March 1st, 2017

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VICTON - 'READY' Rolling Music Teaser

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⚜️ Individual Teaser Images: Byungchan & Hanse / HeoChan & Subin / Seungwoo, Seungsik, & Sejun
⚜️ Individual Teaser Videos: Byungchan & Hanse / HeoChan & Subin / Seungwoo, Seungsik, & Sejun
⚜️ Group Teaser Images
⚜️ 'EYEZ EYEZ' MV Teaser 1 | 2
⚜️ 'READY' Album Teaser

I made a Primer Post! I'll repost it on Omona after the new MV drops, but you can read it now on my primer post comm soyouwanttostan.
bri baby

DAY6 "Every DAY6 March" Teaser Image (Wonpil)

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🎵 2017 Calendar
[🎵 January]🎵 January Teaser Video
🎵 January Teaser Images
🎵 "I Wait" MV Teaser Video
🎵 "I Wait" MV Making Images & Video
🎵 "I Wait" MV
🎵 January Listening Post

[🎵 February]🎵 "You Were Beautiful" Teaser Images
🎵 "You Were Beautiful" MV Teaser Video #1 | #2
🎵 "You Were Beautiful" MV Making Images
🎵 "You Were Beautiful" MV
🎵 February Listening Post

🎵 March Teaser Images Sungjin | Jae | Wonpil

we're not even gonna do this in order?? c'mon day6 y r u torturing me??

Screenwriter of ‘Doctors’ returns with new drama

Ha Myung-hee, the screenwriter of SBS’ 2016 drama “Doctors,” will soon return with her latest work, the new drama “Temperature of Love,” her agency Pan Entertainment said Tuesday.

The upcoming series is based on Ha’s novel “Good Soup Never Picks up the Phone,” released in 2014. The novel tells the story of an aspiring screenwriter, Jane, and an aspiring French chef, “Good Soup.” They meet through an online community.

The drama will center on the love and relationships shared by those from the “internet generation.”

Ha’s past work includes JTBC’s drama “Can We get Married?” in 2012 and SBS’ drama “High Society” in 2015. She gained fame through the 2016 drama “Doctors,” which earned her a commendation from the minister of culture, sports and tourism at the 2016 Korea Content Awards.

Omona, did you like "Doctors"? "High Society" was the one with Uee, right?


SF9 Round-up Post of Comeback Shenanigans

Curtain Talk with B.I.G's Benji

(starts at 3:17)

- this might be my favorite broadcast interview of theirs
- Inseong's English name is Terry??, Jaeyoon's is Illin Smith (lmao)
- so many many classic Dawon quotable quotes (he got Benji super flustered)

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Source: Kang Kohie | dian kim | SF9 | Yunita Suwitnyo | 천운 | NewsAde | 1theK

these guys crack me up so much! I hope they get their own tv show or something

1/9 of exo continues being busy af in china (IMAGE HEAVY)

The past few days have been quite busy for EXO-Y (exo minus yixing), attending the Gaon Chart Music Awards and bringing their EXO'rdium tour for two nights to Manila. For the first schedule, the king of ngaf at award shows did the right thing and just spent time at home in Seoul, doing nothing but composing new music for his second audio bible (which apparently will be delayed).

trans: i've been recharging recently
am very happy
how about you guys, are you doing well?

As for the concert in Manila, after some ungrateful dickhead threw a package of something (not a water bottle like earlier reports said) at him at their Hong Kong concert he decided to save time and energy and instead went to the country where people appreciate him and his hard work.
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yt namja onetwofour 1, 2, 3, 1million dance studio
zion.t 👓


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Source: GOT7Official | jypentertainment

The IG clip has the hashtag Go Higher but has the same music as in Mark's, so I'm taking it that the hashtags don't relate to the clip like we initially thought. Maybe it's from Never Ever?

Kai cast in new Jdrama "Spring has come"

EXO’s Kai will be starring in a new Japanese drama title “Spring Has Come” (working title).

After a source from SM Entertainment revealed that Kai will be appearing in the drama, some Japanese news outlets also heard the news and also expressed interest in the EXO member’s new role.
This drama is based on the original Japanese novel of the same name, and is written by Kuniko Mukōda. It focuses on family life in modern society, and Kai will be playing the main character as a Korean cameraman.

The drama will be broadcast on channel WOWOW, and it’s especially surprising since this is the first time that a non-Japanese actor will be playing the lead in a drama produced by that broadcasting station.