March 31st, 2017


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Dara announces solo album plans + talks relationship with Minzy

In her latest interview for the film ‘One Step’, Dara announced that she is planning on releasing a solo album this year! Dara commented, ‘I feel like [the solo album] should be within this year, but I haven't talked about it with my label CEO yet.’ She then added, ‘When an article about a solo album comes up, I think my label CEO will call me and go, 'What's this?' I'd like for it to be released this summer. There hasn't been any talk of it so far.’

Dara then shared her plans about starting her career and image over as an individual by saying, ‘I was able to live comfortably as a member of 2NE1. From now on, I have to march out to the battlefield on my own. I will live headstrong in the harsh world. It's time to live the 3rd chapter of my life.’

Be sure to check out Dara’s role in the film ‘One Step’ when it’s released on April 6th!

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SOURCE: Koogle (1 + 2) fuller quotes can be found at [BANNED SOURCE]

2NE1's Beyonce, inventor of beauty, variety skills, AND solo albums. Is Bom next?

Meanwhile, CL is preparing for her American debut.

EXID Shares First Teaser Image For Comeback With “Night Rather Than Day”

EXID has gifted fans with a first look at their upcoming concept for their new mini album!

On March 31 at midnight KST, the group released their first teaser image, featuring the members looking both casual and ready to party in brightly colored outfits. The teaser image is for the group’s third mini album “Eclipse,” which features the title track “Night Rather Than Day,” and is due out on April 10 at noon KST.

EXID will be making a comeback without member Solji as she is on hiatus due to health issues. The group previously released a track list for this mini album, and promised a new concept this time around that will change their image.

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SOURCE: Soompi

chicken must die

broduce 98: lists of participants for boygroup cover songs revealed

Sorry Sorry
Group 1: Namhyung, Donghan, Kwonhyeop, Ha Minho, Seonho, Yonggeun
Group 2: Daniel, Sungwoo, Jonghyeon, Minhyun, Hyunbin, Jaehwan

Group 1: Hwanwoong, Kwanhyun, Keonhee, Justin, Zhu Zhengting, Minki
Group 2: Jaehan, Hoyeon, Junwoo, Sangkyun, Taewoong, Jinwon

10 out of 10
Group 1: Hoolim, Hyeonwoo, Jaechan, Taewoo, Jiseong, Taemin
Group 2: Taehyun, Woojin, Hyeongseop, Hyunmin, Junyoung, Yongbin, Eunki

Be Mine
Group 1: Woojin, Youngmin, Sewoon, Tagada Kenta, Sungwoo
Group 2: Kim Chan, Jihan, Jaewoo, Yehyeon, Hoeseung, Heesoo

Call Me Baby
Group 1: Sungri, Donghan, Hyunwoo, Heeseok, Woncheol, Moonbok
Group 2: Dongbin, Han Minho, Daehyeon, Seokyu, Sihyeon, Jinwoo

Boy in Luv
Group 1: Samuel, Daehwi, Sungwoon, Jihoon, Euiwoong, Jinyoung, Haknyeon
Group 2: Sangbin, Insoo, Jin Longguo, Dongho, Lai Kwanlin

Group 1: Taedong, Jinyoung, Wontak, Yeonkuk, Woodam
Group 2: Gyumin, Yongjin, Chanyool, Joongji, Sungwook, Hadon
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sources: kpopkfans, pann

Former South Korean president arrested over corruption scandal

Former President Park Geun-hye was arrested and sent to a detention facility early Friday morning on the corruption charges that led to her removal from office three weeks ago.

“It is acknowledged that there is a reason and need for the arrest as (Park's) key charges were clarified and there is a risk of evidence being destoryed,” the Seoul Central District Court said in a statement.

Following the decision, the prosecution took Park to a detention facility in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, where her longtime friend Choi Soon-sil and others involved in the corruption scandal are in custody.

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Teasers for KBS' new drama, 'Queen of Mystery'

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Premiere: 2017 Apr 6 / Every Thu & Fri 21:50 (UTC+9, Seoul)
Starring: Choi KangHee, Kwon SangWoo
Synopsis: Choi KangHee plays a woman who wanted to become a police officer, but she got married young, which prevented her from pursuing her dream. She’s curious by nature and has a bit of a bumbling idiot streak in her, but she’s a lovable character who’s been a huge fan of mystery novels since her youth, enough to have once dreamed of being like Agatha Christie. When watching any mystery movie or drama, she guesses the culprit as soon as it starts.

She lives the regular life of an ajumma, with a nitpicking mother-in-law who watches her every move and an aggravating sister-in-law who treats her like an ATM. But a chance opportunity allows her to cooperate with a police detective on a case, and though their methods are completely different, they’ll end up as the perfect partners.

cr; KBS World TV, [2] // dramabeans

Flashback Friday

So, most of these songs fall into OP’s “Holy crap I haven’t thought of this in forever!” category lol. Every week I go through this Friday on the past charts and post up the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Let’s see who topped the charts for the 5th week in March, 2013.

#3 Teen Top “Miss Right”
I say this every damn time a Teen Top song pops up on here, but I am always so confused with Teen Top MVs lol. They are just tossed some jumpsuits in class and suddenly they’re in jail? And it’s a co-ed jail cell? With only one female? A co-ed jail where the inmates are allowed handsaws to play around with? Is this what goes on in private prisons?

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YouTubes: TEEN TOP Official, OfficialLEEHI, ibighit, 1theK, SMTOWN & Soompi

Kim Sun Ah for Cosmopolitan Korea

For the 200th issue of Korean magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’, they were able to have an exclusive interview with the glorified actress Kim Sun Ah! In the interview, Ah revealed that in the past, she worked as an editor. During this tenure, she worked with Epik High’s fan club, trying to interview the outstanding hip-hop group. She claims that this project took an entire week!

The actress Kim Sun Ah was recently filming for the upcoming drama ‘Woman of Dignity’. The actress was able to rekindle her connections with director Kim Yoon Chul after approximately 12 years! The director claimed that the actress would be able to grow out of her ‘Sam Soon’ character. Due to this, the actress felt more inclined to take this role.

Check out the pictures below!
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cr; cosmopolitan kr //
nayeon, jennie

Twice comeback in May?

They later also confirmed it with this statement:

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sources: balloon_wanted, naver 1, 2, kpopherald

I bet Suzy's not resigning, and with 2pm on holiday, somebody's gotta keep bailing out this sinking ship.
rosé h8s yg

BRODUCE 98: It's Meringue Time!

Watch the trainees beat egg whites to try to get promo time. I've posted some of my faves and just plain amusing videos below, but you can watch the rest at this youtube channel.

Jung Moonbok
(I'm impressed with his egg separating technique, what isn't he good at??)

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Source: broduce 101

lol wat and why?

i didn't watch everything, so please feel free to link or embed your own faves in the comments!

liar liar he's on fire: CCTV footage proves KeyEast lied about butthole oppa's DUI

KeyEast Entertainment has come under fire for possibly lying about the circumstances surrounding douchebag's recent driving under the influence incident.

According to a report by news outlet Channel A on March 31, douchebag was not moving his car as per request by a parking attendant nor did he drive less than one kilometer, a different story than KeyEast Entertainment’s original explanation.

While showing reported security camera proof, the news outlet explained that douchebag had fallen asleep behind the wheel at a stoplight while under the influence for approximately 15 minutes before the police came. The location of his car was not near the place he was drinking with friends, but supposedly around three kilometers away. The newscaster also stated that they have confirmation that douchebag was actually driving home, rather than moving his car.

When Channel A asked KeyEast about the discrepancy, the agency stated, “We were not attempting to justify a wrongdoing.”

To another news outlet, the agency reiterated that they were not trying to excuse his wrongful actions, and further elaborated, “We explained what we confirmed as the truth about what happened during the situation at the time. [Douchebag] acknowledges his mistake of driving under the influence and is reflecting, just like how it was revealed the first time around.”

Douchebag was recently revealed to have had his license suspended after his blood alcohol level was measured to be 0.075 percent while behind the wheel. Douchebag will be proceeding with his scheduled activities despite this recent incident.
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source: soompi, naver 1, naver 2, Channel A yt
Hyosung | Flowers

A Soshi Member Has A Good (Shock tbh) Day @ SFW Day 4 & 5 💖

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Source: fygirlsgeneration123 + wgsnsdfx123

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Sooyoung looks great, tbh. Seohyun is... who let her wear that lipstick and just her face is just a no. Her outfit is fine, lol. Tiffany and Hyo... Tiffany's isn't as bad as she usually is and I'm just glad that Hyo's outfit is... cohesive? lmao