April 23rd, 2017

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Broduce 98 - Ep. 2 [Eng]

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Source: 101_Subs, softsnuper

Do you livewatch or wait for the subbed episodes? I'll add the OL&DM-links once they are uploaded. Edit: Not available for these platforms.
Check out the discussion post for the full performances if you haven't yet. And please put anything about ep. 3 under a spoiler ♥


Chicago Typewriter Ep 3-6 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Writers that lived under Japanese rule in the 1930's are reincarnated into a bestselling writer who is in a slump, a mysterious ghostwriter and an anti-fan of the writer.
Cast: Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung, Go Kyung Pyo, Kwak Si Yang, Yang Jin Sung, Jo Woo Jin
Director: Kim Cheol Kyu
Writer: Jin Soo Wan
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 7-May 27, 2017
Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 20:00

Watch Here: Viki Dramafire

Sources: AsianWiki

Sorry about no post last week, I kind of forgot about both the drama and the post, but I'll make sure to have them up going forward.

Kriesha Tiu from "K-Pop Star 6" to debut next month

Kriesha Tiu, a contestant of SBS’ now-ended competition show “K-pop Star 6,” is set to debut solo in May, according to her agency Urban Works Entertainment.

The agency said Sunday that Tiu has been preparing for her debut since the program ended. She was a trainee of the agency before appearing in the program. “She has been working hard on her debut album before participating in the program,” said an agency official. “Her debut was delayed due to the program, but we will try our best to make the best of it.”

The exact date of the debut has yet to be revealed.

During the program, the Filipino-American contestant was known for her strong voice and impressive performances. She came in second place with her teammates Kim So-hee and Kim Hye-rim, under a group named KWINS, at the show’s final.

Tiu will participate in the “K-pop STAR & Friends” live concert from June 17 to 18 at Grand Peace Palace of Kyung Hee University, Seoul, with all of the other finalists from “K-pop Star 6.”

The audition program ended its six-year run on April 9 with its sixth winner teenage duo Boyfriend.


Stylecast 2017 Ep. 11

Hosted by Ashley from Ladies' Code & Xander Eusebio

Ep.11 - Chokers / Lace Fashion / Primers / Freckles makeup
Every week we bring you what's hot now in the Korean fashion & beauty scene! Which primers off you the best base and staying power for your makeup? Plus, a must-have accessory and fashion pick. You've seen this look on the likes of Red Velvet, BTOB, Astro's Cha Eun-woo, IOI and more... We're talking about 'freckles' makeup! Watch the look come alive by the talented hand of makeup artist Moon Hyun-jin.

I was actually on planning on getting that matte gel this week. Has anyone tried it? Would I still need a primer on top of that too?


The Return of Superman Ep 178

William and Sam visit a friend who also has an infant son named Noah. Seoeon and Seojun are visited by their favorite friends including a pair of raccoons. Two months ago, they had met the raccoons when they were small, but now they have grown so big that the twins call them boars. Soeul and Daeul go to the zoo at an amusement park where Bumsoo rides the roller coaster by himself.

William has a playdate with a new friend and they compete for Sam's attention. A blow up pool seems like a bad idea indoors, imo. Jiyong gets some help from a childcare expect. We've seen her before, she met with Jion too. That lady was quick lol! And she seemed so undisturbed and calm with Seungjae. SeolSuDae siblings went to visit a farm! Baby animals awww! Daebak also runs his first solo errand. SoDa siblings go to a zoo with friends, and Daesul gets cornered to pick his favorite noona lol poor baby.

IU Avocado

🎨 IU Performs Palette & TtN on Inkigayo, First Performance on a Music Show in Years 🎨

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Source: SBS Inkigayo 1, 2
I see all these articles saying it's her first time on a music show in about four years, b/c they consider her Red Shoes performances as her last ones. But she actually performed Meaning of You on a music show at least once? That would still make it almost three years though. 😩
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170423 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Through The Night'


'She's a Baby'


'Really Really'

Album Sales (음반) 0 0 257
SNS 1889 0 3500
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 0 0 280
Digital Sales (음원) 3807 3249 3799
Final Total 5696 5989 7836

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, K-POP Rumors, krungpopwendy09

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OMONA'S PICK: MV Producers/Directors Part 2: Naive Creative Studio 🎥

Hey Omona! I'm back with another round of "I totally didn't know they made that too!" aka Part 2 of my favorite Kpop MV producers. In this post we'll a look at Naive Creative Studio. I have a love-hate relationship with this company. I love so many things about the music videos that they make, BUT for some reason they like to annoy me by using a grey filter over everything.

Naive Creative Studio is a Seoul based video production house that started in 2011. They've worked with YG, LOEN, DSP, & PLEDIS, but they're most known for being JYPE's recent go to for most of their artists' music videos.

Some notable elements repeated in their work:
- bright colours, often muted
- that signature god damn awful grey filter that ruins all the videos for me
- fantastical and creative concepts
- is it a JYPE mv? it's probably by them

Watch some of their MVs below and let me know in the comments if you notice any other similarities in their work

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Sources: studio-naive | jypentertainment | YGEntertainment | 1theK | AKMU | EXID_OFFICIAL

Tell me your thoughts, Omona! Are you a fan of Naive's work? Do you hate the grey filter like I do? lol Which of their MVs is your fave?

Also, sorry this took so long, my laptop died on me and I had to buy a new hdd and everything. Hopefully I'll be able to make the next one sooner.
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BRODUCE 98 being criticized for unfair point system. M(ess)net responds.

SPOILER WARNING this article discusses events that occur in the (yet to be subbed) 3rd episode of Produce 101 Season 2. I've put everything under a cut, because I'm nice like that. Spoilers are allowed in the comments, no need for spoiler cuts.

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Sources: Naver 1 via Soompi 1 | Naver 2 via Soompi 2

What are your thoughts on the system change, Omona? Is anything Mnet is saying making sense to you? How would you change the point system?

Yeeun and Jinwoon Confirm Breakup

On April 24, it was revealed that Yeeun and Jeong Jinwoon have broken up after approximately four years of dating.

According to sources, the couple recently decided to remain as colleagues. One source said, “The couple who have broken up after dating for four years didn’t have a particular reason [for breaking up]. They naturally became distant.”

A source from Yeeun’s agency, Amoeba Culture, confirmed the news and stated, “It is true that she broke up with Jeong Jinwoon. We cannot reveal the reason for the break up as that is her private life.”

The musician couple met through being label mates at JYP Entertainment as a member of Wonder Girls and 2AM. They started dating in early 2014.

Sources: Soompi/Naver/Newsen

I'm bummed about this :(
lottie ♡ issue n°7

MONSTA X on the new yangnamja show!

OTHER LINKS: google drive, mega.nz

if anyone wants to watch the (legendary) hyungwon fancam used during the show, it's this one. my only psuedo real complaint is that i wish wonho talked more and a lot of the shownu and jooheon stuff they went over in the q&a corner has been easily talked about to death

hope this one is okay, mods!