May 9th, 2017

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Monsta X play the consonant game for Nimdle

One by one, the members take turns to give out consonants while the other 6 members have to fight for their attention and explain the word with their body. For each round, the loser has to choose a drink that will either be coffee or anchovy juice.

[ENG] 170421 Ah!Nimdle Monsta X Ep.1 by monstaxsubs

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source: monstaxsubs, cheesexcake

i LOVE nimdle videos! they're hilarious. this was good to learn some new vocab too lol
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Lawd Have Mercy: Iconically Bad Kpop Performances

There are many Kpop idols that can croon with the best, shattering the stereotype that all idols are untalented. Examples would be Taeyeon, Jonghyun, Onew, Exo's main vocalists, Hyolin, Brown Eyed Girls, Mamamoo fuck em' though, etc. However, this list is not about them, but the idols who fuel the stereotype. Turn down the volume of your headsets, 'cause let's take a trip through Awesomelly Bad Kpop Performances!
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Header Gif Source as well as Tiffany's video: OnlyPJY 6

Discuss these as well as other bad/lulzy kpop performances below!

Kyuhyun to release new single before enlistment

Kyuhyun, a member of South Korean idol group Super Junior, will drop a new song one day before his scheduled military enlistment, his agency said Monday.

The singer will simultaneously upload the Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions of "Goodbye for Now" to major music streaming sites on May 24 at 6 p.m., S.M. Entertainment said.

The 29-year-old singer will enter an Army boot camp in Nonsan, 213 kilometers south of Seoul, the next day to receive four weeks of basic military training. He will then fulfill his duty as a public service worker, instead of active duty, due to physical injuries from a car accident in 2007. All able-bodied Korean men are required to complete about 20 months of military service before the age of 35 in South Korea.

He is scheduled to hold a fan meeting called "Goodbye for Now" at Kyunghee University in northeastern Seoul on May 20.

source: Yonhap News

Song Ji-hyo for Vidivici

Song Ji-hyo has been recently selected as the new model for a local cosmetics brand, according to her agency.

“Song Ji-hyo became a new muse for the brand named ‘Vidivici’ and she will promote the brand’s new beauty product, which will be launched on May 18,” My Company said.

“The actress can exude fresh charm to elegant ambience,” the brand said. “Since she has been enjoying high popularity both in Korea and abroad, we chose her to promote our brand.” Vidivici released some photos of Song from the recent shoot, along with a clip showing the making of its upcoming commercial.

The 35-year-old actress is also filming for an upcoming romance movie tentatively titled “Wind Wind Wind” with co-star Shin Ha-kyun.

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source: KPopHerald & VIDIVICI YouTube
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Moon Jae In Is The New President Of South Korea

As of 10:50 p.m. KST, roughly three hours since voting was concluded for Korea’s 19th presidential election, JTBC, KBS, and MBC, among other media outlets, have reported that Moon Jae In of the Democratic Party of Korea has been de facto confirmed as the new president of South Korea, with, currently, 38 percent of the vote nationwide.

Although votes are still being tallied, the runner-up candidates, Hong Jun Pyo of the Liberty Korea Party (with 28.4 percent of the vote) and Ahn Cheol Soo of the People’s Party (21.2 percent), have conceded the election to Moon Jae In.

source: soompi
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Omona they didn't! Times Celebs Stripped Off *NSFW* 18+

Kpop celebs usually have a clean, girl/boy next door image to uphold for their fans. Usually. There have been times where they have shed that innocent image. Literally. Let's take a look into times where stars have willingly bared it all for the camera.
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JYP photos originally uploaded at cafedaum via romi. Found at tinypic, pinkfashionninja. antikpopfangirl, fabricadeidols,,, absoluteshinhwa, allaboutshinhwa, dispatch
Shinhwa photos by photographer Kim Jungman. Originally uploaded online by shinhwa chick (bless her, wherever she is).

Welp, urm, discuss the contents of this post. Also feel free to post pics and gifs of other kpop stars who have stripped for the camera.
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💎 seventeen in LA roundup post 💎

warning: media heavy!

why was seventeen in LA?
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airport pictures
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spottings in LA
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weibo posts
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instagram posts
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twitter updates
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v live broadcasts
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translations: svtglobal @ twitter (1, 2, 3), eostower @ twitter (1, 2, 3), others by me as indicated

sorry that this post is so overdue and monstrously long! they did a lot while they were in LA lmao
What are you hoping to see in their next comeback?