April 12th, 2017

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Kim Chungha announces solo debut with digital track on April 21st

Kim Chungha of project group IOI is taking her first steps as a solo artist.

On April 12, M&H Entertainment announced ex-IOI member Kim Chungha is preparing for her official solo debut with an upcoming release of a digital single on April 21st.

As a member of Produce 101's girl group, IOI, Kim Chungha earned praises for her vocal and choreography skills. Recently, she released an OST for drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon', which helped increase the expectations of her upcoming work.

Chungha's agency has stated that she has been preparing her debut since last year by carefully selecting her songs and choreography. Because she is making her debut as a solo artist and not with a group, she has worked harder to ensure the top quality of her album. There are a lot of things planned to stir curiosity.

Her debut album is currently scheduled for official release some time in May. Meanwhile, Chungha is scheduled to appear on vlive later today, April 12, at 8PM KST where she is expected to reveal more about her preparations.

Kim Chungha's solo debut will be released on various music sites on April 21st.

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👕BP Rania roundup!👕

your erstwhile resident Spica omona stan brings you this Rania roundup!

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WINNER mega post (Dingo, Fool practice, Cultwoo, MLT, Billboard, Weekly Idol, Apple Music, Mucore)

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so many updates
as an Inner Circle I am overwhelmed
so this is what it feels to have a group actually truly promote

Lee Sung Kyung In Talks For Potential First Movie Role

On April 12, reports from various news outlets revealed that Lee Sung Kyung might be starring in her first movie ever.

An inside source stated, “Lee Sung Kyung has received a casting offer for the movie ‘Lovesling’ (tentative title).

In response to these reports, a source from YG Entertainment said, “It is true that she received the offer, but we are still in talks.

“Lovesling” tells the story about a father and son uniting through wrestling. Yoo Hae Jin has received an offer for the role of the father.

Lee Sung Kyung was previously planning on making her film debut through the movie “Broker” last year. Unfortunately, production for “Broker” is currently on hiatus. In response to questions about her role in this film, the YG source commented, “I’m not sure about ‘Broker.’ We haven’t heard anything.”

Would you like to see Lee Sung Kyung in “Lovesling”?

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BTOB Peniel's First Photography Exhibition 'PENOGRAPHY' Round-Up

BTOB’s Peniel is holding held his first photo exhibit called “PENOGRAPHY” starting today on March 30!

It will take took place at gallery White Studio located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. He will be gifting gifted fans not only with photos uploaded on his Instagram account “PENOGRAPHY310,” but also photos yet to be revealed.

The exhibition’s name “PENOGRAPHY” combines his name “Peniel” and the word “photography,” conveying the message that Peniel wants to show his own perspectives and colors in his photos.

In the morning of March 30, he posted on his Instagram to share his feelings about opening his photo exhibition.

Last September, he showed his interest in photography and filmography by directing the music video for BTOB-BLUE’s “Stand By Me” and gained himself the nickname “P-artist.”

A source from his agency Cube Entertainment stated, “As this is his first personal exhibition, Peniel has worked on it very carefully. He checked each beam projectors’ locations and paths, and there’s also an audio guide recorded by Peniel himself. Please look forward to it.”

“PENOGRAPHY” will be was open from noon to 8 p.m. KST starting on March 30. The exhibit will end ended on April 12.

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I'm glad that Cube gave him the opportunity to pursue and show off his interests & happy to see the support he received from everyone!
佐藤健 -> Tokyo Tower

Park Hyung Sik Officially Signs Contract With New Agency

On April 12, United Artists Agency (UAA) announced through an official statement that actor Park Hyung Sik had officially joined the agency and asked fans to show their support for the actor’s new beginning at UAA.

Earlier this month, it had been reported that UAA, which also manages star actors like Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo, expressed interest in signing Park Hyung Sik, as he became a free agent after the end of his contract with Star Empire Entertainment.

Park Hyung Sik debuted in 2010 as a member of ZE:A and launched his career as an actor while he was still a member of the idol group. The actor has appeared in dramas like “Nine,” “High Society,” “Heirs,” “Hwarang,” and is currently starring in the popular JTBC drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Park Hyung Sik is a rising star in the industry and is being noticed for his wide range as an actor.

UAA expressed their positive sentiments about their partnership with the actor and said, “Park Hyung Sik is an actor with a diverse array of charms and outstanding acting abilities. Having the opportunity to work with him is a blessing. Park Hyung Sik is a multi-talented actor and we will work our hardest to show off Park Hyung Sik’s many strengths.”

Source: Soompi via naver

OMONA'S PICK: Top 10 Giriboy Songs To Chill And Be Sad To

Giriboy has an extensive discography dating back to 2011. His songs mostly deal with topics surrounding unfortunate romance as his musical alter ego bumbles his way haplessly from doomed relationship to doomed relationship. Whether you're sad, depressed, or just have a lot of feelings, Giriboy's discography has you covered. As a lot of his music is approached with a sense of humor, you can also just have a chuckle at poor Giri's misfortune.

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Have you been as unlucky in love as our boy Giriboy, Omona? What are your worst dating experiences?

No one congratulated me on my first post last week. Please congratulate me on my first !Omona Exclusive