March 7th, 2017

Father, I'll Take Care Of You Ep 30 - 33 Discussion Post

Synopsis:After their 4 children become independent, an old couple decide to live for themselves. One day, their 4 children come back to them.

Cast: Kim Jae Won, Park Eun Bin (Our Age Of Youth BBY!), Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Tae Hwan (W's 2nd Prince!), Kim Yong Rim, Na Moon Hee, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Hye Ok, Lee Seung Joon, Hwang Dong Joo, Kim Sun Young, Shin Dong Mi, Lee Seul Bi, Jo Sun Mook
Network: MBC
Writer: Jo Jung Sun
Director: Lee Dae Young
Episodes: 50 (?)
Released: November 12, 2016 - ??
Days: Saturday & Sunday; 22:00
Watch: kissasian, thedramacool,
Sources: Asianwiki

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Not sure anyone is still watching, but we're past the halfway mark and the show will be over really soon.
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BTS On Touring America & The Secret Of Their Success: Idolator Interview

K-pop remains a niche in the West, but BTS is pushing the boundaries of what the genre can do internationally. The group’s commercially-savvy blend of hip-hop and EDM has broken through the Asian market and gone global, with their sophomore album, Wings, selling over a million copies worldwide and landing at number 26 on the Billboard 200. Countless Korean artists have failed to crack the States with carefully-crafted English-language crossovers, but PSY, and now BTS, have shown that K-pop stars can impact the American market when they’re not trying too hard.

To capitalize on their growing Stateside success, the boys will hit Newark’s Prudential Center later this month to kick off the U.S. leg of their Wings World Tour. We recently caught up with the group’s leader, Rap Monster, to talk about their skyrocketing success, outselling Britney Spears and their plans for the future. Get to know K-Pop’s hottest act a little better below.

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lottie ♡ issue n°7

monsta x's ⟨ the clan, pt. 2.5 ❛ BEAUTIFUL ❟ ⟩: minhyuk's teasers

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missing the “clue” concept teasers so much already. minhyuk looks SO GOOD tho! the sparkles and the contacts are a concept

Kitty kitty

CNBLUE Releases 7th Mini Album Comeback Poster

Boy band CNBLUE has released their comeback poster for their upcoming 7th mini album.

On March 20, CNBLUE will be making a comeback with their 7th mini album 7℃N.

CNBLUE, who is going into their 7th year since debuting, will talk about their last 7 years through the upcoming album 7℃N.

The album marks CNBLUE′s first Korea release in 1 year since releasing Blueming in April 2016. Since then, the members have been active inside and outside of Korea appearing in movies, dramas, concerts and more.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE′s 7℃N will begin presales on March 7 and the album will officially be released on March 20. The group plans to release their album cover image, individual member images and more leading up to the release.

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Oh yeah

Eric Nam’s Collaboration Partner For “You, Who?” Revealed

Yesterday, singer Eric Nam released a teaser image for his spring comeback track, entitled “You, Who?” The song is the first of Eric Nam’s new collab project “Spring Note,” which is a double entendre that signifies both “a notebook for memories” and “a musical note in spring.”

[who is it? did you guess?]

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On March 7, 2013, newly formed girl group Ladies' Code simultaneously released their single, music video and first performance for their debut single, Bad Girl, and the accompanying mini-album, Code #01. Four of the members already had ties to the entertainment industry: Sojung previously competed on The Voice Korea; Rise, raised in Japan, was a former pageant competitor who went on to star on We Got Married with David Oh; Eunbi was related by marriage to an SBS news anchor; while Ashley, raised in America, had been scouted from her youtube dance covers and was known as a Cube trainee. Together with their maknae, Zuny, the group presented solid performances with a retro appeal. The song charted well and peaked at #34 on the Gaon Digital Chart.

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CJENMMUSIC OFFICIAL, LADIES CODE (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Ladies' Code WORLD, DanalEntertainment, super5ladies, honeyujung, fyeahlacode, gif @ esojungs

when did you get into ladies' code omona? which is your favourite era? are you ready to put your money where your mouth is for their next release since the rain did abysmally? what's your favourite cover from them? your favourite performance? spam me!
bri baby

Music Access 'Monday Music Charts' with DAY6 Jae and Bernard Park 🎧🎶

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Source: DAY6_TV | 정익명 | 1theK | 벅스 | HIGHGRND | EXID_OFFICIAL

Talk time was fun today, Jae talked a little about the March DAY6 song and shared some mom anecdotes, they discuss plastic surgery, and wanting to be Beenzino.

The list is pretty interesting. What other songs/groups did you find out about because they went viral?
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8 Major Entertainment Companies Face Reforms In Unfair Contract Clauses

Eight major entertainment companies were revealed to have signed “slave contracts” with their trainees.

On March 7, Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) investigated eight entertainment companies with total assets over 12 billion won (approximately $10.5 million) and rectified six types of unfair contract clauses. The eight agencies evaluated were SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Loen Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, and DSP Media.

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Source: Focus News via Soompi

omona's pick: 12 btob b-sides you need in your life


chances are if you've been around these parts long enough, you've heard of btob's rumoured hilarity and vocal prowess if not fallen in love with them yourself.

whether you're already a dedicated melody, have had your interest piqued, or are about to scroll past this post entirely, i beseech you to take the time out for some truly great music. you'll thank me later!

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i was thinking about doing this anyway then benihime99 made their omona's pick post and a couple of you expressed interest! enjoy ✌️ #buyfeel'emonitunes

sources: jungilhoon, 비투비대박날거니까, KBS World TV, joo chile, [Channel 1], oh hani, my sun, BTOBJJANG 07, asmusic.tv6, taeins, Byeolbit Melody, The Sugarator, omona!
rosé h8s yg

AOA, Mad Town, April, KNK, and more to compete in idol acting survival show 'I Am an Actor'

A new variety show surrounding idols and acting is about to launch!

On March 7, a source from iHQ Entertainment stated that they will be producing a new show for idols who want to try their hand at acting.

The show, titled “Idol Acting Competition – I’m an Actor” (literal title), is set to feature MADTOWN’s Jota, KNK’s Seungjun, VICTON’s Subin, MYTEEN’s Song Yu Vin, AOA’s Chanmi, 9MUSES’ Keumjo, APRIL’s Naeun, and Momoland’s Nancy. Tak Jae Hoon and Jo Woo Jong will be hosting the show.

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Source: Naver via Soompi

This looks interesting.. I'm glad to see Jota and my tiny son Subin on a show. Who will you be rooting for, Omona?

GFRIEND Members Open Up About Their Friendly Rivalry With TWICE

GFRIEND sat down for an interview about their new album “The Awakening” and mentioned their friendly rivalry with TWICE.

Sowon started off by explaining, “We are good friends with the members of TWICE. I don’t really want to label them as rivals, but it’s better to have a rival than to not have one. We recently exchanged compliments about each other’s music videos through text messages. While we cheer each other on, they also drive us to work harder.”

“Although we’re around the same age, we each have different concepts and songs. As GFRIEND, we try to show everyone our unique colors so that they can see a variety of girls on TV,” added Umji.

Wrapping up the interview, they said, “In this comeback, instead of dwelling on how we do on the music charts, we are focusing more on showing a different side to us. But we’re still very happy that our song is receiving so much love.”

Meanwhile, GFRIEND will start promoting “Fingertip” with a performance on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on March 9.

SOURCES: Soompi (English Trans), Naver

zion.t 👓


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Source: JYPnation 1 2 | jypentertainment
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PENTAGON Finally Announce Their Fanclub Name: UNIVERSE 🌠

Fanclub Name: UNIVERSE (유니버스)
Meaning: "You Are My Universe"

Inspired by the lyrics of their song 'Pentagon' from their debut mini album 'Pentagon'.

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Sources: @CUBE_PTG | Pentagon 펜타곤 Romania

It's beautiful!! We get a logo and everything!!
tbh yeo one's been calling all the fans Universe for weeks now, so it was just a matter of time before this announcement. lol
I'm elated that we're not called Pentafam!

Key (and Other People) Cast in Upcoming Thriller Drama

On March 8, a source from Key’s agency SM Entertainment stated, “SHINee’s Key will be appearing in the Monday-Tuesday MBC drama ‘Watchmen’ (working title). He will be starring in the drama as a hacker named Gong Kyung Soo.”

“Watchmen” tells the story of ordinary people whose lives have been shattered after losing their loved ones through crimes. The drama will be showing how they gather together to stop the criminals who have not yet been caught by policemen and prosecutors. MBC has already confirmed Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang as the main leads, and the drama is set to air after “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.”

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Sources: Soompi/Naver | Soompi/Nate

I was debating posting the lead confirmations earlier today but didn't because I'm not fond of the lead actor. However, this casting changes everything and I'm definitely watching now. It looks like Kim Seul Gi is also joining the cast, but I haven't found an official source for that yet. Rise actor Kibum!

SF9 on the Radio! 📻

Hongkira with FTIsland's Minhwan and Seunghyun

cc for subs

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Sources: cheryltvxq | dian kim | 천운 | praewttae D.

the Fantastic Baby cover is so cute! Rowoon slaps butts when he's excited! lmao

these guys just absolutely crack me up! in the hopes of maybe getting more people interested in them, i'm preparing a primer post. it'll be up on the weekend. :)