April 4th, 2017

Hyosung | Flowers

Y'all know you've been waiting for it... SOSHI AIRPORT POST TO VIETNAM!!!!!

Omona has waited a long time for Soshi's spectacular airport fashion. The girls were on the way to Vietnam for a concert! They went in two groups there and came back together. This post is dedicated to goshipgurl.

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source: wgsnsd + fygirlsgeneration12

i had to wait for the HQ's bc i hate preview pics cri
lottie ♡ issue n°1

lyric video for g-r-boy's “HIGH SPEED” + 신고식 5곡 (5 SONGS FOR INITIATION) listening post

( cc for eng subs )

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01. 고속_HIGH SPEED [prod. by big pie]
02. 섞어_MIX IT UP [prod. by cosmicboy]
03. 농밀_INTIMATE (ft. mad clown, olnl,
han yohan)
[prod. by fisherman]
04. 우주_SPACE (cosmicboy remix)
05. 암인_I'M IN (yunji remix)

as of the 3am kst melon chart, “고속 (high speed)” is charting in the top 25—at position #24, but still. “우주 (space)” is a remix of “wybh1” off the mechanical album; “암인 (i'm in)” can also be translated to cancer and that's a remix of “i'm in trouble (ft. loco).” was too hopeful thinking that it'd be literally 5 new songs tbh!

SOURCE: @1thek (2); @giriboy91; @jeff hwang (2, 3, 4, 5); @babo park

album available streaming on melon, spotify, and apple music! and for purchase on itunes

BTOB’s Minhyuk May Appear In Feature Film For First Time

Is BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk about to make his big screen debut?

On April 4, a source from Cube Entertainment confirmed that the idol is currently “discussing” the possibility of appearing in the upcoming film “The Swordsman (literal title).” As of the announcement, no final decision has been made.

The film is a historical drama focused around a Ming Dynasty swordsman and his daughter. It will take place during the Ming Dynasty’s decline, when power was being taken from the Han people by the Qing Empire. Actors Jang Hyuk and Jung Man Sik are set to star in the production.

Lee Minhyuk made his singing debut with BTOB back in 2012, but has since gone on to feature in a number of dramas and variety programs as well.

Source: newsen & naver via Soompi

They must have seen Crown Prince Minhyuk

To B(1A4), or not to B(TOB): 'Hamlet' Musical Lead Role Cast

💀 B1A4's CNU, VIXX's Ken, BTOB's Eunkwang, and Lee Ji Hoon have been cast in the musical, 'Hamlet' in the lead role.
💀 CNU's debut musical role was Anatoly in 'Chess' in 2015. Since then he has starred in the 'Three Musketeers'.
💀 Ken also made his musical debut in 'Chess', and has since been in 'Cinderella' and currently 'Boys Over Flowers'.
💀 Seo Eunkwang appeared in 'Monte Cristo' and 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store'. He will be returning to the musical stage after four years.
💀 Lee Ji Hoon is a representative singer-turned-musical actor. He has appeared in various musicals such as 'Kinky Boots' and 'Hero'.
💀 'Hamlet' will be performed from May 19th to July 23rd at the D-Cube Art Center. Ticket prices will range from ₩77,000 to ₩130,000.

Source: mydaily via naver (paraphrased by me)

Do you like Shakespeare?

Father, I'll Take Care Of You Ep 38 - 41 Discussion Post

Synopsis:After their 4 children become independent, an old couple decide to live for themselves. One day, their 4 children come back to them.

Cast: Kim Jae Won, Park Eun Bin (Our Age Of Youth BBY!), Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Tae Hwan (W's 2nd Prince!), Kim Yong Rim, Na Moon Hee, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Hye Ok, Lee Seung Joon, Hwang Dong Joo, Kim Sun Young, Shin Dong Mi, Lee Seul Bi, Jo Sun Mook
Network: MBC
Writer: Jo Jung Sun
Director: Lee Dae Young
Episodes: 50 (?)
Released: November 12, 2016 - ??
Days: Saturday & Sunday; 22:00
Watch: kissasian, thedramacool,
Sources: Asianwiki

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Hyunwoo's such a shit. I KNEW he was gonna walk in the door. What does he have up his sleeve?!
샤이니 -> FIVE

WINNER Opens Up About Nam Tae Hyun’s Departure From Group

WINNER has returned as a four-member group after a year and two months!
At an interview for their comeback, they revealed their thoughts on Nam Tae Hyun leaving the group last November.

Kang Seung Yoon stated, “Nam Tae Hyun couldn’t continue with us due to health reasons. It’s true that it was a hard time for us. Rather than thinking lightly of it, we were worried about our fans, since we had lots of fans who supported him. Also, he had been doing a good job as the main vocalist, so we were also concerned about that. But we can’t spend all of our time worrying, and we decided that we shouldn’t make our fans wait anymore, so we got right into working on music for a comeback. We worked hard to improve our individual skills so that fans wouldn’t feel like there’s an empty spot. We had no choice but to become better.

Providing more details, Kim Jinwoo expressed, “I got more vocal parts after Nam Tae Hyun left, so I thought hard about how I could do a good job in them. I focused mostly on [improving] my vocals. I received lessons when I wasn’t working, and I recorded the song multiple times. I just kept practicing and practicing.

Now we’re four, so we have to accept that. I think in our fans’ hearts, it will forever be the five of us. I don’t want to erase the five-member WINNER, but please support us as four members as well,” Kang Seung Yoon continued.

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Check out their music videos for “Really Really” and “Fool”!

Source: Naver via Soompi, @chrissy96_ (Naver 1, 2, 3)
chicken must die

in today's WTF news: Anti throws an empty bottle at Xiumin

Xiumin was almost hit after a fan threw a water bottle at him on stage.

On April 2, EXO performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for their EXO’rDIUM concert. An audience member sitting in section 217, row 22, seat 17 got out of her seat and threw her water bottle at Xiumin.

This is not the first time an incident like this has happened. During EXO’s concert in Hong Kong, an audience member had thrown a glass bottle (OP note: it was actually a package of something) at Lay, which he thankfully managed to dodge.

A stage is a place for EXO to perform and it is very dangerous to throw anything on stage. Fans have become angered by this anti-fan’s thoughtless actions.
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sources: koreaboo, twitter queenbhyun, holymaknae, SHUWEI_61
BTS | Taehyung smile
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More BTS Interviews, Preview for FOX + They Finally Meet Keone Madrid

BTS Talk New Record Deal With Def Jam Japan and Future Endeavors

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This US tour more like have a shot every time Kookie mentions Bieber.

Source: The New Music Buzz 1, 2, 3 | HollywireTV 1, 2 | Carly Henderson | Andrew Freund | ARMY Base | Twist Magazine | Keone Madrid 1, 2
chicken must die

M(ess)Net oppa is shaking: Amazon to hop on the K-Pop competition series bandwagon

Amazon is launching its first competition series.

The streamer is in negotiations to order "K-POP: The Search for the Next K-POP Superstar", a global competition docuseries that looks for the next K-pop breakout. From A. Smith & Co. Productions and Cheyenne Enterprises, the series will follow aspiring K-pop performers from around the world as they compete for a recording contract with a major music label.

Contestants will work on their singing, dancing, acting and style on the show. They also will have the chance to travel to South Korea to participate in an immersive Korean language program so they can learn to sing in the language if they don't already know it. A panel of judges and mentors will preside over weekly training and performances and will send home anyone who’s not cutting it.

The series will be executive produced by Arthur Smith (Hell’s Kitchen, American Ninja Warrior) and Toby Gorman (American Idol) for A. Smith & Co. Productions, Arnold Rifkin (Live Free or Die Hard) for Cheyenne Enterprises, Mighty Loud Entertainment's Jesse James Dupree and CJ Entertainment's Justin Lee.

K-POP: The Search for the Next K-POP Superstar marks the streaming service's continued push into reality programming. It joins the recently renewed football docuseries All or Nothing and big-budget motoring show The Grand Tour, among others.

source: The Hollywood Reporter

mnet's new girlgroup trainee show is open to all nationalities but this sounds even better, where can I apply?