March 13th, 2017


[PIMP POST] Feel the Sensation of SF9 ROARing Into Your Hearts! 🚨

SF9, shortened from Sensational Feeling 9, is a South Korean boy group formed by FNC Entertainment. They're the company's first dance boy group. They participated as NEOZ Dance in FNC Entertainment's survival show d.o.b (dance or band) where they faced off against NEOZ Band. They later won the survival show with their first track, K.O.

SF9 debuted on October 5, 2016 with the release of their first single album 'Feeling Sensation' with title track 'Fanfare'. They made their first comeback on February 6, 2016 with their first mini album 'Burning Sensation' with the title track 'ROAR'.

Now, OP has been posting about them for a while and feels it's about time the rest of Omona got to know these fantastically hilarious and entertaining boys a little better. Their strengths lie in their group dynamic and their charm, so this post has more videos than text. Go grab a snack or an entire meal, then sit back and enjoy meeting these fun cuties.

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Profiles: wikipedia | alwaysdreaminghigh
Photos: SF9official on fb
Videos: SF9 | Dingo Music | M2 | 1theK | Sairah Iqbal | ann 1991 | KBS CoolFM | ARIRANG K-POP | KSTYLE TV | Mimmy Lee | Uasnim | sf9trans | SENSATIONAL JUHO

The last of my 2016 rookie boy groups! They might be my favorite just because of the almost never ending amount of A+ content they provide. Please love them with me, Omona! ❤️

I left out a lot of videos so that I don't over whelm you, but if you have anything you would like to add, correct, or just anything you would like to share, feel free to leave it in the comments. I'd also love to know who your fave is!!
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is CL finally making a comeback/debut/whatever?

Is CL preparing for a comeback?

On March 13, the singer shared a short video clip on her personal Instagram account. In the looping video, she is surrounded by computers and appears to be sitting in a studio.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports earlier this year, the idol expressed her desire to release an album sometime this year.

“I would like it if fans weren’t in too much of a hurry and waited for me,” she explained. “I’ll repay everyone with a great album.”

Who else is looking forward to possible new music from CL this year?

soompi, naver, CL insta
lottie ♡ issue n°7

monsta x's ⟨ the clan, pt. 2.5 ❛ BEAUTIFUL ❟ ⟩: jooheon's teasers

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jooheon with flowers again! i dunno how to feel about these yet but they tie in with pt. 2's concept the best so... ~* it's all connected *~

and everyone who said they were saving the best for last was right


Tomorrow With You Ep 11-12 Discussion Post

Synopsis: The story revolves around Yoo So Joon, a CEO of a real estate company, who has the ability to travel through time via a subway; and his wife, Song Ma Rin, who works as a photographer. When he sees his future self living unhappily, he decides to avoid that fate by marrying Song Ma Rin without love. While their start is a fake marriage, he sees that his wife gets hurt because of him, and it starts to distress him. The story is about him slowly falling in love with her, despite marrying her for selfish and loveless reasons.
Cast: Lee Je Hoon, Shin Min Ah, Kim Ye Won, Jo Han Chul, Lee Jung Eun
Director: Yoo Je Won
Writer: Heo Sung Hye
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 3-March 25, 2017
Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 20:00

Watch Here: Dramafever

Sources: MyDramaList | AsianWiki

BamBam and Mina swept up in dating rumors, JYPE denies

GOT7’s BamBam and TWICE’s Mina were recently swept up in dating rumors due to a photo of the pair circulating on various online community sites. The photo of the pair was titled “BamBam Mina Dating Leaked Photo.”

JYP Entertainment denied the rumors and stated, “It’s just a candid photo. The two of them are simply company colleagues. We will take strict action regarding defamation of our artists in relation to this matter.”

sources: soompi, naver

[Spoiler (click to open)]rumors have been going around for a while now that hes dating one of the japanese members of twice. people said its sana but who knows.

jackson revealed to be having health problems + to halt activities until the 19th

According to reports, Jackson had been showing signs of bad health during a fan meet on March 11. A Taiwanese news outlet said he coughed on stage and looked pale, while one fan reportedly saw him throwing up while he wasn’t on stage.

JYP Entertainment explained, “Jackson’s health suddenly worsened at the fan meet on March 11. We judged that it would be difficult for him to continue with the event, so he had to sit out the last event, which was a hi-touch session. He is currently resting and concentrating on getting his health back to normal.”

- - - -

Earlier, it was reported that GOT7 member Jackson’s health had taken a turn for the worse during a fan meeting on March 11.

On March 13, GOT7’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, released a statement on GOT7’s official fan site about Jackson saying, “Jackson will not be participating in any scheduled activities from now until March 19. While a medical examination did not reveal anything out of the ordinary, Jackson will be taking a short break to focus on his health.”

The statement continued, “We apologize to any fans who were worried about Jackson and we will work our hardest to make sure Jackson returns to fans in good health.”

sources: soompi 1, 2, nate, naver
rosé h8s yg

YG doesn't know an ikon or winner; have plans to debut a new boy group in July

On March 13th, OSEN reported that YG will be debuting their youngest boy group to date this July with the members ranging from ages 15 to 17.

It will feature K-pop Star Season 2 winner Bang Yedam who was the runner up from AKMU in 2013. He has been training for many years and is awaiting his debut.

An official from YG stated that this boy group will differ from other YG boy groups as groups like BIGBANG, iKON, and WINNER have all debuted with members in their 20, and this group will have a younger average and have all trained for an average of 5 years proving that these kids are ready and have met YG's passing.

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Some of Bang Yedam's Kpopstar Performances:
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Source: Naver via /u/balloon_wanted | SBS Kpopstar

July of what year, Omona?

it's JUst more LYing from YG

(TRIGGER WARNING) another BRODUCE101 bro accused of sexual harassment


Contestant Jeong Jungji is being accused of sexually molesting a female acquaintance. While the incident occurred in the past, the woman is coming forward now due to his appearance on Produce 101.

The woman released her allegations on Korean community website Instiz, accusing Jeong Jungji of molesting her while the two were on a date. She states that while she was on a date with him, he began to grope her despite numerous attempts to stop him.

“I cancelled around 3 times before [this date], but he continued to ask me out so I decided to meet [him] this time. Then, I got sexually molested.”
— Victim on Instagram

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sources: koreaboo, joong.ji insta

Joo Hak Nyeon, another contestant, is also accused of being a bully, but there isn't any reliable proof yet so I didn't include it in this post. You can read about it on Asianjunkie.

Trailers for "House of the Disappeared" staring Taecyeon

Hollywood actress Kim Yun-jin is returning to the big screen in Korea with mystery-thriller “House Above Time ("House of the Disappeared"),” starring alongside Ok Taec-yeon, as he makes his film debut.

The film has been confirmed for an April release. It traces the story of Mi-hee, played by Kim, a housewife whose husband is killed and son goes missing. She returns to her home after 25 years in prison.

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KPopHerald & 민병석 1 & 2

Hong Sang-soo confirms romance with Kim Min-hee


Award-winning Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo on Monday publicly admitted to being in a relationship with actress Kim Min-hee for the first time since media speculations on their relationship emerged last June.

"I don't know if this is the right place to unveil this, but we're in love. We truly love each other in our own way," Hong said when questioned about his relationship with her
after the press screening in Seoul of his latest film "On the Beach At Night Alone."

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Confirmed, so I'm finally using the "Couple" tag lol.

Yonhap News

hi! pristin tracklist revealed + album to have a 'power & pretty' concept

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official profiles pt. 1 | pt. 2 ( + valentine's day special photos 🌹 )
debut announcement! | schedule | concept photos pt. 1 | pt. 2
album cover & title

@pledis_pristin, naver via @ladyteenintl

running is probably the english title of 하지마 but where is rollercoaster? and another promise? and why are they releasing the album at 6pm? i need answers.
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Oh My Girl updates: Comeback in April, JinE's continued hiatus, small explosion at MV set

Oh My Girl will be making their comeback without JinE, who previously took a break from activities after being diagnosed with anorexia.

WM Entertainment stated on March 13, “We officially announce that JinE will not be participating in the upcoming album set for release in April. We have gone through thorough discussions with JinE since last August, and we decided to prioritize her health over anything else. As a result, JinE will not join this album and will take a break for an undetermined period. The comeback schedule will remain unchanged for the remaining members, and we will fully support JinE in her recovery. We ask for your unchanging love and interest in Oh My Girl.”

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Iron Indicted for Assault on Girlfirend

[Read more]SEOUL, March 14 (Yonhap) -- South Korean rapper Iron has been indicted on charges of assaulting his girlfriend last year, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The 25-year-old is suspected of hitting his girlfriend in the head with his fist for rejecting his demands while having sex at his home in central Seoul in September 2016.

He is also accused of throttling and punching the victim a few weeks later at the same location when she said she wanted to break up with him, according to prosecutors. The victim was bruised and suffered a fracture in the process.

Prosecutors said he injured himself in the thigh with a weapon he took from the kitchen and threatened to accuse her of the injury if she reported his violence to police.

Iron was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, by a local court in November on charges of smoking marijuana between 2014 and 2015.

Source: YonhapNews

He is scum.
종대 » tyvm
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Hello Venus' Addy K Photoshoot!


Hello Venus just released some very steamy looks in their latest photoshoot with ‘ADDY K’, and if you don’t love them already, you will after you see their new photos! The girls show some different looks throughout the shoot, ranging from all wearing black mini-skirts and shoes to denim pants. The girls manage to show off their unique individuality all throughout the shoot, even while keeping the look of one single unit.

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Source: & lottoto


just a quick blind items post

A. Top beauty girlgroup member A now being rumoured having relationship with boygroup member C. Since both is from same company, they seen practice together even celebrating C bday, until A finally debut and they keep meet each other. They often seen dating on cinema, even they use mask and cap as cover their fans still able to recognize them and feeling unease for both of them.

best guess: [Spoiler (click to open)]mina + bambam

B. Top Actress K recently visit Thailand for Car CF pictorial, but she been known visit Thailand not only for photoshot. The reason why she often fly to Thailand is to preparing her married with Thailand chaebol. That guy been rumoured as a son of famous Thailand brewery company CEO.

C. "Why I cant get better than B?", Actress A who attract the attention lately as rising star has coming at B who being hot actress this day. A is rookie actress who being known with her prettiness being envious with B who become popular rapidly snatch the leading role. A is talking with the people around her, "What is Im less than B? Me debuted first than her". People in entertainment industry who saw that say, "What is made B better than A is her hardwork. Ofc A is prettier but you just cant get popular if only rely on that"

source: one hallyu, some korean forum

im so lonely

Former T-ara stylist spills some tea, says Hwayoung would call hair/make up staff "Shampoo"

T-ara have once again trended on Naver #1 due to an appearance from a former stylist. He reveals that Hwayoung was rude to staff members and would call them "Shampoo" informaly despite them being older than her

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source: TaraNaver twitter,, tara_eunjungssi, onehallyu, melocat46 twitter, jiyeondaily twitter, vancew90 twitter 1,2,3, hwayoung's instagram 1,2,