May 13th, 2017

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want to join BP Rania? here's your chance! (if you live in NYC + don't love yourself enough)

alternate title: DR Music continues to wreck BP Rania beyond recogni- lol what recognition

EDIT: Bornstar NYC have since deleted the IG post but here's the photo:

i-fans and k-fans were PISSED, and DR Music actually responded fairly quickly for once:

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sources: BP Rania fancafe, @born_star_nyc [DELETED] (they seem legit, Boohwal's Kim Taewon is the Dean and their alumni include Solar, Sojin, Lime, Woohyun etc)

I could go on for DAYS about how mad this company makes me. adding new members is the LAST thing they need; can't they let the girls live for more than a couple of promo cycles without lineup changes?? also, status update on Alex: still in the US, no word on when she'll be back; Yina: on a break? apparently busy with personal schedules but no one knows what exactly and whether she'll be back, i.e. just another regular day stanning this group.

have a gif of Hyeme feeding a stray cat!

Omona, how have your faves been ruined by their worthless excuse of a company?
ANDA: touch touch touch

Dara's opening a youtube channel + attends Siwan's premiere + being qt with Oh Yeon Seo

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source: Dara's twitter, news1 + yungongluv @ twitter + Oh Yeon Seo's insta

since it's probably too much to ask for a segment revealing the #truth behind the #alternativefacts wrt 2NE1's disbandment, she should do something chill like the Battle Trip episodes + no male guests please. also are you still keeping in touch with your exes and going to their movie premiers omona?

2017 SEVENTEEN Project Chapter1. Alone Trailer #JUN #DINO #WONWOO

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🎥 trailers: vernon | jeonghan | mingyu | dk | woozi | jun | dino | wonwoo

wonwoo's number isn't a prime number, but it's a binary of 17 (which is a prime number)! hence the phrase "us in the different system, another form of seventeen". pretty neat!

SeoulBeats: Why do K-pop World Tours Tend to Ignore Europe?

Much excitement was raised when G-Dragon announced his upcoming solo concert Act III: M.O.T.T.E. (Moment of Truth, The End) ahead of his final comeback before enlistment. The excitement only heightened when it was revealed that besides stops in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, tour dates for the US, Canada, and Australia were also included, making this upcoming world tour the first time G-Dragon will tour these countries sans his group members. European fans were left disappointed, however, with no forthcoming dates listed anywhere in Europe and the UK, making this the latest in a long line of highly anticipated world tours where Europe was skipped as a touring destination.

Their complaints are frequent and quite vocal but in spite of this, why do K-pop concert tours skip Europe so frequently?
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SOURCE: SeoulBeats + NY Times, soundofjapan, sonicbids, onehallyu, djbooth, kpopmap, Samsung
baby!JY pout

GOT7 discuss ideal types and boyfriend scenarios

a.k.a GOT7 for STEADY magazine May 2017


Translator's note:
Please note that the theme of this magazine for GOT7 is "What if GOT7 is your company junior?" Hence the suits and office talk.

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They get asked lots of relationship questions like what kind of boyfriend they'd be, what their ideal type is, what do they find charming in girls and at the end they give some comments on each other and what they would do if they weren't in GOT7. It's a cute interview.

Source: trans/scans justgaga_ | scans haetbitmark

K.A.R.D to debut in July? Plus "WILD KARD" tour fancams

So apparently KARD told fans at their LA concert that their official debut will be in July (this has yet to be confirmed by an official source and as far as I can tell there are no ~receipts of KARD saying this but it sounds plausible). Anyway, here, have some fancams (very very media heavy):
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(I linked to every video just to be thorough)
sorry mods, I'd link to the channel for the vids that are from a single source except I was told not to do that in previous posts and I'm confused :(( take pity on me I'm clueless (-_-);;
@kardupdates tweet
Airiindeshou Youtube Don't Recall
Airiindeshou YT Oh Na Na
Airiindeshou YT I won't Stop LA
LMK Youtube Rumor
Chris Nagano Youtube I won't stop
Elizabeth Busch Youtube Chicago
Haley B Youtube B.M
Airiindeshou Youtube sexy dance fancam
Wild Kard Youtube fancam
DaftTaengk YT cams Oh Nana
DaftTaengk YT Rumor
DaftTaengk YT Don't Recall