April 27th, 2017

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New Girl Group Featuring “Produce 101” Lee Soohyun And “K-Pop Star 6” Jeon Min Joo

On April 26, HYWY Entertainment unveiled the name, logo, and team photo of their new girl group.

The new team will be called DAYDAY and will have five members. The name was chosen to represent a team that people will want to spend everyday with. Members will include Jeon Min Joo from “K-Pop Star 6 (and The Ark)” and Lee Soohyun from “Produce 101.”

Other members include Kim Eun Bi, who also has a lot of broadcasting experience, and Seol Ah. One of the members still remains a mystery as the teaser photo includes only her silhouette.

To familiarize yourself with the group, watch Jeon Min Joo, Kim Eun Bi, and Lee Soohyun’s cover of the female and male versions of “Pick Me” from Mnet’s “Produce 101”!

DAYDAY is aiming to make a debut in June 2017. Are you excited for this group?

source: nate, soompi

will i ever get over how great the ark could've been? probably never. i don't remember this girl from pd101 at all
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“Strong Family 2017” Responds To Allegations That It Threw Shade At Jessica And Krystal

The production team behind SBS’s drama “Strong Family 2017” has responded to allegations that it was throwing shade at K-pop siblings Jessica and Krystal on their show.

On the April 24 KST broadcast of “Strong Family 2017,” a scene taking place at a charnel house (a building where human skeletal remains are stored) was shown. During that scene, the name Jung Soo Yeon and Jung Soo Jung appeared on a list, for the deceased and the visitor, respectively. Viewers who recognized the names questioned their use, which are the real Korean names of Jessica and Krystal, asking whether it was just coincidence or some form of attack on the celebrity siblings.

The production team responded, however, that there was no such intention and it was just coincidence. It stated that it did not know there would be such a response and that it did not make any sense that it was their intention to attack them.

source: naver, soompi

how do people even notice this stuff lmao. anyway...i miss the best pair of siblings in kpop, where is my jessica and krystal season 2

EXID Members Hilariously Reveal Which Idols They Love

EXID members Junghwa, Hani, and LE appeared as guests on the April 26 broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio,” where they each picked which idols they have recently been a fan of.

Junghwa unhesitatingly chose IU, saying, “The members and I recently got to meet IU at a music show. We even exchanged CDs. It was great.”

Hani then shared that she was a huge fan of Oh My Girl’s Arin. “I like her because she’s pretty. She’s close to my ideal type. [I see her often these days] because our promotions have been overlapping, and she’s just really pretty,” she gushed.

Next up was LE, who decided to choose her fellow member. She hilariously revealed, “I like EXID’s Hyerin. She’s totally my type because she just says whatever she wants.”

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source: nate, soompi, velvethuntys, heeyeoff, wtEXID 1 2

hani x arin is the cutest thing ever

Demicat - "Oredorok" album post

From Earmilk's album review:

'Representing Seoul, Demicat is an up and coming producer who's got a vibrant sound inspired from his own culture in cohesion with today's electronic sounds. His sound has gone through a sort of metamorphosis over the years, evolving from a trippy chill-hop sound to experimental bass and now with his latest EP Oredorok, he's painted a sound he can truly call his own.

In Oredorok – which translates to "Forever" or "For A Long Time" from Korean – we're exposed to Demicat's cultural reflection in sonic form. The EP is riddled in oriental inspired instruments and melodies mixed in with modern electronic synths. He has managed to fuse the opposing sounds together organically, curating an audial conversation between his roots and the updated style he executes. Crisp production and percussion stand out in tracks like "Spirit Moves" and "Chiwazen", really accentuating the oriental vibe of his sound. "LIGHT" is another standout track off the EP, featuring sweet vocals from songstress Neon Bunny. The track begins with glistening harp chords and an angelic introduction with Neon Bunny's vocals. It leads to a trickling build up which pushes out a warping drop, utilizing hollow synths and jaunty strings. All in all, Oredorok is an exciting release from Demicat, as he showcases to the world a unique hybrid sound that speaks narratively and is also a sonic adventure.'

If you like the album, you can follow the links here to purchase it on your preferred platform, including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Soundcloud. He also has an instagram if you want to follow.

Source: Spotify, fanlink, djdemicat instagram, demicat soundcloud, earmilk
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✨ APink Celebrates 6th Anniversary! ✨

🐼 🎂 On April 19, 2011, APink made their debut with 몰라요 (I Don't Know). They've since released three full-length Korean albums, five EPs, one special album, and two full-length Japanese albums.

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Source: @Apink_2011 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11, Apink@YT, ApinkChoromi

Happy 6th anniversary my record-setting goofy queens! (Sorry this is a week late 😞...)
Favorite A Pink song/member/variety show?

💄 HyunA 💄 on Skin Exposure and Her Sexy Image

Singer HyunA shared her reflections on wearing revealing clothing on stage.

On the April 26 broadcast of her new reality show “Triple H Detective Agency,” HyunA recognized that skin exposure was part of her sexy image. She said, “Talk about skin exposure will continue to follow me going forward, and it’s something I have to accept. I don’t like revealing skin for the sake of revealing skin.”

She expressed her frustration by saying, “In dramas or movies, there is skin exposure for good reason [and everyone accepts that]. However, when I expose skin on stage, it doesn’t seem to come across that way.”

She also talked about the label that always follows her, which is that, “If HyunA wears that, it will be sexier.” She said, “I want to compliment myself for becoming someone with a strong color. I plan to make [that image] even stronger through stage performances.”

HyunA added that she would like to continue showing a healthy body and image on stage.

Meanwhile, she will be making a comeback as part the unit group Triple H along with her labelmates, PENTAGON’s E’Dawn and Hui on May 1.

SOURCES: Insight via Soompi

I-Fans & Bom come through for Minzy

On April 17, Gong Minzy made a return with her upbeat pop and hip-hop number, “NINANO,” from her first mini album “MINZY WORK 01 UNO.” Upon releasing the track, the singer snatched the No. 1 spot on the US and Brazil iTunes charts. She also snagged the No. 1 spot on Korea’s Olleh Music chart and had an impressive record on other domestic charts as well.

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SOURCES: Nate via Soompi + @haroobomkum
rosé h8s yg

Broduce 98 A Class '나야 나 (Pick Me)' Special Stage on MCountdown!

Source: Mnet K-POP

Mnet PD-nim knows Daniel is the new it-boy, just look at how many close-ups he gets! Was this shot with a friggin flip phone?? even the Naver upload is pixelated..

Would you guys be interested in a live streaming discussion post for this upcoming episode of Broduce? (April 28, 11pm KST)

nah YAH nah
NAH yah nah