March 4th, 2017

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A NCT video round up: MU Beyond, NCT LIFE MINI and others

This is gonna be media heavy.

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it's so easy to lose track when they release so many little videos >.< i didn't even include all the nimdle videos bc they were too many, you can find them all on shbup's channel! nct dream are such a joy, you can't watch them without smiling. and chenle is seriously the happiest kid i've ever seen, they're adorable. can't wait for nct life later today.

also please join me in praying that hansol debuts soon like everyone did for johnny i can't take this much longer 😭🔫
Yoohyeon Smile

17 years of So Chan Whee's "Tears" [Video Heavy]

On March 3rd, 2000, So Chan Whee performed her newest song "Tears" on Music Camp. Since then it has been renowned as not only one of the toughest songs vocally to perform, but also one of the most iconic and beloved songs in Korean music history. Throughout 17 years, "Tears" is still very present in today's K-Pop industry, and the fan-chants are just as loud as they were in 2000, if not louder.

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This is my first time making a post like this, sorry it's a day late! I noticed no one posted Oh My Girl's SeungHee singing this back in late Jan. this year, so I thought this would be a good excuse to make a post celebrating the 17th anniversary of "Tears" since So Chan Whee is still singing this song 17 years later!!!

I've been pretty MIA from Omona due to some IRL issues, so I hope this post brings some joy to anyone else struggling right now because it sure made me super happy to make! :)

Astro performs Should've Held Onto You for the first time + Happy Birthday, MJ!

from their suits to their choreography, i've been saved! they also performed you&me off their winter dream album, but most of the videos posted were member-focused =/. mods, i edited the tags by the way. i added the fancam tag.

also, happy birthday to astro's eldest/youngest main vocal & resident happy virus, MJ!

Sources: PRIMAVERA, ASTRO MJ 😁 Mʏʋиɢʝʋи