April 26th, 2017

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EXO's Lay finally has his first on-screen kiss!

Last November, Chinese up-and-coming actor Zhang Yixing, who's also working part-time as a member of Korean boyband EXO under the name Lay, admitted in an interview that he's not a fan of kiss scenes. Back then he said: “Maybe it’s because I’m quite traditional and conservative, but having kiss scenes in dramas is a bit difficult for me to understand, especially because it’s something you do in a relationship.”

Well, it looks like he has changed his mind quite fast, because in his new drama Operation Love, which is currently airing in China, he finally got to have his first on-screen kiss!

Congrats to Lay for finally getting a kiss on camera! Watch the iconic scene below!

source: @layshands
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YG introduce new girl group: Neon Pink

Netizens spotted the latest girl group by YG Entertainment, and they say the members are just as beautiful as their BLACKPINK sisters!

Even before BLACKPINK debuted, rumors flew around that there were over 10 potential members. When it was revealed that only four members will complete BLACKPINK, many speculated that the rest of the members will debut in a sister group, much like WINNER and iKON.

Well apparently the rumors were true, because YG stans have caught sight of the latest girl group from YG Entertaiment, and they are so fabulous that it’s ridiculous.

Let us introduce you to the members of YG’s new girl group…. NEONPINK!

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source: kpopmap
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Mamamoo didn't learn a damn thing after their "apology", uploaded new bts video for messy VCR

[ENG SUB] [MMMTV2] Episode 11 - Genius... by mamamootrans

2:28 - Solar in blackface (brownface? they darkened her skin like 5 shades..)
3:18 - Caption calling Solar a beggar + many beggar jokes

I did some research, and to my understanding this is the bts footage of them refilming the 'Uptown Funk' concert VCR (created after the backlash of the first blackface incident and "apology".) They used the characters from an SNL skit that they did back in Dec of 2016, but this time instead of just making Solar dirty, they darkened her skin too..

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Source: MAMAMOO via Mamamoo Trans | MOZZI FACTORY

please make them fucking stop. what's worse than cancelled??

UPDATED with even more info

Jonghyun Talks About Life After His Radio Show + Taeyeon Being His Muse

SHINee’s Jonghyun made a guest appearance on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” on April 26 and opened up about being back on a MBC radio station for the first time in three weeks.

On April 2, Jonghyun said farewell to his show, “Blue Night” after being the DJ for three years and four months. Regarding this, the idol said, “This is my first time back at the MBC Radio center in three weeks. The first thing I did was check to see if my entrance pass still worked. I wondered if they had cut my access off as soon as I had left my show. But it still works. I got a little emotional when I saw the light turn green.”

He also added that since leaving his show, he has never left his house after midnight. Jonghyun stated, “I heard that sleeping before midnight is good for your health. Now that I sleep earlier, I also wake up earlier. Today, I woke up at 7:30 a.m.. I’ve been meeting a specialist to better my sleeping habits.”

Jonghyun also talked about his new solo title track, “Lonely,” which features Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. He stated, “It was a song that was perfect for her. I wanted to take the aura that she has, where she’s a bright and happy person with a sensitive and lonely side as well, and put that in the lyrics. I thought of her while I was writing the lyrics and melody.”

He also thanked Taeyeon for agreeing to feature in the song and said, “I felt bad about asking her for this big favor. Her part is quite big, and it could have been a bit too much to ask for, but I’m grateful that she was more than happy to work with me.”

SOURCES: Nate via Soompi
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K-Popstar 6 News Roundup

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Source: OSEN 1 2 3, Herald Pop, news1, StarNews via balloon_wanted, Nate News, MBN via Soompi (1) (2)

Father, I'll Take Care Of You Ep 42 - 45 Discussion Post

Synopsis:After their 4 children become independent, an old couple decide to live for themselves. One day, their 4 children come back to them.

Cast: Kim Jae Won, Park Eun Bin (Our Age Of Youth BBY!), Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Tae Hwan (W's 2nd Prince!), Kim Yong Rim, Na Moon Hee, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Hye Ok, Lee Seung Joon, Hwang Dong Joo, Kim Sun Young, Shin Dong Mi, Lee Seul Bi, Jo Sun Mook
Network: MBC
Writer: Jo Jung Sun
Director: Lee Dae Young
Episodes: 50 (?)
Released: November 12, 2016 - ??
Days: Saturday & Sunday; 22:00
Watch: kissasian, thedramacool,
Sources: Asianwiki

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Donghui, you got the juice now.... *daps*