March 22nd, 2017


'Defendant' Finishes With High Ratings, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are Adorable Supportive Spouses

SBS’s hit drama “Defendant” reached a successful conclusion with its highest viewership ratings ever!

After starting off with 14.5 percent ratings with its first episode on January 23, “Defendant” passed the 20 percent mark by episode 7 and even reached an impressive 25 percent ratings with episode 15. According to reports from Nielson Korea, the final episode of “Defendant” that aired on March 21 gathered nationwide 28.3 percent ratings, 1.3 percent higher than the previous episode.

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Sources: Soompi/MyDaily | SBS | @justin_jisung

Anyone watch this drama? I mostly just wanted an excuse to post cute pictures of Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young visiting each other on set. I love that their dramas are airing back to back.

7 K-Indie Songs (That Aren't Cherry Blossom Ending) To Get You in the Mood for Spring!

Since it is now officially spring (at least in the northern hemisphere) I figured a spring listening post would be appropriate! Not all of the songs on this list are new, but all have great, fresh sounds to get you into the mood for having a great spring!

1. Springirls - Sunwoo Jung-A

In addition to having the word "spring" straight up in the title, the song has a great tangy guitar effect and beautiful vocals and backing vocals to make the song lighthearted and fun. The music video is also beautiful, boosting an assortment of colors and lovely looking ladies! The track was completely written by Sunwoo Jung-A (with the exception of the bass) and was released as a single in 2015.

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sources: 선우정아 / Sunwoojunga, Neon Bunny (Spotify), CJENMMUSIC Official, J Rabbit (spotify), CJENMMUSIC Official, Dingo Music, inHummingUrbanStereo

are there any korean songs you guys listen to to get into the spring mood (indie or not)?

"Woman of Dignity" to air after "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" and "Man to Man"

JTBC has finalized the airtime schedule for their upcoming drama, Woman of Dignity (working title). Drama led by two veteran drama actresses Kim Hee-sun and Kim Sun-ah, Woman of Dignity will premiere in June this year as JTBC’s Fri/Sat night drama following currently airing Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Man to Man that is scheduled for April premiere.

Woman of Dignity follows struggles a once-wealthy woman goes through as she experiences sudden financial crisis. In a comic tone, the drama depicts the double-sidedness of Korean high society.

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" marks the reunion of Kim Sun-ah and producer Kim Yoon-cheol, the female lead and producer of My Name Is Kim Sam-soon." Um, yes please!!!

KoreaDailyUS via KoreaDaily
TH: you look like a real babe today

Oh My Girl coming back on April 3rd with 4th mini album "Coloring Book" + teasers!

Oh My Girl has confirmed their comeback date to be April 3.

On March 22, the group’s agency, WM Entertainment, stated, “The comeback date is April 3. This album will be filled with Oh My Girl’s signature loveliness and bright energy.”

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source: soompi via osen | wm_ohmygirl @ insta (1, 2, 3) | 8_OHMYGIRL @ twitter


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Their initial fundraising goal was $8, 912.66 USD. They are currently sitting at $34,930.29 USD raised (roughly 391.92% of their goal)!

sources: makestar official twitter (x, x, x), makestar official website, makestar official youtube

op notes: wow!! i fully expected them to reach their goal, but they tripled it and are rising! i'm so proud! do you guys plan on donating? are you looking forward to the comeback? i know i am!
mx ♡ loml

NCT opens up in heartfelt interview for Nylon Magazine

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source: ddoit_chu 1 2 3 4, fy!nct, nylon insta, nylon facebook, translation by fy!nct, vyrl, nctsmtown

this entire interview is just a small glimmer of why i love these boys so much ;__; do read it if you can!! taeil's part esp made me really emotional and doyoung's part is just entirely wild. i want them to have everything and to see how far they will go
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Minzy's solo debut: Album update, new collaborating artist revealed

On March 22, a source reported that Gong Minzy’s solo album, expected in April, would feature a collaboration with Flowsik. Flowsik is a rapper whose list of achievements include an appearance on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5,” taking No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes R&B Album Chart in 2013, touring the United States, and signing a $11.3 million contract with Cash Money Records.

Later on the same day, Music Works gave an update on the upcoming album’s status. They stated, “The title track of Gong Minzy’s first solo album has not yet been decided. After the song is chosen, we will film the music video accordingly.” They added, “The title track is not yet confirmed, but the album will include self-penned songs from Gong Minzy and rap from featuring artists Jay Park and Flowsik.”

Previously, Gong Minzy had announced she would be collaborating with Jay Park on the new album.

soompi via naver / starnews

Girl's Day Hyeri to make big screen debut!

On March 20, Hyeri’s agency DreamT Entertainment announced that her participation in the film “Monster” (tentative title) has been confirmed and that she will begin filming once the promotions for Girl’s Day are over.

“Monster” is a true story based on a strange happening that occurred in 1527 during the Joseon Dynasty, when the king moved his palace because of a monster that appeared in the royal court.

Meanwhile, Hyeri has been gaining fame as a rising actress following her lead roles in tvN’s “Reply 1988” and SBS’s “Entertainer.”

You will also soon catch Hyeri in the promotions for Girl’s Day’s upcoming mini album that will be released on March 27!'

SOURCE: Soompi + Naver

congrats hyeri!!