Discussion Post

Synopsis: During the Kingdom of Silla, a group of elite youth known as Hwarang (literally "Flowering Knights") would wield great influence. These dashing, talented knights – Moo Myung, Sam Maek Jong, Soo Ho, Ban Ryu, Yeo Wool, Han Sung, and maiden Ah Ro – could outsmart and outfight anyone as they pushed for justice in Seorabeol, the capital city. One of them would become King Jin Heung of Silla and change the course of history.
Cast: Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo, Kim Taehyung, Sung Dong Il
Director: Yun Seong Sik
Writer: Park Eun Young
Network: KBS
Episodes: 20
Release Date: December 19, 2016-February 21, 2017
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Watch here: Viki

sources: MyDramaList | AsianWiki

Okay, when I said I wanted something interesting to finally happen, I did not mean THAT. This show gives me a headache. One more week, guys.
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K-MUCH Reorganizing into a 5-member Group for March Comeback

Boy group K-MUCH, known as ‘Crayon Pop’s dongsaeng group’, will reorganize into a five-membered group.

According to music industry officials on the 15th, the group will comeback in March with their first mini-album. After promoting as four with members Kiu, BornUs, G.LOW, and Ato, K-MUCH will add a new member and reorganize as five.

The group debuted in 2014 with a unique Korean name and received much attention overseas. At the time of debut, they promoted domestically with the name 가물치 (’Northern Snakehead Fish’) while overseas used the English name ‘K-MUCH’; they have currently changed their name from 가물치 to K-MUCH. (t/n this is a bit confusing out of korean but basically its just referring to the change of using 가물치/kmuch at the same time to just using k-much as the group’s name.)

After receiving acknowledgement for their singer-songwriting abilities, the group will reorganize and promote as a new team. This will be their first release since their February 2015 single '12월 24일 (24th of December)’ two years ago.

source: tv chosun via naver, translated by me at sokmuch

Previously on #kmuchRISE2017:
⭐️ K-MUCH preparing for a 2017 comeback??? (answer: yes, i was right)
⭐️ K-MUCH to make their comeback through Makestar project "K-MUCH Renewal" (which is currently 143.5% funded)
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Yoo Ah In Reported To Have Bone Tumor, Agency Responds

On February 15, a news outlet released an exclusive report stating that actor Yoo Ah In has a bone tumor.

Later on, a source from Yoo Ah In’s agency stated, “It is true that he has a bone tumor. We can’t say if it’s serious or not. It’s a sensitive matter regarding his personal information so we cannot say much about the level of seriousness.”

The agency has clarified with another news outlet that the tumor is benign, and has also said that he is waiting for his next examination. They have promised to release an official statement when it is ready.

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Soompi, naver, donga, enews24

‘Love 10’ to feature dating among those with big age gap

Cable network tvN is launching “Love 10,” a new reality show that features blind dates between people with a 10-year age gap.

The program will star three celebrities in their 30s: Hwangbo of former girl group Chakra, model-turned-actress Choi Yeo-jin and actress Hwang Seung-eon. Each of them will go on blind dates with men who are either 10 years older or 10 years younger than them.

Sung Si-kyung and Lee Gi-kwang will host the show. The first episode will air Wednesday at 11 p.m.

Omona, would you go on a blind date with someone 10 years older or 10 years younger than you?


Even More Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Promos!

It looks like the love triangle in JTBC’s upcoming rom-com will go three ways, and not two: Park Bo Young will have a crush on Ji Soo and a loveline with Park Hyungsik—this much, we knew. But apparently Park Hyungsik will confuse them all by sending flirty mixed signals to both Park Bo Young AND Ji Soo, making each of them think he’s in love with them.

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Sources: JTBC Drama 1, 2, 3 | Dramabeans

Omona, would you be reluctant to live with Hyungsik and Ji Soo?

INFINITE's Sunggyu and Sungyeol Play "INFINITE Do As We Say"

Click gif to watch

Fans ask them to cross dress so they play a game to choose which member will dress up at their rally.
(It's a short clip)

I think the full version of the vlive will be for their Channel Plus so I thought I'd post other highlights.

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Bonus Sunggyu getting mobbed.
Mostly cuz I enjoyed the progression to "screw this".

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Sources: Vlive, namhoyas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 gyuyomizizi 1, 2, 3, PINGGVAELE, nwh91_0208 1, 2

The vlive was so much fun!
They spoke about Minseok a lot too. Yeol was saying Laws of the Jungle reached high ratings because of Minseok and Gyu told him he can't be sure of that and that he hoped he'd believe in himself more <3

Jungli post: Sulli for Vogue Korea and Krystal's "I Don't Wanna Love You" Photobook!

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Luna also pretty much confirmed f(x)'s comeback by saying, "If y'all keep begging, SM might let us out of the dungeon sooner" on IG earier so it's been an interesting 48-hours in the MeU fandom!

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VICTON - 'The Chemistry' Dance Practice + Byungchan on Video Star!

In celebration of their 100th day since debut, VICTON released a dance practice video for their song 'The Chemistry'. (Featuring their comeback hair! Blonde Seungwoo omg!)

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Source: VICTON | kkumin blog

Happy 100th to VICTON!! I love this song! And Byungchan is such a charmer, Leo was smitten. lol