May 1st, 2017


BRODUCE 98: Kwon Hyun Bin deletes all photos on instagram after recent backlash

YGKPLUS trainee Kwon Hyun Bin has deleted all the photos from his Instagram account following backlash from his appearance on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

During the episode that aired on April 28, Kwon Hyun Bin was shown alongside other trainees as they rehearsed Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” for the group battle competition.

On this day, many viewers were turned off by what they saw as an insincere attitude from Kwon Hyun Bin as he didn’t take the time to properly learn the choreography.

The trainer who came in to check up on Group 2 told Kwon Hyun Bin off for his lack of preparation, but Pledis’s Kim Jong Hyun came to his defense, blaming himself and saying, “I think it’s because I didn’t do my job as the leader of this group properly."

Even after this, Kwon Hyun Bin would inconvenience his team by often disappearing during rehearsals, saying that he’s someone who needs a lot of sleep.
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sources: soompi, insight

current BRODUCE98 bingo chart

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so what's the truth: YG says Park Bom is not part of The Black Label


In a statement just made to the media, a YG Entertainment representative said, “It is completely unfounded that Park Bom will be promoting under the Black Label.”

sources: @oh_mes, naver, moonrok, herald pop

[vixx] n

VIXX announces 4th mini and next title track

On May 2 at midnight KST, VIXX’s official Twitter account dropped the first look at their upcoming comeback. Written in Chinese characters on traditional paper, the title track and the album appear to have the same name. In Hangul, the characters spell out “Do Won Kyung.” The characters refer to the “Peach Blossom Spring” in a Chinese fable about eternal paradise.

source: Real VIXX
source: Soompi

It translates out to Shangri-La or Eden. Praying for a historical concept!

Tunnel Ep 11-12 Discussion Post

Synopsis: In 1986, Detective Park Kwang Ho desperately tries to catch a serial killer. He chases after the serial killer and goes through a tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel, Detective Park Kwang Ho finds himself in the year 2017. The serial killer has resumed the killings that began 30 years ago. Kwang Ho works with Detective Kim Sun Jae and Professor of Criminal Psychology Shin Jae-Yi to catch the killer.
Cast: Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min, Lee Yoo Young, Jo Hee Bong
Writer: Lee Eun Mi
Network: OCN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: March 25 - May 21, 2017
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:00

Watch Here: Viki Dramafire

Source: AsianWiki

HOW am I supposed to wait 2 weeks for the next episode with that ending????

netizens ain't here for hyuna & the boys

Article: "A unit that brings something new"... Triple H, Hyuna's version of rebellious sexiness
Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+1,202, -38] The concept... is a bit... much... yup;
2. [+792, -43] Breadwinner Hyuna...
3. [+606, -18] What is going on
4. [+422, -23] Hyuna's suffering for this ㅠ but I feel like this unit isn't getting attention anyway ㅠ (OP note: *looks at upvotes of all three articles* ok if you say so 👀)
5. [+293, -8] Isn't this concept too much? What do they expect students to learn from this? (OP note: then what do they expect students to learn from wolf for example? 🤔) Their agency is so irresponsible.
6. [+284, -5] They all look drugged out... I feel bad for them
7. [+274, -4] Feels wrong to glamorize bad things like drugs, suicide attempts, kissing in the bathroom... The music video makes it seem like that's a normal lifestyle
8. [+235, -3] It concerns me that they're idols whose main consumer base are teens... they're showing negative sexual things to them ㅠㅠ
9. [+217, -6] Aigoo, this is quite dirty

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sources: netizenbuzz 1, 2, herald pop, nate, donga ilbo
nayeon, jennie

Unnies comeback on May 12


The second generation of Unnies is finally making their debut!

KBS’s program “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” revealed on April 28 that the Unnies members will perform their title track “Right?” on “Music Bank.” This performance, to be held on May 12, will be the official debut for the project group from this season.

The group has been building anticipation with their impressive progress showcased through each episode of the program. The members have also been working on connecting with fans through weekly live broadcasts on V App.

It was recently revealed that they will be donating the profits from their track, as previously done by the members of the first season.

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sources: soompi, osen, eric c @ youtube, unnies vlive

So Somi's got a new crew and she's coming for Twice again! Hoping for so many interactions.

DIA reveals finding soju bottles next to Chaeyeon when she sleeps

Article: 'Hello' DIA Ki Heehyun, "There's always a soju bottle next to Chaeyeon when she sleeps"
Source: Herald Pop via Nate

"I use the same room as Chaeyeon and whenever I come back from finishing a schedule, I always find soju bottles next to Chaeyeon. The members don't like drinking so she drinks by herself."

1. [+391, -26] Don't make stories up ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ don't act like she does this every day when it's probably her first time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this whole "free spirited" act isn't believable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+313, -23] Sigh, you'll say anything to get in the headlines, right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You're going to get hate if you keep making up stories like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+285, -24] DIA... your career will DIE if you keep saying stuff like this...
4. [+24, -6] Are they eyeing a soju CF or...?
5. [+21, -4] It's not even something positive to share, why would you share this about your own team member....
6. [+18, -0] Such an obviously made up story... what does that make her then, an alcoholic?
7. [+14, -0] It honestly does sound made up. I'd understand if it was beer or whatever but soju?
8. [+13, -4] ?? Or maybe she didn't make it up? Because I remember Chaeyeon said on a show that she uses soju bottles to massage her face when it's swollen in the morning
9. [+10, -1] The story sounds like something her agency made her make up to get in the headlines ㅋㅋ
10. [+9, -3] I thought she'd end the story with how Chaeyeon uses it to massage herself but ㅋㅋ straight up likes drinking ㅋㅋ
11. [+4, -1] Doesn't that also mean Chaeyeon's going through hard times to drink them away?
12. [+3, -0] Makes her sound like an alcoholic

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sources: netizenbuzz, herald pop, @chaebinseu 1, 2



place your bets omona! which group with the ioi girls or solo artist chungha will be the first to get their first win (music show-wise)?
tzuyu heart shaker

EXID’s Hani Shows Off Her Success As A Fan Of Oh My Girl’s Arin

EXID’s Hani has achieved her fangirl dreams!

On May 1, Hani posted a photo with Oh My Girl’s Arin and a birthday gift she got her. The gift from Arin contains the sweet message, “Happy birthday. I love you.”

Hani’s caption reads “Arin, I am honored♥ I will cherish it forever #SuccessfulFanHani #ArinTheBest.”

Hani has previously revealed many times on variety programs that she is a huge fan of Arin. On one radio show, she shared, “I am a fan of Arin. She is pretty and close to my ideal type. I am so happy that we are promoting together these days.”

sources: naver, soompi, ahn_hani92

more evidence of arin x hani here and here. this is so cute omg, nayeon step up your game :')

Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Married and Pregnant

Two months after Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee admitted that they were dating, (and 3 months after his breakup with Jiyeon was confirmed) it has now been revealed that they have legally gotten married and are expecting a child!

Lee Dong Gun himself wrote to his fans, “I am writing this because I think all of you should be the first ones to know. Jo Yoon Hee and I, who met through a drama and became lovers, have registered our marriage and legally become husband and wife. While preparing to get married, we were blessed with a child, and we are thankfully and eagerly waiting for the child’s birth. For now, I will be focusing on my drama ‘Seven Day Queen’ (tentative title), and we will hold a private wedding with our family and close acquaintances once I am done with the project. I am unsure about how this news will be received by my fans who have always supported me, but as much as I want to become a better actor and a happier person, it is my wish to receive blessings from all of you. Please look over us warmly. In order to repay the love I’ve received from everyone, I will work hard to become an even better actor and a great husband.”

Sources: Soompi/Naver/Nate