February 23rd, 2017

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3 Major Public Broadcasters Considering A “60-Minute Rule” For Dramas

The three major public broadcasters in Korea (KBS, MBC, SBS) are considering a new 60-minute rule for dramas to reduce some of the cutthroat ratings competition and revitalize a stagnating market.

The heads of the KBS, MBC, and SBS drama heads (Jung Sung Hyo, Jang Geun Soo, and Kim Yeong Seob respectively) had a meeting last week to talk about reducing drama runtimes. The big idea on the table was reducing weekday and weekend miniseries to 60 minutes and soap operas to 30 minutes. The new runtimes would be including commercial breaks.

Currently the three broadcasters are working in a fierce ratings competition by releasing dramas in the same time slot. If a drama runs a little longer than its competitor, it has a better chance of getting higher ratings. To stop this sort of tactic, the three broadcasters had agreed on a “72-minute rule” in 2009. In 2013 they shortened it again to a “67-minute rule.”

If a 20-episode mini-series is reduced by an average of 5 minutes per episode, about 100 minutes (almost two episodes’ worth) would be saved overall. Currently production companies spend about 500 million won (about $440,000) per episode, so they could save about 1 billion won (about $880,000) with the new rule.
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The reason that this new rule has been brought up recently is the worsening state of the drama environment. China has reduced the amount of Korean cultural content it imports, and in Japan the Hallyu wave is slower than it once was. However, Hallyu stars still command high guarantees, and with the rise in labor costs, the production cost has also increased. Meanwhile, the alternative for raising revenue by reducing production costs, in-product placement, and commercial breaks is becoming a popular one as well.

SBS drama head Kim Yeong Seob said, “It’s not about the competition so much as activating the drama market. If we reduce the runtime, we reduce production costs, but the quality of content will improve as the production staff’s burden decreases.

In order for the 60-minute rule to be applied in the actual drama industry, a more specific agreement needs to be reached between the three broadcasters. For example, the currently broadcasting KBS drama “Laurel Tree Tailors” is guaranteed at least 30 percent ratings, and reducing the runtime would necessarily result in reducing the number of commercials that could be broadcast with it. Since each broadcaster has differing interests, it is necessary to coordinate them.

MBC head Jang Geun Soo said, “It is true that the three public broadcasters have talked about the 60-minute rule but we still have to discuss our opinions before anything is concluded.

Source: Soompi, Naver
Yes please. All broadcasters should follow suit tbh.
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Kiha & the Faces tour North America in April

As part of LiveNation's 1st "Asia on Tour", Kiha & the Faces (aka IU's ex-boyfriend's band) will be appearing in 14 cities across North America. The tour is headlined by "Samurai Guitarist" MIyavi of Japan, and Thailand's Slot Machine will also be performing.

As the tour progresses, the tour's facebook page will include backstage interviews, videos from rehearsals, etc.

Tickets go on sale February 24th, with pre-sales starting the 22nd; you can get a pre-sale code through the facebook page or livenation app, Tickets start at $23.50

Tour schedule is:

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Sources: PR Newswire, Livenation Asian Tour Facebook, Kiha & the Faces website

Anyone going? It's affordable, at least.
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When will MADTOWN catch a break?? New agency under investigation for fraud

The CEO of an entertainment agency has been charged with fraud and is currently undergoing further investigations to his crimes.

GNI Group’s CEO Seong Cheol-ho was charged with fraud charges and is currently being investigated. GNI Group is the head company and has a subsidiary called GNI Entertainment. GNI Entertainment currently has idol group MADTOWN, actor Jeong Si-Hyun, actresses Shin Eun-Je, Min Jae-Hee and Seo Jung-Hee signed to the agency.

On February 22, Seong Cheol-ho was arrested and questioned in Songpa Police Station regarding his charges. The CEO promised investors high returns and funneled funds from the company to juggle the amount of promises and stakes for personal gain.

Seong Cheol-ho is facing a total of 32 counts of criminal charges and these include but are not limited to fraud and foreign exchange violations.

As a result of the arrest of the sudden arrest of the GNI CEO, the former J. Tune Entertainment idol group, MADTOWN’s future inside the industry is at crossroads. MADTOWN had their contracts fully transferred from J. Tune Entertainment to GNI on January 2017. The media tried to make contact with the company to get an official statement regarding the arrest of the CEO, but all intents have been in vain.

Source: edaily.co.kr via koreaboo

Taeyeon | My Voice

Taeyeon 'My Voice' Highlight Melody for 'Sweet Love' & 'I'm OK'

There will be two versions of Taeyeon's album. A 'Fine' ver (Yellow) and 'I Got Love' ver (Black & White). There will be 5 random photocards for each version. From looking around common places to pre-order, it seems like a lot of places are doing a "random version", so good luck! It will also include an "event card" enclosed, although we do not know what that event is.

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Jackson for KWAVE magazine

GOT7’s Jackson recently completed a photo shoot for KWAVE M’s 47th issue and talked about adjusting to life in Korea.

Known as the “Ace” of Korean variety programs, Jackson exhibited his bright energy on the set of the shoot and created an uplifting atmosphere. In his interview, Jackson spoke about the cultural differences between Korea and Hong Kong and stated, “In Hong Kong, I can say ‘What’s up!’ to my grandfather but I would get in big trouble if I did that in Korea.”

He continued, “However, there are times when I feel like more of a Korean. It’s to a point where now I teach trainees who come from Hong Kong about Korean mannerisms and etiquette.”

When asked if it was burdensome to always be bright and energetic on television, Jackson replied, “It’s just another side of me. When I’m happy, that’s how I actually am; however, there are other sides to me that are harder to show on broadcasts.” He expressed that he wanted to work harder in order to show new aspects of his self to the public.

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Source: Soompi via Naver | J_940328 twitter 1, 2

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Dirori! Drinking Solo Season 2 Coming This Fall

According to a tvN source on February 22, the drama “Drinking Solo” will be coming back with its second season in fall, and the official meeting about the production will begin next week.

Although anticipation rises for it, the staff has to think about how the second season will differ from the first and yet still have a relation, what it will focus on, and whether or not the actors from season one will all be cast again.

The good news is that the actors from the first season hope to appear in the second season, and the fans hope for that, too.

“Drinking Solo” was successful in ratings and received positive feedback from the public. The storyline and cultural aspect of the current society made viewers relate to the drama very well. Actors Ha Seok Jin, Park Ha Sun, Gong Myung, SHINee’s Key, and more, were part of a great cast that was praised for their acting.

tvN plans to air season two of the drama some time between September and November this year.

Source: Soompi/Naver

Get rid of the main couple and keep everyone else please

Shinhwa’s Eric and Actress Na Hye-mi Admit They Are Dating

Eric and Na Hye-mi have finally admitted to their dating rumors, becoming a new celebrity couple. Officials of E&J Entertainment, Eric’s agency, claimed “The two started out as acquaintances at first and later turned into a couple.”

Rumors about their relationship had already spread in 2014, but the two denied the fact at that time. Then they finally admitted to their relationship as the rumor disclosed for the second time. Fans had still claimed to have seen the two dating even after the two denied their relationship in 2014. It is now evident that Eric actually had a girlfriend when dating rumors about Eric and Suh Hyun-jin unveiled last year after tvN’s drama “Another Oh Hae-young.” This time, he confirmed he is dating Na Hye-mi and asked for warm support towards the two.

Na Hye-mi rose to fame through MBC’s sitcom “High Kick!” that aired in 2006. She had played the role of the girl who has a crush on Jung Il-woo. She made her debut through the 2001 movie “Address Unknown,” and appeared in KBS1’s “Melody of Love” as well. She is currently shooting the new drama “My Sassy Girl.”

Eric made his debut as the leader of Shinhwa in 1998 and is still the leader of the group. He is active in the TV industry as well. He appeared in tvN’s drama “Another Oh Hae-young” and reality show “Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village.”

KoreaDailyUS via KoreaDaily
Chae Twice

Twice 1st Concert (170217-170219) // TWICELAND: The Opening I

The post is organized in chronological order

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These posts are a compilation of all the fancams/photo/info that came out after the three days of Twice concert.
cagallisakura already did a post but it was only with some things for the first day.
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Twice 1st Concert (170217-170219) // TWICELAND: The Opening II

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Krystal's Sexy Photobook shoot.

Recently Krystal collaborated with Joon Won Kim and Bana TV to release the single "I don't Wanna Love You" on Valentines day. She also shot her own photobook to go alongside promotions for the The Boon brand. While she was always known for her sexy image, Krystal turns it up a notch.

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Sources:functionlove/ billboard

My first entry on omona despite being a member for 5+ years because nobody would post the sexy shots. I love Krystal that much.
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Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, And More Confirmed For Upcoming tvN Fantasy Romance Drama

tvN’s upcoming drama “Bride of the Water God 2017” (tentative title) has secured its official cast!

On February 23, a source from tvN stated, “Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Gong Myung, and Krystal have been confirmed. The table reading will be happening later on.

tvN’s upcoming drama is set to be a modern-day adaptation of the Korean fantasy manhwa “Bride of the Water God.” Nam Joo Hyuk will be playing the role of Habaek the water god, Shin Se Kyung will be playing Soah, Gong Myung will be starring as Biryeom the wind god, and Krystal will be playing Hera (known as Mura in the manhwa).

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Bride of the Water God 2017” will be headed by PD Kim Byung Soo, who directed tvN’s “Nine,” and writer Jung Yoon Jung of “Incomplete Life.”

Source: Soompi, Naver, Koreadaily

I'm scared but I really hope this will be good..
tzuyu heart shaker


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the inclusion of the word "best" is making me think it's a "best of" album rather than just a normal debut album??? which would be weird because they barely have enough songs out to make a "best" of album jpn version. main vocalist j-line getting ready to take over all the lines!

a girl group interactions post for gaon chart awards is in the making! send things my way if you know of any interactions~
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6th Gaon Chart Music Awards 2016 - Winners & Performances

Click on the pic for the full awards show
(redirects you to VLive) or Youtube

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Sources: VLive, Yeolnee276, 2NE1 BLACKPINK, To Heaven, 뉴이, Red Planet, Ting Tst, wu nari, Got7 Global, 씨스타 SISTAR (2016.06~), BTS0613 Mnet. Wingedspy

What were your favorite moments and performances?
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