April 18th, 2017

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DIA Reveals Phone Number To Talk With Fans

On April 19, DIA will release their comeback album, “YOLO.”

To kick off their comeback promotions, DIA is holding a special event to communicate with fans. DIA has made public a phone number (010-6444-1201) that fans can dial to talk to DIA on the phone.

Although it is not a personal phone number for any of the DIA members, this number is a real line that will connect a few lucky callers to DIA in real time. The callers connected to DIA will be chosen randomly from all of the callers.

source: nate, soompi

are they going to broadcast these calls live or is it just an idol and you kind of moment? literally so much could go wrong with this wtf. anything that happens in real time has the potential to go terribly. idols being able to read negative and fucked up comments (eg. rv's yeri's vlive incident) in real time is already bad enough

Pledis Addresses Incident Involving PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung And Inappropriate Fan

Previous post on this incident can be found here

Pledis Entertainment has spoken up about what happened at a recent PRISTIN fan signing.

PRISTIN is currently holding fan signings and promoting their debut track “WEE WOO.” At one of these fan signings, a fan was about to give Kyulkyung a sketchbook. A manager took away the sketchbook before Kyulkyung had a chance to look at it. Other fans observing the fan signing recorded this incident and posted it on social media.

The fan in question was revealed to be have prepared a confession for Kyulkyung. However, it appears as though his sketchbook included words of sexual harassment. A source from Pledis revealed that fans informed the management about the creepy fans’ intentions which resulted in the manager and the head of the agency attending and watching over the event.

The source from Pledis said, “The manager discovered the sketchbook first and prevented him [from committing sexual harassment]. Many fans provided tips and the agency found out through the community, so there were plans to keep a close eye on everything. The head of the agency goes to fan signings often. With the recent hidden camera glasses incident with GFRIEND, we wanted to be especially mindful since sexual issues can occur when there are many male fans. In order to prevent such issues, we have enforced a notification about using honorific language and such.”

source: nate, soompi, knock_com

you could also just check all gifts before they even reach your artists??? but okay. glad they brought up the gfriend incident though
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Lovelyz’s Soojung Reveals What She Wants To Do Most With Her Future Income

In a recent teaser for her upcoming variety drama, KBS’s “Idol Drama Operation Team,” Lovelyz’s Soojung opened up about her group’s current salary, or lack thereof.

When an idol group debuts, much of the income made during the beginning of their career are used to settle any “balance” they have remaining with their agency. Since their respective company has usually footed the monetary expenses needed for their training, any production costs, wardrobe, and other aspects of becoming an idol, these young stars are subsequently “in debt” if and when they debut.

Soojung revealed how Lovelyz has yet to break even with their own agency, and how they still “owe money.” When asked about what she would like to do once she receives her own profits, the Lovelyz member explained, “These days, I want to hurry and give back to my parents when I see them having difficulty working. I want to provide [my parents] with money, and cover my older sister’s university tuition fees.”

She also addressed when the group will be allowed to have their own cell phones, and explained, “We’re set [to have phones] once we win number one on a music show.”

Meanwhile, Soojung will be joining six other girl group members in the upcoming drama “Idol Drama Operation Team,” where they will be writing and acting out their own scripts. The unique program will premiere on May 29 via Naver TV Cast and YouTube before airing on television.

source: nate, soompi

girlies are gonna be waiting a long ass time to get their phones back... wjsn also has the same rule regarding their phones

Rain & Kang Sora to lead new film

Singer-actor Rain and actress Kang So-ra have confirmed their roles in the upcoming film tentatively titled “Uhm Bok-dong.”

“Rain and Kang So-ra have decided to accept the lead roles. Rain will play Uhm Bok-dong, a cyclist hero, and Kang will play an independence fighter,” an official related to the film project said.

This will mark Rain’s return to the big screen after tying the knot with actress Kim Tae-hee on Jan. 19.

Min Hyo-rin and Park Jin-joo, who starred in the comedy-drama film “Sunny” (2011) with Kang, will also star in the upcoming film. Lee Bum-soo will not only star in the movie as Uhm’s teacher, Hwang Jae-ho, but will also produce the film with director Kim Yu-sung.

Other cast members include Go Chang-suk, who was in the MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” in 2015, Lee Gyoung-young, who starred in the crime-action film “The Merciless” (2017), and Lee Si-eon, who will star in the JTBC drama “Man X Man.”

“Uhm Bok-dong” tells the story of the real-life cyclist Uhm Bok-dong, who became a symbol of pride for Koreans during the Japanese colonial era. Filming will start this month.


Lee Min Ho Enlisting on May 12

On April 18, a source from MYM Entertainment spoke with news outlets and said, “Lee Min Ho will start his military service as a public service worker at Gangnam District Office in Seoul on May 12. He is planning on enlisting quietly.”

The agency source continued, “He received the public service worker verdict due to his car accidents in 2006 and 2011.”

Sources: Soompi/Naver

He's had his share of good and bad roles, but I'll always love him for City Hunter.

♫ story. op 2 - teaser #1 / title track information! ♫

following the confirmation of the release of the collection [story op. 2] yesterday, the first song from the album has been revealed: "lonely" feat. snsd's taeyeon. the song was composed and written by jonghyun with an arrangement done with jonghyun, imlay, monotree and wefreaky (his composition crew).

"lonely" will also be the title track for the album. the song is described as that contains tempered sequence and a minimal instrument configuration, a calm piano lead and six stringle ensemble that tells a conversation between jonghyun and taeyeon, whom are feeling lonely even when in each other's company and feel it's better off for them to be alone. the song will be portrayed as if the two of them are revealing this between one another in "said" conversation through two different sets of emotions. the collection [story op. 2] will be released digitally on april 24th at 6pm kst.

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source(s): jonghyun @ smtown - naver - @smtownglobal - vyrl

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Krystal with pigtails

Krystal For Vogue Korea's April 2017 Edition

For some reason Omona was robbed of Krystal's visuals when her photoshoot for Vogue Korea was not posted on this site. While it came out in March, today we shall be blessed with her classic, yet beautiful visuals.
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Krystal looks stunning as always.