March 16th, 2017

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monsta x's ⟨ the clan, pt. 2.5 ❛ BEAUTIFUL ❟ ⟩: music video teaser + naver b-cuts

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i like some of the b-cuts better than their actual teasers (kihyun's, esp). my faves are shownu's, minhyuk's and hyungwon's, tho. and here's another short snippet of the title! i love it so far

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EXID (minus Solji) planning April comeback

According to Banana Culture Entertainment's statement on March 15th, EXID is planning a comeback in April with four members. Main vocalist and leader Solji was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at the end of last year and is still on hiatus. Although the agency stated that the plans to comeback as 4 are still tentative, Solji posted a letter on EXID's fancafe to express her regret at not participating.

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Source: Naver (1, 2) via Soompi, Twitter: @hyelin (image direct link)

T-ara will NOT disband, Hwayoung will only cameo in Age Of Youth and will probably be replaced

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omona do you love karma?

Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Min Jae Cast in New Variety Drama

Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Min Jae are set to work on a new drama together that is helmed by Yoo Ho Jin, who is well-known for being the former PD of “2 Days & 1 Night.” The project will be overseen by PD Seo Soo Min and Chorokbaem Media, the team behind “Producer,” the first drama to be categorized as a variety drama.

Yoon Shi Yoon will play Yoo Hyun Jae, who is a member of J2, a K-pop group that came in like a shooting star and stole the hearts of countless fans with their superb singing and dancing skills. His character is also known as a scandal maker, keeping the industry gossiping with a slew of scandalous events.

Kim Min Jae will play the role of Lee Ji Hoon, a trainee who hopes to become the greatest idol ever. Though many believe he is preparing for the civil service examination, Lee Ji Hoon is actually secretly training to be an idol.

“Greatest One Shot” is currently set to begin airing in May.

Sources: Soompi/Naver

I never ended up watching Producer, but I like both of these actors so I'll be watching.
Kitty kitty

RBW Forms New Hip Hop Label With Rapper Basick & Plans To Release Music With New Artists This Month

Rapper Basick and RBW producer Im Sang Hyuk are collaborating to form the new hip hop label All Right Music.

On March 16, RBW released a statement saying, “We are launching the hip hop label All Right Music to create an optimized system for hip hop artists and their support staff. We aim to mature as a label so that artists can promote independently and try a variety of different genres.”

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Soompi, rbbridge 1, 2, naver
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Get lit with Hitchhiker in his Sauna Room Lives + wins at 2017 KMA

SM Entertainment's most enigmatic celestial being Hitchhiker (most known for the day he landed on Earth with his baffling track Eleven and shocked/angered twelve-year-old SME stans everywhere) has been busy the past two months. Each week, he's been releasing mysterious videos in the Sauna Room Live series: a short "live" vid in his unique (and occasionally unnerving) style that features an original music piece. Check out all six (so far) videos below!

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BONUS NEWS! Hitchhiker won Best Dance and Electronic Music for his song $10 at the 2017 Korean Music Awards.

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did u enjoy the traxxx omona
rosé h8s yg

BRODUCE 101: Trainee Intro Videos & Profiles Part 7 (final)

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Source: Mnet Official | mnettv via @101boys_global

BRODUCE 101 Profiles:

IT'S DONE! Tell me your faves, Omona! Who are you going to keep an eye on, and whose video was the most entertaining for you?

If anyone is interested, a reddit user made a list of all the trainees that already debuted / appeared on a survival show: LINK
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170316 Mnet M!Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]



'Knock Knock'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 2744 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 738 149
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 555 911
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 1085 1500
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 1000 880
Final Total 6928 9444

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Sources: Mnet K-Pop, Kpop Update, Korean Music Shows

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