April 15th, 2017

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minhyuk tried to hit on someone on insta and flops while doing so

BTOB‘s Minhyuk got involved in a bit of a mess recently, as he recently tried to send a message to an alleged ex-girlfriend through Instagram, but his supposed ex’s current boyfriend saw it and left an angry comment on his Instagram in reply. So Minhyuk took to his fan cafe for damage control and wrote a statement to his fans.

“I feel that it’s embarrassing to go on and on explaining what happened, and it may cause further misunderstanding. This is why I’m giving a simple explanation. Yesterday during the day, I sent my former girlfriend a message. I was curious how she was doing because it’s been a while, so I sent a message that said, ‘Why don’t I have your number?’ That was all, but in the end, I did something stupid that I shouldn’t have done.

It wasn’t a meaningful message, and I was just asking how she was doing in passing. However, it seems I’ve made a silly mess. Her boyfriend may have been angry as he left a comment on my Instagram expressing his unhappiness. Despite the reason I sent the message, I was in the wrong for sending a message without knowing she has a boyfriend.

This has made me realize that it’s immature to think of past relationships. Melodies could’ve gone on without knowing about this, but instead of letting rumors spread, I thought it’d be better to just explain myself.

There’s nothing more I can say. Please don’t look into it too much. The recent rumors concerning me are almost all false. The members and I have a deep, big love for Melody. If there are those who were disappointed because of this recent issue, I apologize. With this situation in mind, I’ll take extra care about my actions in the future.”


Okay, so he’s saying he basically did the Instagram equivalent of drunk dialing, didn’t know his supposed ex-gf had a boyfriend, and it pissed the boyfriend off. Embarrassing but understandable and not worth writing about.

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bri baby

DAY6 perform 'I'm Serious' and cover Kim Gun-mo's 'Sleepless Rainy Night' on HongKiRa

Kim Gun-mo - 'Sleepless Rainy Night'

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Source: KBSCoolFM

OP IS SCREAMING!!! I'M SO HAPPY THEY COVERED THIS SONG AGAIN BECAUSE IT'S THE ONE THAT GOT ME INTO THEM!!! and now I don't have to rewatch that crappily edited cut of that one WIN episode where they keep cutting to jinwoo's annoying face!!

also, Brian is in a v-neck! I'M SO BLESSED!
Chicks 4 lyfe

Lay's Japan Photoshoot

Have you been wondering what Lay has been up to during Exo's hiatus? Well wonder no more! Shots have been released for Lay's new Japanese Photoshoot entitled "Tokyo Travel"! The photos are part of a spread for China's VogueMe. These are just the first set, as the photographer of the shoot stated there are more to be released.

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Lay's hands 1,
2, 3
Exofanbase_int via jiu pepret d

Bonus Pic from yixingsforehead

All Hail Laysus!
rosé h8s yg

BLACKPINK's Whistle & Playing With Fire MVs hit 100 Million Views on Youtube!

Only 8 months after debut, 3 out of 4 of Blackpink's MVs have surpassed 100 Million Views!

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Source: BLACKPINK | yg-life.com

i miss my giiirls! i mean, they're really active on social media, sure. but i want more songs damn it! and blackpink TV! Rosé changed her hair color and Jisoo has new highlights though, so hopefully that's something??

Kahi Points Out Difference Between First And Second Season Contestants Of “Produce 101”

Kahi, the dance trainer for both seasons of “Produce 101,” compared the second season participants to the first season contestants of the show.

On the April 14 episode of “Produce 101 Season 2,” the trainers continued to evaluate the trainees while dividing them up into ranking groups based on their skills and talents.

After observing the different trainees, Kahi commented, “I think the male participants in this season are a bit calmer. I remember the first season contestants dressing up in unique costumes and showing off their individuality. There were a lot of girls who left a strong impression on me. A few of them even showed us their acting skills.”

“I thought Ariyoshi Risa was the best,” chimed Cheetah.

source: naver, soompi

omona, do you remember what your fav performance from back then was? was it the iconically bad sohye performance or risa's jacket flapping one?

on another note, my friends and i are planning to binge watch season 1 and make a drinking game out of it. here's what we have so far! any suggestions would be great :')
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Girl’s Day’s Sojin Recalls Frightening Incident That Once Happened To Them At Airport

The members of Girl’s Day recently talked about a scary incident that once happened to them while they were traveling.

On the April 13 episode of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Girl’s Day appeared as a guest, where member Sojin shared her experience.

She said, “When we go to the airport, sometimes there are people who want to take a photo. But at that time, because of the situation we were in, we told the person that we would give him a signature instead. He then suddenly started complaining, saying, ‘What’s the big deal with Girl’s Day that you can’t even let me take a picture? Where is your company?'”

She continued, saying, “Even our manager was assaulted. When I met the person on the plane, I glared at him. Then he cursed at me, so I replied, ‘Why did you hit our manager?'”

Hyeri then shared, “But the people who were on the plane saw that. They comforted us and even sent us letters. We were touched by their gesture.”

source: nate, soompi

another incident of a man feeling entitlted towards women? what else is new
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KPOPALYPSE INTERVIEW: Melanie Lee (ex-ChoColat)

Most k-pop performers don’t want to do Kpopalypse Interview, and given the pressures on them to keep up a squeaky-clean image, who can blame them? My interview series goes deep – as deep as my interview subjects are willing to go, and certainly far deeper than the k-pop industry as a whole is comfortable with. Which was why I was surprised when I received this:

Naturally I was keen to talk to Melanie, who was particularly brave and had a lot to say. All of it is below, with almost no editing. Read on and be informed!
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source: kpopalypse, TheRealChocholat yt
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so what's the truth: former classmate & teacher say minhyun didn't steal a bike

In perhaps one of the oddest K-pop stories, a former classmate and a former teacher are now defending NU’EST‘s Minhyun against his own admission that he stole a bike, sold it, and later the police came looking for him. Basically, they are saying he tried to make something up to be entertaining on radio and the event as he told it was an exaggerated account of what happened.

Minhyun’s friend clarifies that instead of stealing bikes off the racks or something, they took broken bikes to sell to the junkyard.
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in today's wtf news: delulu fan tried to propose to pristin's kyulkyung (pinky) @ fansign

A fan has been harassing Pristin and Kyulkyung for a while now, according to other fans. Recently he posted that he was going to one of their fansigns, and he had actually planned to propose to her, but was thankfully stopped by security/managers.

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sources: asianjunkie, twitter @shofuwaaa, @goddesschungha_