May 4th, 2017


KARD Mini Airport Post

KARD was spotted at Incheon airport heading to Canada for their first (pre-debut) american tour
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Broduce 98 - Ep. 4 [Eng]

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Do you like OMONAs voting results more than the official results?

There will be a new streaming post tomorrow 11:00 PM KST / 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM GMT. Last week was super fun, but I'll prepare tissues for this week's elimination.
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#GFRIEND #Sowon #PRISTIN #Nayoung #LeaderLine ㅋㅋ #now Having Lunch. ❤️ Everyone have a good meal!

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i love how sowon actually tagged it with leader line. i knew they were friends but my heart wasn't ready/expecting to get selfies! they probably spent the lunch talking about how tiring it is to take care of their energetic kids :')

omona, which same age idol would you want to be friends with?
nayeon, jennie

Taecyeon exposes Jihyo's dark past

I know it's been a lot of Twice posts lately, but this is so adorable. Yesterday Taecyeon posted a screencap of this video on his twitter. It's a bit were Twice parody the Signal drama, and Jihyo warns her 11-year-old self to not hit Taecyeon with a bag, because he'll never let it go. When people kept pestering Taecyeon to tell the story, he posted this video of a girl named G-Su throwing a ball at him:

sources: taecyeon @ youtube, taecyeon @ twitter

It's hard to imagine that Jihyo was already there when Wonder Girls debuted, before 2pm and all the others. The memories she must have. Omona, do you know of other long time trainees with similar stories?

The Return of Superman OGG babies update

The last time we saw these three lovely little ladies, it was at their joint first birthday party. They've grown up in the past few months away from the camera. Last week was especially meaningful for two of the families.

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I'm thinking of making little updates for the past families too. Yes? No?

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