March 23rd, 2017

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OMONA'S PICK: MV Producers/Directors Part 1: VM Project Architecture 🎥

Hey Omona! Let's talk about love music videos! aka the thing that attracts most people to kpop. Specifically, let's talk about production houses and directors. After watching possibly hundreds of music videos in my short voyage into kpop, I've noticed quite a few similar elements in some of the ones I'm particularly drawn to. As it turns out, they were all made by the same companies. I've decided to do this series to share with you my favorite production houses and the MVs they've made, starting off with VM Project Architecture.

VM Project Architecture (also called Low Laundry Media House) is a Seoul based production company, headed by Jo Beomjin. They've made videos for YG, SM, FNC, and Jellyfish to name a few.

Some notable elements repeated in their work:
- hallways
- fluorescent lights
- mirrors
- overhead shots
- smooth camera tracking
- highly saturated bright colours (really solid red reds)
- tables (filled with objects, shot from above or straight on)
- cars
- smoke
- glitching and cloning effects
- the mvs look expensive af (because they probably are)

Take a look at some of their MVs and tell me if you notice any other stand out elements (this list is by release date, just because I don't know how else to arrange it)

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So, your thoughts, Omona? Are you a VM Project stan? Which of their MVs is your favorite? Are you a sucker for good cinematography like I am?

Stay tuned for the next part in this series. I'll probably make posts for digipedi, lumpens, vikings league, and naive creative. Next week or next month. Who knows. :D
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BRODUCE 100 to be BRODUCE 99 as another contestant is revealed to have left before first broadcast

It has been belatedly revealed that Choon Entertainment’s trainee Kim Si Hyun has left “Produce 101 Season 2.”

On March 23, a source from Choon Entertainment stated, “Trainee Kim Si Hyun decided to leave ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ due to health concerns. We have finalized discussions with the production staff of the show.”

Kim Si Hyun left the show the day before the filming of the group performance for “It’s Me (Pick Me)” on “M!Countdown.”

Furthermore, as contestant Han Jong Yeon also left the program earlier on due to his controversial past, “Produce 101 Season 2” is actually starting off with 99 contestants instead of the original 101 trainees.

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Source: Nate via Soompi | Naver via Soompi
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It's Twice Mina's birthday!

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sources: jypetwice, wjsn comedy, click star wars, Twice Vlive

Last year she was this sweet, innocent girl, this year she's causing scandals left and right. Already she robbed Cheng Xiao's gold medal at ISAC and then took a picture with a boy! What kind of mayhem might she cause once they land in Japan? Also, it's my first post. Hope I'm doing it right, and not stepping on anyone's toes.
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Super rookie Highlight are the first male idol group to get n°1 spot on Melon chart in 2017

As of 11:30 a.m. KST on March 22nd, Highlight has topped six of the eight major music charts in Korea with their title track “Plz don’t be sad.” (and still are!)

Their success on the charts is wiping away any concerns or anxieties about the group starting anew as Highlight, as they continues to be acknowledged as a group that people ‘trust to be good before even listening.’ Furthermore, Highlight has become the first male idol group in 2017 to have secured the No.1 slot on Melon’s standard weekly chart (and still going strong!).

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It's not like they broke a record or smth, but still a relief! But what surprises me most bout this article is the demographic. Usually idols have mostly fans in their teens or 20s, but they have a very balanced age range from 10s to 40s. Get that noona money!

(Ex)4Minute's Jiyoon to make comeback feat. Samuel Seo on March 29

Former 4Minute member Jeon Jiyoon is collaborating with Samuel Seo for a new digital single to be released in March!

Jeon Jiyoon’s connections with Samuel Seo began at her fan meet last November, where she mentioned him as an artist she wanted to work with.

After releasing her first solo album “Day and Night,” Jeon Jiyoon is steadily making her name known as a musician. Her music is being appreciated globally in countries like Vietnam and Hungary, while other countries like Japan and Myanmar are asking her to visit for a fan meet.

The two released photos for the track; both artists wearing retro-style outfits and purple hair. The song, titled “CLICHÉ”, was co-written, composed, and produced by Jenyer and Samuel Seo – showing off the skill of both artists.

“CLICHÉ” is set for a March 29 release at noon KST.

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SNUPER Meets Success On Japanese Charts With “Oh Yeah”

Boy group SNUPER are are making it big in Japan!

On March 22, Widmay Entertainment announced that SNUPER’s second Japanese track “Oh Yeah” has climbed to the top spot of Tower Records’ singles chart. After beginning their promotions in Japan, SNUPER is on the rise with their refreshing new song fit for springtime.

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sources: soompi, chosun

congrats bbies!!!