February 20th, 2017

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Dal Shabet′s Subin Drop Cover for ′Circle′s Dream′

Girl group Dal Shabet′s Subin has shared the cover image for her upcoming project Circle′s Dream.

On February 19, Subin′s agency Happy Face Entertainment released the cover image of the singer′s upcoming project Circle′s Dream through their official SNS channels.

In the revealed photo, Subin looks doll-like as she poses with a red dress, hat and shoes. Subin′s face is covered with her long hair and hat as she leans on a white box.

Meanwhile, Subin debuted as Dal Shabet′s youngest member in 2011. She has not only been actively promoting with the girl group throughout the years, but also known for her solo activities.

Subin will once again show her musical abilities through Circle′s Dream, which is releasing on March 2.

Please be as amazing as her previous release

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New variety/reality show, 'Guesthouse Daughters', starring veteran actresses, premiers on KBS

What would it be like if popular actresses showed their faces without make-up and revealed their daily lives?

Viewers are about to find out.

"Guesthouse Daughters," a new reality show on KBS, which premieres Tuesday, features veteran actresses Lee Mi-suk, Park Si-yeon, Jang Shin-young, Lee Da-hae and Yoon Soy and male entertainers Park Soo-hong and Lee Su-geun.

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video: KBS World TV
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K-MUCH to change name through Makestar poll; extends project deadline

K-MUCH has announced through the latest Makestar project update that they will be changing their group name, and they're letting their fans decide! Votes may be cast by logging into your Makestar account and leaving a comment on the update page with your choice of name.

Interestingly enough, one of the choices (#2) was originally one of the options for the group's name before their former CEO decided to forge ahead with 가물치 (K-MUCH). The members mentioned liking it in the past so this may be their best chance at finally getting their wish!

In the same update, Makestar also announced that the deadline for the project has been extended for six more days! Now ending on March 20th, the project is currently at 164.63% funding and will likely break 200% thanks to the extra time given to the fans.

Check below the cut for the new name options as well as their intended meanings!

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source: Makestar

im pissed i JUST got kmuch a tag here and now they go and change their name. fuk u chrome.
샤이니 -> FIVE
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Omona's 5th prince tries a darker and sexier look for ELLE

On February 20, Elle released a pictorial with actor Nam Joo Hyuk for their March issue. The photo shoot took place in Los Angeles and the actor channeled a darker, more masculine charm for the photos.

In the accompanying interview, Nam Joo Hyuk said, “I know that my looks lean towards a more innocent vibe so, in the future, I’d like to increase my mature and masculine charm.

The actor expressed his dedication to acting and said, “I ask myself a lot of questions like how can I enjoy acting even more than I do now and how can I convey my sincerity through my acting.

Nam Joo Hyuk also talked about his past as a model and his future as an actor. He said, “Even up until just two years ago, I was working as a model and I never imagined I would be where I am now. I want to show everyone who I am and I think that, right now, the best way to do that is through acting. So, I will continue to work hard to show a better side of me with acting.

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Source: Soompi, Naver, ELLE
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J. Tune Camp says they're still around, with plans to debut a new artist


Last week, MBLAQ member G.O took to his fan cafe to inform his fans that "JTC is gone" and that the 3 members of MBLAQ have been let out of their contracts.

Earlier today, it was reported that J.Tune Camp, the entertainment agency founded by singer and actor Rain, had shut down.

One of their former groups, MADTOWN, has signed with a new agency, GNI Entertainment, which further fueled the rumors of the company shut-down. The group is said to be preparing a new album but an exact comeback date has not been decided yet.

J.Tune Camp, which is responsible for groups like MBLAQ, confirmed that MADTOWN had recently switched agencies but has stated that the rumors about the company shutting down are false. The agency stated, “We believe these rumors surfaced because MADTOWN recently transferred to a new agency and the members of MBLAQ are currently serving in the military.”

J.Tune Camp also announced that they are currently selecting new artists and are preparing for their debuts.

Sources: Naver 1 2 via Soompi
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Taeyeon 'My Voice' Tracklist + Highlight Melody for 'Love in Color'

Click on image for bigger picture of tracklist

Taeyeon's title song 'Fine' is an alternative pop song that is emotional and shows off an explosive melody. This song combines Taeyeon's appealing vocal colour with honest and simple lyrics expressing feelings felt after saying goodbye. Starting today, there will be a highlight melody of each song on the album, minus 'Fine', revealed at 12:00am and 12:00pm KST. There will be two versions of the album.

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SOURCE: SMTOWN (1)(2) + SonexStella 12 + TheSeoulStory + Naver

Navigation Links
🥀 'My Voice' Info | Tracklist
🥀 Teaser Images | 1 - 2
🥀 Highlight Melody | 1
[I Got Love Navigation]
💝 'I Got Love' Music Video | Info
💝 M/V Teaser: 1 | 2

Taeyeon serving us 13 songs bless

Zion.T (and Namu 🐱) on "I Live Alone"

Click the link to watch the episode! I recommend watching in Chrome or another browser where you can enable ad-blocking. Zion.T's part starts around 56 mins.

The February 17 episode of the MBC variety show “I Live Alone” followed the daily life of Zion.T, who is known as the music chart killer with his penchant for ruling the top of the charts with his every release.

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Source: ikshow.net | Soompi via Naver | ziontfans twitter 1, 2 | ziont instagram

Heechul & Yoonsang to MC for Lovelyz Showcase + Comeback Date Change & Album Details

❤ Title Track is 'Wow' (Electro Pop)
❤ Album will have ROCK SONGS!?
❤ Baby Soul will rap! ^^
❤ Comeback date has also apparently been changed to the 26th at 10pm instead of the 27th

Sources: Naver, Lovelyz_8

I'm hf all of this!

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VICTON Announce First Comeback with 2nd Mini Album!!

Source: @VICTON1109

IT'S HAPPENING!!! They mentioned recently that if you prefer "What time is it now?" to "I'm fine" then you'll enjoy this new album. Not to say that their first album wasn't enjoyable, cause it was!! and you guys should really check it out.

ICYMI: They announced their fan club name last week!