March 11th, 2017

lottie ♡ issue n°7

monsta x's ⟨ the clan, pt. 2.5 ❛ BEAUTIFUL ❟ ⟩: tracklist

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wonho's song (“i'll be there”) is on it :') it's been performed already, here's a link! fyhyungwon translated the tracklist credits. notable findings are wonho was involved with production of 3 songs, i.m and jooheon have credits on every song as always, and brother su has credits on “oi”

only 10 songs tho...


baek yerin proves shes da real hep hap queen on insta live

Baek Yerin has always had haters for one reason or another, but things have kicked up a notch recently after it was rumored that she was dating singer/producer Cloud. Said hate apparently carried over to an Instagram Live stream she did a couple days ago, but no worries, she had the right attitude.

At around 8:46, she tells somebody off with a “Fuck you too, bitch!” And I can see this being used in a wide variety of applications.

Later, at 15:40, she explains her feelings about people hacking her account, saying, “Don’t hack my account! I’m gonna track you down, and I’m gonna kill you!”
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sources: asianjunkie 💩, YerinB supporters yt, wangjckson twitter

Hyungdon and Defconn's "Rap Impossible"

“Rap Impossible,” or “The song no one can sing without making a mistake” in literal translation of its Korean title, is a song using tongue twister phrases in Korean. While the lyrics go totally meaningless, the continuation of tongue twisters makes even Hyungdon and Defconn mispronounce the lyrics. Towards the end, you can hear Defconn going breathless and mumbling his rap.

At the end of the song, the two artists dare people to sing the song, saying “Do it if you wish, but we can’t perform this live.” While it sounds impossible even to people who don’t speak Korean, people on Facebook are already exited to accept the challenge.

1theK YouTube & KoreaDailyUS

SEVENTEEN Become First K-Celebs To Be Featured On Instagram’s Official Account

On March 11, the account uploaded a photo of SEVENTEEN in the outfits they wore for their performance of H.O.T’s “Happiness” at the “2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun” on December 31. The caption of the photo read, “Today, we’re hanging out with K-pop stars SEVENTEEN while they’re on tour in Japan.” Along with the photos, the account also featured an Instagram story on the idol group, following them behind the scenes at their “17 Japan Concert Say the Name #SEVENTEEN” concert in February.

This makes SEVENTEEN the first Korean celebrities to be featured on the official Instagram account, as well as the first Korean celebrities to have an Instagram story created about them by the account. The move to feature the idol group has also introduced SEVENTEEN to the largest single follower base on Instagram of 216 million people.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for the achievement, as well as for their recent round of successful concerts in Japan!

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source: Naver via Soompi, @instagram, @saythename_17, @boononnct
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Lee Hyori Gives Update on Album Release Date

Artist Lee Hyori has updated fans regarding her comeback date.

On March 10, Lee Hyori′s agency Kwi Media shared, "Lee Hyori is looking into making a comeback in late May or later."

It has been revealed that composer Kim Do Hyun, who worked with Lee Hyori on her hit track 10 Minutes, and Kiwi Media′s Kim Hyung Suk will be producing Lee Hyori′s album.

Additionally, Lee Hyori has personally been involved in writing and composing most of the tracks in her upcoming album.

Leading up to her comeback, Lee Hyori has been active in appearing in a variety of fashion magazines including Marie Claire. Lee Hyori, who has lived a private life since her marriage to Lee Sang Soon, is raising expectations for her return through these activities.

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T$ continues to be a failure of a company

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Sources: Naver | Instiz | RICEjuseyeo | balloon_wanted

...if you can't pay your own employees, why do you waste what must be millions of won on the Skydive MV and then barely promote them enough to succeed? SIGHS, all of their idols/actors deserve better